Agent Q

Dating Sharon Carter would include...

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  • Sharon meeting you while undercover on a mission
  • And while SHIELD has a rule about not fraternizing with civilians on missions
  • Sharon can’t help but fall for you
  • Your relationship beginning with a one-night stand
  • But growing into something so much more
  • Sharon half wanting to keep in touch with you, and half wanting to leave you be so you don’t get involved in the crazy world of SHIELD and the Avengers
  • Steve convincing her to ask you out for real
  • Going a nice, simple dinner date
  • Which lead to another
  • And another
  • And before either of you knew it, you were proudly calling the other your girlfriend
  • Sharon being a great kisser
  • And even better in bed
  • Sharon being submissive
  • But still pulling some crazy twists on you
  • Sharon being very loud oh my lord
  • Taking post-sex showers together
  • Lots of domestic fluff
  • Loving to cuddle on the couch and watch movies every chance you get
  • Throwing popcorn at each other and messing around
  • Sliding across the floor of your apartment in socks
  • Slow dancing in your pajamas
  • Cuddling every chance you get
  • Lots of hugs
  • Sharon deciding to tell you about her job as a SHIELD agent around six months into your relationship
  • Sharon being terrified that you’ll be angry for lying to you
  • But you end up being very understanding
  • And kidna turned on by the fact that your girlfriend is a spy
  • Sharon teaching you self defense
  • Half because she wanted you to know how to defend yourself, half because she liked pinning you down
  • Her trying to keep you as far away from her SHIELD life as possible
  • Her absolute worst fear being losing you
  • Because she loves you with every fiber of being
  • And the thought of losing broke her heart beyond repair