*sigh* still being worked on. For some reason I don’t like it.

Coloring the Old Emblem print is going to be such a biiiiitch.

I keep looking at it and thinking my legs are way too fat, then i’m like oh yeah, i’m going for accuracy here -__-

Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of the Holidays I am giving away 3 art commissions!

You will get a drawing with one figure in it and with a transparent background (white stroke around figure), in a style similar to shown here and above;

External image

OR even a pony if you wish!

External image

External image

Sounds exciting, right?

REBLOG FOR A CHANCE TO ENTER. THERE WILL BE THREE WINNERS.  (I will then send you a PM telling you that you won and asking what you want) I will be using one of those random generators.

Also, you should follow my blog if you aren’t already >.>

I will pick the three winners on Saturday! <3

The commissions should then be done a week from that.