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Brave & The Bold - Disturbed

Unawakening Float - Runblebee

Teeth - Lady GaGa

Teardrop - Massive Attack

Comfortable Liar - Chevelle

Against The Tide - Celldweller

Nine Is God -  WAVVES

Internet Friends VIP - Knife Party

New Genius (Brother) - Gorillaz

Electric Red - Meshuggah

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Against The Tide
  • Against The Tide
  • Celldweller
  • Wish Upon A Blackstar

Celldweller || Against The Tide

I finally get what you’ve been saying,
Now that we’re knee deep side by side,
The storm clouds are circling above us,
As we struggle against the tide.

This sorrow weighs down on my shoulders,
This fear is getting harder to hide,
You’ll leave me alone in this darkness,
Left to hold out
Against the tide ~♫

Against The Tide
  • Against The Tide
  • The Radio Dept.
  • Lesser Matters

Because The Radio Dept. is one of the best bands, ever.

Also because they’re best listened to in the wee, late hours of the morning, the streets empty, streetlights lighting your path home, and the window down with the cool, night breeze brushing against your face. <3

Because we’re young
And things are wrong
We’ll lose the chains
We’ll make things right
Before the sun goes down on us
And out of sight
We’ll lose the chains
Cause you and I
We move against the tide

He Goes Lyrics

There’s a certain kind of man                  

That you fail to understand                       

He doesn’t measure our success               

By the items we possess                             

His actions reinforce his words                 

He doesn’t mind if they’re unheard          

Opinions aren’t of his concern              

Because he answers to the earth               

Watch him go/Yeah yeah             

He knows             

Watch him go/Yeah yeah              

Never too fast, never too slow,

Moves at his own speed as he goes     

He doesn’t doubt his direction,   

He knows exactly who he is              

And doesn’t let people’s perception of him     

Define the life he lives    

He lets his conscience be his guide    

His eyes are open wide    

Instead of following the flow     

He goes against the tide       

The Integration of College Football Didn’t Happen in One Game

The 1970 college football game between the University of Alabama and the University of Southern California may not truly be “the most important game in college football history.” But when the superb documentary Against the Tide suggests that it is, it’s hard not to want to agree.

Against the Tide, which premieres Friday night on Showtime, tells the story of a legendary game that almost didn’t happen. Before the 1970 college football season, the National Collegiate Athletic Association allowed colleges to add an extra game to their schedule, probably to increase revenues. Most schools set up matches with teams from smaller nearby colleges or other patsies in order to grab an easy win and a quick payday.

But Alabama’s head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and Southern Cal’s John McKay, whose two teams had won half the national championships in the 1960s, made different plans. In April, Bryant flew to Los Angeles to meet his longtime friend McKay and set up a two-game series between the Crimson Tide and Trojans.

Read more. [Image: AP]

Zoe & Jones: Making Friends

Finished up a little backstory mini comic. You can find it here.

This is how Zoe and Jones first meet.

I love their friendship. I love that it’s platonic. I love that he’s basically her surrogate big brother. I love how protective and nurturing he is of her even when she’s being an asshole.  I love how she learns to rely on him and trust him.

They have a true bromance.

But Now We Call Against the Tide, Those Distant Days are Flashing By || Hook & Queenie

James sat at his desk, papers set out around him with a full work load, but all he could think about was how he was going to tell Queenie about the hand he wore on his wrist, or how he came about getting it. He ran his left thumb along his right wrist, right where there were once ugly scars and a severed arm. It was early morning, the daylight still gray and new upon the water, and James had been up for a few hours now, chain smoking and drinking black coffee that had run cold since Smee had brought it to him. After stubbing out the last in his carton of cigarettes, James could hear Queenie stirring gently in the other room. “M’out here, love,” he called out.


A weekend well spent.

Working on something that may or may not go anywhere. It’s not like I need yet another creative endeavor leeching my time and keeping me from sunlight. I’m pale enough as is.

I’ve always loved a good adventure, real of fictitious. Writing my novel has allowed me to smoosh that love together with my appreciation of archeology and anthropology. But at some point I had to decide if my narrative was about the artifacts or the characters. Choosing one sacrificed the other. I’m happy with my decision, but this little side-side project might be a fun way to do an unadulterated adventure story

It’s appealing. 

We’ll see what happens, I guess.