Favourite thing about Chorus trilogy: Wash being equally badass and equally awkward. 

Examples include: 

Explaining to Grif remedial training and then immediately accidentally telling Grif where Kimball was. 

“Look on the bright side” and not offering any bright side when Sarge tells him the Reds are on the front line.

“If it’s not a car it’s a cliff.” 

Most interactions between him and Tucker. One minute inspirational the next bickering like children.


PFL Wash never truly left, it just took a new family to bring out the dork. 

(Gifs by ctsouth)


Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’


Sarge should never, ever be trusted with explosions. Fun idea: Imagine Wash screaming “SARGE-” in the highest pitch possible.