Another short video clip of a large agatized, fossil coral “geode” from Florida filled with druzy quartz. This fossil coral is Miocene (25-32 million years) in age, and was formed when fine sediments covered shallow coral reefs. As silica rich groundwater through the rock that was formed (and exposed as sea-levels dropped), it replaced the calcium carbonate skeleton of the coral with Chalcedony.

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Black agate choker by  Mystic Thread

Model,Styling: Mademoiselle Karma
Photographer: Udo Lueck / Underworld Photographics
Choker: Mystic Thread -


facebook:  Mystic Thread




DIY Agate Cheesecake Tutorial from Alana Jones-Mann.

Make a DIY Agate Cheesecake using royal icing, food coloring and vodka.

Photos from Alana Jones-Mann, GIF by me using my favorite GIF generator:

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