🌟 How To - Glamour Spells 🌟

🌟 what is a glamour?

Often used for beauty spells, glamours are a type of spell used for creating an illusion over a person or object. They can be used for a number of purposes, such as to make someone more attractive, appear more confident, to make an object harder to find, or a person be more or less likely to be noticed.


🌟 common spell components for glamours:

CRYSTALS    —  rose quartz /  plain quartz /  amethyst /  selenite,

WATERS  — full moon water, sun water, dew, melted snow, ocean water

TOOLS  — candles (pink, white, blue) / brushes / mirrors / ribbons

ENCHANTED OBJECTS — jewelry / makeup / toiletries / clothes

MISC  — flowers / fruits / sugar / sea salt

🌟 suggestions for various types of glamours:

BEAUTY - avocado, catnip, dew, ginger, ginseng, heather, maidenhair, orange

COURAGE - basil, fluorite, mullein, sunstone, sweetpea, thyme, tiger eye

FOCUS - amber, aquamarine, celery, celestite, ocean water, onyx

TRUTH - bluebell, iron pyrite, moss agate, opal, selenite

STRENGTH - bay leaf, ebony, mulberry, pennyroyal, saffron, thistle, tourmaline

WISDOM - almond, amethyst, bay leaf, coral, iris sage, sunflower


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1. Good luck: Tiger’s eye, adventurine, amethyst, peridot, allspice, cinnamon, cloves. Green rune.
2. Longetivity: garnet, citrine, amethyst, clear quartz, sage, ginger, allspice, paprika. White rune.
3. Prosperity: citrine, tiger’s eye, red agate, allspice, basil, cinnamon, ginger. Gold rune.
4. Protection: labradorite, amethyst, clear quartz, tourmalinated quartz, black pepper, salt, mustard seed, bay leaf. Silver Rune.
5. Overcoming Obstacles: fluorite, moonstone, peridot, basil, black pepper, coffee, pumpkin pie spice. Silver rune.
6. Friendship: Lapis Lazuli, moonstone, rose quartz, clove, coriander, sage, basil. Emerald rune.
7. Health & Vitality: Amethyst, lapis lazuli, garnet, moonstone, bay leaves, coriander, ginger, mustard seed, rosemary, sage. Red rune.
8. Spiritual strength: amethyst, purple fluorite, clear quartz, allspice, bay leaf, cinnamon, paprika, sage. Blue rune.
9. Success: citrine, adventurine, tiger’s eye, red agate, basil, bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger. green rune.
10. Love: garnet, rose quartz, moonstone, cloves, coriander. pink rune.

You can also request a custom spell!! Please send me a note on esty with your desired rune, gemstones, and herbs!!! 

So I did a second watch-through with the specific questions in mind about how all of this reflects on Jasper’s history, so some thoughts:

Yellow Diamond’s whole song is about how it’s not worth “feeling”, or mourning, over Pink Diamond’s death by holding onto the station out of sentimentalism, and instead how she wants to take action against the Earth - and that seems to have directly influenced Jasper’s way of thought.

We’re introduced to Holly Blue Agate, and from Yellow Diamond’s song we’re told “an Agate terrifies”. So we can assume that Agates are the long-speculated managers/enforcers of Homeworld (and honestly explains why the Quartzes never rebelled despite being such big muscle), and that they’re there to emotionally and, if necessary, physically abuse Gems into their roles. We see Agate tear down Quartzes verbally and kick them around.

We don’t know yet if Jasper was taken with these Earth Quartzes after Homeworld bailed, whether she was put under BD’s command first and later switched to YD, or if YD took her from Earth under her rule right away. Agate’s line - “It’s a shame though. This outpost is so remote. I was beginning to think we’d been forgotten.” - suggests however that even if she was, it’s been thousands of years since she’s seen the Earth Quartzes.

Whether or not Jasper has dealt directly with this particular Agate, judging from her many lines about Earth being a “garbage planet” and how “you suffer because it’s what you deserve, we all get what we deserve” it seems highly likely Jasper has dealt with an Agate at some point. I mean compare Jasper’s lines with these from Agate:

Agate: Why didn’t you tell me there was a Sapphire here. What have you miscreants been saying to them?

Amethyst Guard: Nothing, Holly.

Agate: [Laughs] You’ll have to forgive them. They’re from Earth.

Agate: This facility originally belonged to Pink Diamond and houses and staffs the otherwise useless Quartzes she produced on what was her colony. But Blue Diamond and her trusted Agate - that’s me - have been maintaining this place since the dawn of Era 2.

Agate: Well don’t just stand there you useless chunks of Earth, make yourself useful and escort that human to the assimilation bay.

Agate: Get to your stations, even you hideous off-color Betas, get out of your cubbies and into your places! It’s the least you could do for the Diamond that kept your worthless sorry Gems in service! That’s right - Blue is back already! Now go pretend your filthy vein of Quartz is capable of gratitude!

So the things we can assume about Jasper’s past now are: 1) Yellow Diamond is not about dealing with traumatizing feelings in a healthy way and her desire for anger and revenge likely trickled down to the veterans under her; 2) even if Jasper was taken with the rest of her sisters and knows they’re alive, they’ve been separated for millennia and so she has had no support network from other Earth Quartzes; and 3) Jasper has been conditioned to hate other Earth Quartzes, herself, and her planet