My collection :3 

Well most of it is my Mother’s stuff that her parents brought back from Japan with her (she was born on an air-force base in Tokyo in 1957)

The left “paddle”? I just bought at the JCCC Japan Fest and i’m guessing dates somewhere around 1970

The big red Kokeshi doll was also bought at the Japan Fest and is modern

The small red doll (in with the porcelain doll) was bought at last year’s Japan Fest and I have no idea about it’s date

No idea about the paddle on the right

I think the woman shaped sake glass is 1950’s, but i’m not sure. It’s neat anyways.

The fan up there was a customary fan from Japan Airlines

The two smaller books were issued by the air-force for my Grandpa

There’s more stuff like plates, chopsticks, fans, obi belts, etc, but these are my favorites.

*sigh* still being worked on. For some reason I don’t like it.

Coloring the Old Emblem print is going to be such a biiiiitch.

I keep looking at it and thinking my legs are way too fat, then i’m like oh yeah, i’m going for accuracy here -__-