Challenge (Carolina x Freelancer!Reader)

Prompt #1 Come over here and make me.

All the Freelancers wondered why did you prefered to have your ass kicked by challenging Carolinaa everytime. 

Maybe you were so brave…or so stupid. 

Maybe you were both. 

Your challenging with Carolina grew to a point where you almost hated eachother, you were always defying her orders, showing her you weren’t scared, but you respected her as a leader…Sometimes.

You were talking nonsense with Wash, the rookie, having fun in the locker rooms, when she snapped her head at you, obviously irritaded.

“Could you shut up?” She asked, more like an order than anything.

You could only stare at her, cocking your eyebrow.

“Come over here and make me.”

Wash stepped back, knowing you had just gotten into a fight with the redhead as she walked with heavy steps towards you, grabbing you by the collar of the shirt, pinning you to the locker behind you with that angry and piercy look on her face. 

“Easy, easy, little kitty.” A smug grin curved your lips when she looked angrier than before, rising a fist to punch you as hard as she could.

Her fist connected with your face, and you felt your nose bleed. “Kitty has claws” You mocked, dodging more hits.

Carolina finally groaned in annoyance when you blocked her fist with your hands.

“Why are you always like this?” She asked, brow furrowed. 

“Maybe I’m up for a challenge, Lina.” A small wink and you were gone, leaving her speechless and confused. 

i feel like ppl think of carolina and tex both as just these cold horrible bitches who don’t know how to have fun but

tex was fucked up by omega, and was otherwise so compassionate that york, ct, north, and theta all liked and trusted her, and even when carolina got hurt with the two ais she demanded that someone come and help her and knocked her out for her own good

and carolina was the victim of the director’s impossible standards, but york loved her and maine took a bullet to the throat for her without a thought, and even after york and tex and eta/iota and everything else, look how she laughed and joked with epsilon (”you can tell your friends you picked me up”)

like. be nice to mine girls. it has been a hard time


I simultaneously put too much effort into this, and not nearly enough

aka “Wash shipping chart”