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(1/2) Hello! Glad to see a new member of the script fam. Seems like just yesterday Aunt Scripty joined tumblr. You're exactly the kind of blog to help me with this problem I've been having, too! So, my story is about pirates, and...

(2/3) …every ship is named after a mythical figure, which symbolizes what function that ship serves in the narrative. My main pirate crew have just been attacked and taken prisoner by a military patrolship, which incidentally takes them…

(3/3) [turns out this is a 3-part ask] …To the military HQ, which conveniently is exactly where the crew needed to go. So, can you think of any characters from GREEK MYTHS who a) capture a hero, or b) transport a hero somewhere? Thanks! Much love

Wow! Long ask :)

So the first thing that comes to mind is that you’ll probably want names from the Odyssey. Odysseus certainly gets captured a lot. But very few of those captures involve him being transported anywhere. So let’s go a little less obvious.

Now, you’re definition of “hero” is going to influence the names a lot. The modern idea of what a “hero” is doesn’t actually line up really well the the “heroes” of Ancient Greece (pretty much all of the classical heroes are jerks in at least one major way), so we can change it to be “protagonist” or you can broaden things up and think of other characters with cool personalities and abilities.

Let’s start with protagonists and their captors.

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KASSANDRA : Look the
cup of my pain is already poured
                            out why
                            did you bring me
                                       here was
                                       it for this
                                       was it for this
                          was it for—
—  Aiskhylos, Agamemnon (tr. by Anne Carson)
The Trojan War & @wolfpupy tweets

Paris : it may have been a controversial decision but i dare any one who disagrees with me to go away and not talk to me about it

Helen : one of these days i will float up off into damn space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa

Hector : the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead

Odysseus : instead of saying what you are all thinking i say what everyone would be thinking if they were as cerebrally intelligent as me

Achilles : im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace

Patroclus : hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever

Menelaus : everyone who died or was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion sense deserved it and i dont care

Agamemnon : i give a voice to the people that you can never hear from because i am talking so loudly over the top of whatever they are saying


Historical people as Animated characters!!

Marie Antoinette

Maximilien de Robespierre


Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa


Benjamin Franklin

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Bill Clinton

Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton

Mahatma Gandhi

Vincent van Gogh

Ludwig van Beethoven

William Shakespeare

Jackie Robinson

from Mr. Peabody & Sherman

apollo and cassandra

god of the long road, apollo, apollo my destroyer; you destroy me once, destroy me twice - god of the iron marches, apollo, apollo my destroyer, where, where have you led me now? 

he came like a fighter, magnificent, took me down and breathed his fire through me and - his fire! sears me, sweeps me again - apollo lord of light, you burn, you blind me - agony!