Again these two and their matching acting


Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.

Medical School—A Not-So-Quick Walkthrough

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Disclaimer: This applies to the American medical system only, and may be biased by the author’s experiences.  Also note that this is the process for becoming an MD, not a DO (both MDs and DOs are fully licensed physicians, but DOs have a stronger focus on the musculoskeletal system and their schooling is slightly different).

Disclaimer Part 2: I swear, this was SUPPOSED to be a brief post.  Oops.

The quick and dirty:

—4 years of undergrad

—4 years of medical school, 2 in the classroom and 2 clinical

—3-5 years of residency depending on what they specialize in.  Can be longer if they add subspecialties or fellowships.

The in-depth description:

Getting in (Premed student)

Acceptance to medical school is hard enough to start with.  There’s an estimate that 75% of applicants are qualified, but only 50% get in.  Your character doesn’t need to major in biology or pre-med, but there are pre-requisites: two semesters each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, and physics, plus a couple biology electives, and I think psych and statistics have been added on since I graduated, but don’t quote me on that.  That’s pretty much 2/3 of a science major right there, so you can see why a lot of people just end up with that.  During spring of junior year, they’ll take a giant standardized test called the MCAT that covers all of those topics and is notoriously difficult.

Along with the classroom work, they’ll have to get clinical experience—most commonly volunteering, shadowing, or working as a medical scribe, but you can get creative—and usually do a little research of some kind.  Med school is hard and being a doctor is harder; they want to know that you’ve got an idea of what you’re getting into.  If your character does all that right, they interview with medical schools during the fall of senior year, and hopefully get accepted!

Year 1 (MS1)

Your first year is classroom based.  You get daily lectures on very complicated medical topics, with relatively little patient interaction this year.  Schools will include more practical classes as well, including a cadaver dissection, pathology (where you train to look at cells and understand what a healthy vs. diseased one looks like; some schools are old school and have people still work with slides and microscopes, others like mine do it virtually), and standardized patient encounters (where they hire actors to come in and work with us so we can practice histories and physical exams and basically get a baseline on things like “what does a normal lung sounds like?”).

Patient interaction varies from school to school, but generally is pretty low.  You can shadow a certain specialty you’re interested in, volunteer in free clinics, join different clubs/interest groups, or do various electives that will focus on teaching certain aspects of patient care (nutrition, medical Spanish, global health, etc.), but you have to go look for them.  If I hadn’t done any of that, I would have seen maybe… two patients a month?  Most students will branch out with those other opportunities, though.

Year 2 (MS2)

Similar to MS1 in that you’re still on classroom duty, still not seeing many patients.  Typically you learn more sensitive physical exams this year (urological, gynecologic, breast, etc.), and you’re finished with the cadaver dissection, but things are otherwise the same.  At the end of your character’s MS2 year, they’ll take their first board exam, called STEP 1.  You can take it one time only unless you fail.  Low scores or a fail are really frowned on, and can limit the specialty your character goes into, so you can imagine the pressure.

Year 3 (MS3)

Yay!  Your character’s now ready to be let loose on the clinic/hospital!

Boo!  This year kicks. your. ass.

This year is all about making your character feel like an idiot putting what your character’s been studying for two years into action.  The schedule is broken up into rotations, which are periods of 4-8 weeks where students focus on a specific specialty each time.  These courses are: pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry, ob/gyn, neurology (usually), emergency (sometimes), surgery, and internal medicine.  Difficulty varies by rotation, with surgery and ob/gyn being the worst (12 hour days with only one day off a week, max; surgery adds in occasional 24 hour shifts too, just to spice things up).  Occasionally you’ll land on a nice one, like psychiatry, with 10 hour days and free weekends.

On a more day-to-day level, third years are usually part of a small medical team that cares for a set of patients.  The team consists of an attending (fully licensed physician), residents (physicians who are training in their particular specialty), and medical students (MS3s and MS4s both).  MS3s will usually get a small subset of hospital patients they care for every day—take their histories, do their physical exams, list what you think they have, and suggest treatments/tests—but because you’re not licensed, you basically take all that to the attending/resident who hears you out and then says ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’  As the year progresses, hopefully you hear more ‘yeas’ and fewer ‘nays.’

At the end of this year/the beginning of 4th year, there’s another board exam called STEP 2.  Half is your typical multiple choice test, with a numeric score—much like STEP 1—while half is a pass/fail practical where you work with standardized patients.

Year 4 (MS4)

Hopefully by now your character has figured out what they want to specialize in.  I can go over specialties in another post if anyone’s curious, but the biggest ones are basically the same as the ones listed as core rotations during the MS3 year.  There’s a giant application/interview process that takes up the lion’s share of the summer/fall/winter for interviews with residency.  At the end of the process, everyone ranks the residencies they interviewed with from most to least favorite, and at the same time the residencies rank their interviewees from most to least.  The whole thing goes into a giant computer algorithm to give as many people as possible as high a choice as possible, and then on the same day of the year, at the same time, MS4s across the country take a deep breath and open envelopes saying where they ‘matched.’

In addition, with those pesky core rotations out of the way, the character has time to take electives that may or may not be applicable to their future specialty—me, I’m going for emergency medicine, so I’m doing several rotations in EM as well as EMS, but I’m also doing a two week course forensics because it sounds awesome.

Otherwise, 4th year is widely known as the ‘take a breath’ year.  People get married or have babies during this time, travel, and generally start to act like human beings again.  There’s space in your schedule that’s off—it’s generally intended for interviews or studying for STEP 2 if you’re taking it late, but people will use it for anything.


Not going to give too much detail about it, seeing as how your character is technically a doctor at this point, but residency is basically 3-5 years where your character trains in a specialty—yes, they’re physicians, but they don’t know everything about their particular field and need trained.  You’re in this weird limbo between student and employee; you make a salary (although a very low one considering the number of hours) and can prescribe medication, perform procedures, etc., but an attending is responsible for you, you still attend a weekly lecture, and you can’t practice independently.  To give you an idea of how hard these years are, they recently had to limit things like “don’t make residents work more than 36 hours in a row,” and “don’t put the doctor who graduated med school a month ago in charge of an entire floor of ICU patients for a night with no backup.”  Incredibly, some of the old-school attendings think said changes are a bad idea and will produce doctors who are “weak.”

Also, you thought your character was done with standardized tests?  You sweet summer child.  STEP 3 has to be finished before you can complete residency, and is usually done during intern year.  The good side of this is, you’re in a residency now, so as long as you pass, no one cares about the score.

Random notes:

—This is a sample timeline, following your ‘traditional’ student.  It’s becoming more and more common for people to take a couple of years off after undergrad and apply for medical school after that.  If you want a chance for your character to gain some non-medical life experience (travel, other skill sets, becoming a parent, etc.), this is a good chance for them to do it!

—I’ve been asked by a writer I know in RL how young someone could potentially become a doctor.  I think she wanted to put in a prodigy kind of person.  The problem with that is that medical schools don’t just look for smarts, they look for maturity—imagine having someone who looks like they can’t drink yet tell you you’ve got a terminal disease, and you can see why.  That said, there are a couple of accelerated programs, where I’ve seen people graduate undergrad a year early and go straight into medical school, or where they condense medical school into three whirlwind years because the person’s on track for a specific primary care residency.  So if most people graduate medical school at age 26-27, you could have someone out at 25 or maybe 24, but probably no younger.  And remember, they’ll still need residency training from there.

—Not gonna lie, medical school is incredibly difficult.  That said, I think the best students/doctors are the ones who maintain an outside interest or two, so don’t feel like your character can only have medical skills (*cough*Grey'sAnatomy*cough*) .  Give them a few side interests to maintain their spirit.

—I can give more detail about any and all of these if anyone asks; these are supposed to help you understand what your character has had to go through to be a doctor, not be a full detail spiel.  I can also do ‘day in the lifes’ if someone’s writing a med student character and wants an accurate description, but let’s be real: most people want to write the master, not the pupil.

Okay time for another Burr-and-Hamilton’s-tragic-friendship meta analysis because apparently I cannot stop seeing these things.

Someone pointed out in a post a little while ago (that unfortunately I can’t find, or else I would link to it) the genius of the musical themes of Hamilton, and specifically how it applied to Alexander and Eliza’s relationship. It focused on how Alexander was never quite singing the same tune or matching Eliza’s style until “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Another meta-post along the same vein mentioned how Angelica was instantly on Hamilton’s level in the underlying musical sense when they first met: you see it in Satisfied, when he says “Alexander Hamilton,” she replies in the exact same tune, “Where’s your family from?” and then he shoots back also in the same tune, “Unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done.” They’re matching each other musically for the entire conversation, just as Angelica describes, even though throughout the show they both have their own distinct styles and themes.

The one other person who has a very different singing style than Hamilton, but specifically matches Hamilton when he wants to, and the only other person that Hamilton as well makes a specific effort to match in various songs, is Burr. The first one that I noticed was one of my favorite exchanges in the whole show, the Levi Weeks case in Non-Stop:

Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me.
Are you aware that we’re making history?
This is the first murder trial of our brand new nation,
The liberty behind deliberation!
I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with my assistant counsel—

Co counsel! Hamilton, sit down!
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent, call your first witness.
That’s all you had to say!

Hamilton is shooting off at the mouth, and Burr matches him word for word, the same speed, the same style, which absolutely no one else is able to do, at least not when Hamilton is on a long angry rant. This moment highlights the underlying fact that Burr isn’t just some jealous villain, he’s a true foil to Hamilton. He was a genius, he applied to Princeton at eleven, applied again and got in when he was thirteen. That “graduated in two”? Yeah. That happened when he was thirteen to sixteen, let that sink in.

Burr can match Hamilton completely when he chooses to, he just rarely chooses to. In fact, the irony of the exchange in Non-Stop is that Burr gets frustrated enough with Hamilton and Hamilton’s inability to shut up inadvertently insulting him (assistant counsel? assistant? seriously Hamilton?) that he is pushed to act more like Hamilton, and in acting more like Hamilton, succeeds in shutting Hamilton up. Which is pretty much exactly how and why the duel happens.

But no, in my opinion, the more tragic are the times when Hamilton matches Burr. Allow me to direct you to “Story of Tonight (Reprise)”:

Congrats again, Alexander.
Smile more.
I’ll see you on the other side of the war.

I will never understand you.

Hamilton emulates Burr’s tone and tune exactly to tell him, “I will never understand you.” Because that’s Hamilton trying to understand Burr, that’s Hamilton on the underlying musical level making the effort to sing as Burr sings, to speak as Burr speaks, he’s asking Burr to let him in. *Let me* understand you. Burr being Burr keeps his cards close to his chest, and walks away. The effort was there, the invitation was there, that is the first time in the show, arguably, that Hamilton actively changes his style to match someone else’s. And Burr walks away, because Burr is terrified about people caring about him. In “Wait For It,” he’s perfectly fine admitting that he has feelings about Theodosia, but he devotes an entire verse to “what in the world is the reason that I am at her side and that she cares about me when there are a whole bunch of other people who have tried too.” Burr isn’t scared about loving people, he’s scared of them loving him, he doesn’t understand why or how it happens. The line isn’t “everyone I love has died”, it’s “everyone who loves me has died.”

Burr walks away because the possibility of Hamilton caring about him is more than he wants to deal with. Goodbye I have disintegrated into a puddle of tears. 

But no, that’s not even the worst part! The worst part is how Hamilton argues with people. The precedent is set in “Farmer Refuted.” Hamilton takes a very specific tone and rhythm as a counterpoint to someone singing.

Allow me to direct you to “Your Obedient Servant.” Burr begins the song by singing his letters, and Hamilton practically speaks his letters back. He takes a different tone, he employs a different rhythm, because that’s how he confronts people. He only matches Burr back when it’s utterly dripping in sarcasm: I have the honor to be your obedient servant, A. Ham. Burr keeps singing back (“Careful how you proceed, good man—“) as he keeps just trying to ask for an apology, and Hamilton keeps his own infuriated style at least musically in replying (“Burr, your grievance is legitimate, I stand by what I said, every bit of it”) and it’s Burr that has to match Hamilton—when Burr finally challenges Hamilton to the duel, Burr is speaking, not singing:

Then stand, Alexander,
Weehawken. Dawn.
Guns drawn.

(Although even then, it’s not ~perfectly~ matching Hamilton: the words are slow, they all have weight, they’re carefully pronounced, they’re well thought-out and well chosen. Succinct, persuasive indeed. But Burr is speaking, he’s not singing anymore, he’s taking this down to Hamilton’s level, which is the “fight me” level.)

And then, one last time, Alexander matches Burr perfectly:

You’re on.

Not Yet // Mark Lee



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author note: told you i’d write it tonight and even though it’s late I did write it! you’re probably sleeping rn but i hope you see this soon! anyway alex i hope this cheers you up and pls remember that tomorrow’s a brand new day. i know you can’t see it now, but things are looking up ^^

- destinee

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“It’s so nice here,” you said.

Mark stopped paddling and looked around in awe at the cherry blossoms around the two of you.

It was the summer after you had graduated college and NCT was given an extended break, so Mark wanted to spend it traveling the world with you. The two of you had decided to play a game in your travels, in which you both would take turns picking the place you would spend a week in.

This week, Mark had chosen to take you to Tokyo. Specifically to Inokashira Onshi Park, where the cherry blossom trees overlooked a large pond. There were boat rentals, where people could paddle along the pond and feel the scented breeze of the air.

Mark had a real reason behind taking you traveling, and that was to make the best proposal ever made. He wanted to ask you to marry him before his break was over, and he figured the best time to do it would be somewhere beautiful and memorable. Somewhere new and exciting, just like the thought of marriage.

He wanted to show you how much he loved you, and how much he wanted to be with you. For the rest of his life, there was no other person he wanted to spend his life with. There was a ring burning a hole into his pocket as he sat in the boat, watching you admire the petals that fell every now and again. This would be a great time to propose to you. Now, while there were blossom petals in your hair.

However, he couldn’t find it in himself to pull out the velvet box. For in a boat across from you two, a couple sat, having the same thoughts apparently. The man pulled out a box similar to the one in Mark’s pocket and proposed to the woman.

Mark quirked a smile when he saw you watching the couple. You squealed softly and looked at him, making sure he was watching as well. “Aren’t they cute?” you asked.

Mark nodded, but he felt a tad bit annoyed at the other couple. Now his proposal wouldn’t seem as nice. It wouldn’t be as original as it once was. So he kept the ring in his pocket and refused to propose to you.

Not yet.


“I told you Italy was a good idea!” you giggled, tossing the pizza dough into the air as Mark struggled to tie an apron around his waist.

Mark smiled, “I can’t believe our whole week in Italy is just so you can make your own pizza.”

“This is the home of pizza, Mark. We have to do this here or we’d be missing out.”

“I understand,” he said, finally getting a hold on his apron and coming to join you. The pizzaiolo, or pizza man, as you had dubbed him, handed Mark a ball of dough and explained the process of spinning dough to him.

Mark was thinking about sticking the ring in the crust of his pizza. Even if you thought it was cheesy, he could play that off well, saying the two of you were in a pizza shop so cheesiness was allowed.

Just as he was beginning to think it wasn’t such a bad idea, the pizza man spoke up, “It’s so nice to have a fun couple visit for once. Usually we get a bunch of lovers who like to put rings in the dough and stuff like that.”

You snorted, “That’s so lame.”

Mark rolled his eyes. Of course. Of all the lame things he did that you supported, you chose to laugh at this one. “Totally lame.”

You stared at Mark for a minute, and Mark knew he had been caught. Of course, after dating for four years, the two of you knew each other from the inside out. “You liked the idea of sticking a ring into pizza!”

Mark shrugged and turned away, acting indifferent. “I was just thinking that it’s not the worst idea on the planet.”

You patted Mark’s cheek condescendingly, getting flour on his smooth skin, and smiled. “You’re cute.”

“Shut up.” He batted your hand away in mock-annoyance. He wanted to propose to you quickly, but it seemed he would have to wait once again.


“Let’s get matching hats!” you said. “Then we can watch the fireworks.”

Mark had chosen Disney World in Florida, in the hopes of doing the classic and romantic proposal in front of Cinderella’s castle.

It was his best plan yet. He would wait until the firework show started. Then, while you were distracted, he would get down on one knee and hold up the ring. It would be perfect.

There were fifteen minutes until the fireworks started. To pass time, you and Mark were hanging out in a nearby gift shop to pick up souvenirs. You wanted to get the classic mouse ear hats. However, you couldn’t decide between Minnie, Donald Duck, and Chip. It actually could’ve been Dale, since Mark could never remember which one had the red nose and which one had the black nose. He had already chosen his hat: Winnie the Pooh.

You glared at the hat in his hands, “How is it so easy for you to have a favorite character?”

Mark shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re looking at all the classic characters. Why don’t you look at the princesses, or the ones from Toy Story?”

“Well the Ariel one it really cute…” you mentioned. “I’ll get the Ariel one.”

“Great. I’ll go buy them.” Mark said, accepting the hat you handed to him.

“I’m going to go check and see if the fireworks have started yet.”

Mark let you go before walking up to the counter. “I’ll take these two, please.”

As he was extracting bills from his wallet, you came back inside, your hair slightly damp. “Bad news. It’s raining so they aren’t doing fireworks tonight.”

“Really?” Mark frowned, “You can’t even hear the rain from inside.”

“It’s our last night,” you said, pouting slightly. “We should still stay until the park closes. What do you say we go watch a show or something?”

Mark smiled at you after paying for the hats. Although he really wanted to propose under the fireworks, he supposed he would have to wait, yet again, for another opportunity to present itself.

“That sounds great.” He placed the Ariel hat on top of your head. “It suits you.”

You giggled when he put the Pooh one on his own head, “We look like annoying tourists.”

“We are annoying tourists, babe,” he answered.

Throughout all of your fun and laughter, he still couldn’t help but want to pull out the ring right then and there. However, he had to remind himself to wait if he wanted it to be special.


“It’s beautiful,” you mentioned, leaning on Mark’s shoulder and looking out at the view.

The two of you were currently at the top of the Eiffel Tower, both lost in thought. There was only one week left before Mark had to return to SM for another comeback, and he knew he had to propose soon if he was going to do it at all.

He had chosen Paris, claiming that a couple in love should be in the City of Love at least once in their relationship. You agreed, of course, especially because you had always wanted to see the City of Lights at night. Now your dream was coming true, as you stared out over the railing. Windows flickered off and lamp posts flickered on as the night grew darker and colder. Mark thought proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all.

“I can think of something more beautiful,” Mark said.

You elbowed him in the stomach, emitting a laugh from your awkward boyfriend, “What? I can’t say you’re beautiful?”

“Not in a cheesy way,” you answered, your cheeks heating up at his words.

He laughed. “Hey, Y/n, can I ask you something?”

You turned to him, a contented grin on your lips, “What is it?”

Mark reached into his pocket to find nothing. It was absolutely empty. He hastily checked all of his pockets before realizing it must be in the hotel, for the only thing in his pocket was his wallet and the hotel key.

“What are you looking for?” you asked him, amused at his panicked expression.

“What? Oh, I just thought I had lost the hotel keys. But here they are!” He held up his key awkwardly.

“So, what were you going to ask me?”

“I forgot.” Mark said. He threw his arm around your shoulder as the two of you walked towards the elevator. “Let’s get back to the hotel before it gets too cold. We need to pack for the airport before we go to sleep. By the way, are you ever going to tell me where we’re going next?”

“No,” you smirked. “It’s a surprise.”

“But it’s our last week before we have to go back to Seoul. Shouldn’t you at least give me a hint?” Mark would have to propose to you there, wherever you chose. Otherwise, he would have no time to even think about proposing as he practiced for the comeback.

“Your hint is that you’ll love it,” you said. “It’ll be the best week out of all of our weeks.”

“I doubt that.”


Mark doubted, but he doubted wrongly. As soon as the two of you were in the airport and you asked the woman for two tickets to Vancouver, Mark couldn’t stop the smile from forming on his face. “Y/n! You’re taking me to Vancouver?!”

“Yeah! Surprise!” You grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the line so other people could buy their tickets. “We can spend a week there. I’ve already talked with your family. We’re having dinner with them tonight.”

You knew Mark’s family from the few times they had visited him. However, you had never had the opportunity to go to his hometown and visit them, since Mark was always so busy. It wasn’t a surprise that you snatched the opportunity up as soon as you saw it.

Mark had thought about going to Vancouver, sure. However, he was afraid it would be too selfish of him to ask for a whole week there. He should’ve known that you knew him too well, and therefore thought ahead. You knew he wouldn’t ask about it, so you took it upon yourself to just go without consulting him.

The result was a very happy Mark.


Mark’s older brother was the first to the door, grabbing Mark by the shoulders and pulling him in for a hug. Mark’s parents weren’t far behind, and he suddenly found himself being pulled into a group hug, courtesy of the Lee family.

He reached out, grabbed you, and pulled you into the hug as well. “If I suffer, so do you.”

“I’ve just set dinner out on the table!” Mrs. Lee said after finally letting go of her son. “Let’s go eat before it gets cold and then Mark can show Y/n around the place.”

Everyone agreed and you let Mark pull you into the kitchen to eat, as you were both starved from the long flight.

“So, how has the traveling been going?” Mr. Lee asked you. “Has being with Mark twenty-four-seven completely annoyed you yet?”

“Dad…” Mark whined. “I’m trying to keep her, not scare her off.”

You laughed, “We’ve been dating for four years, Mark. If I had a problem with your annoying self I would’ve left you a long time ago.”

“Hey!” Mark protested as you gave his dad a high five across the table. “Don’t high five my dad!”

You only laughed as his family continued to taunt him.


“You’re family is so fun,” you told Mark. “I love them.”

“I love them too,” Mark smiled as the two of you walked towards the lake near his house. “I wish you all wouldn’t gang up on me, though.”

“It’s fun!” you said.

“That’s not an excuse,” Mark replied, acting offended.

The two of you walked towards the end of the dock and sat down, your feet hanging over the edge. It was dark out, so the only light came from the moon as it reflected off the lake. Mark took your hand in his as the two of you watched the stillness of the water. “In all honestly, though, I’m really glad my family likes you.”

“Of course they like me,” you joked, “I’m wonderful.”

Mark snorted and spoke sarcastically. “You’re hilarious.”

He suddenly knew this was the moment to go for it. There was no place more special to him than his home. Not Japan, or Italy, or France. Just his happy little home nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. This is where he wanted to propose to you. This is where he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. In this moment, while the two of you were comfortably joking around with each other. “Y/n?”

“What?” You yawned, leaning into his side and resting your head on top of his shoulder.

“Will you marry me?”

You pushed yourself off of him quickly, and examined his face. “Are you serious?”

“Well, yeah. I mean this isn’t how I originally planned to propose and the ring is tucked away in the abyss of my suitcase, but I really want to marry you. I want you to be with me even though I have this job that doesn’t allow us a lot of time together. I want you to always be with me. So, will you marry me?”

Even in the moonlight, Mark was able to capture the dark hue of pink that appeared on your cheeks. “Of course I’ll marry you, Mark.”

“Great,” he mumbled before leaning in to kiss you. As your lips met, a sudden crash of thunder appeared and the two of you parted, jumping at the noise.

You looked up just as it began to rain. “Should we go in?”

Mark looked at your wonder-filled expression, taking in the soft pellets of rain as they fell and bounced off of your cheeks. He smiled to himself, “Not yet.”

~the end~

Dating Ethan Nestor Would Include (Part Two)

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- Late night Skype calls

- Kathryn and Ethan trying to teach you how to edit

- Sitting on his lap for the entire session

- Him wrapping his arms around you and guiding your hands with his

- Shoulder kisses when you get frustrated

- Stealing literally all of his hoodies

- Making flower crowns for each other

- Texting “Miss u” whenever you leave the room for even a second

- Having a really long streak on Snapchat


- Spontaneously and simultaneously bursting into song whenever someone unknowingly references song lyrics

- Doing each other’s make up for a video

- Ethan looking like a total beaut with winged eyeliner and perfect contour

- You ending up with a clown’s smile and panda eyes

- “You used way too much lipstick!”

- “Give me a kiss and share then.”

- Random acts of kindness. E.g Surprising him with lunch at work, him bringing you flowers

- Arguing over pineapple on pizza

- Laughing along with Mark and Tyler’s jokes about his channel/acne

- But reassuring him that you love him and every part of him afterwards

- Sending each other pictures of dogs you see whilst out

- Super deep conversations late at night

- Holding hands whilst he’s editing

- Before he realises he needs both hands to work

- So he gives your knuckles a little kiss before he lets go

- Him grabbing your hand again as soon as he can

- Mark acting like a total mama bear to the two of you

- “Frobo…”

- “Saaaam.”

- Reading to Ethan and pointing out your favourite quotes

- Him secretly writing them in a notebook and giving it to you for your birthday

- Ethan doing whatever it takes to make you laugh on a bad day

- Fluffy!!!!! Bedhead!!!!! Ethan!!!!!

- Poking him in the sides to make him jump

- When you watch a movie, you would act out the scene together

- Wearing hideous matching jumpers for a Christmas video and instantly regretting it when the fanart starts popping up

- Only conversing in memes for an entire day

- Ethan being the sweetest, most adorable boyfriend ever

Requests are open!


My friend (@11Lynn17) went to the Haisute exhibition today and took this picture of Kenmako and Tetsuko’s dresses! lmao!! I can’t with these two Oikawa fangirls :)))) Tetsuko’s the crazier Oikawa fangirl based on the reports that I’ve seen and I’m sooooo excited to see Shouri fangirling over Oikawa, shrieking, and acting cute. 184 cm OIKAWA FANGIRL!! (≧∀≦)


What Do YOU Want? Pt. 11

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,200+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

(A/N: Ok this part is super super super emotional so prepare yourselves accordingly!! As always, I hope you guys enjoy!)

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You stared back at Bobby as your lips parted slightly in shock. Out of every possible explanation for his recoiling from your near act of intimacy, his response had been nowhere on your list. Your mind raced while the two of you worked to get a grip on your breathing once again.

“W-What?” You stuttered despite your best efforts.

“You still love him.” He repeated the statement as you closed your eyes, nearly flinching as the first impact still hadn’t fully dissipated.

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Spells Galore

Prompt: “I’m going to need you to put pants on before you say anything else.”

A/N: This was a request! If you ever want to request things, go ahead. I wrote this on mobile so it probably sucks and I also didn’t proofread so there’s that.

Carlos x Reader (I tried to make it gender neutral)

Warnings: A bit sexual towards the end

Mal loved using her spell book, it was obvious to everyone who crossed paths with her. Sometimes she used it for good and sometimes she used it for bad but she mostly used it for her amusement. Casting minor spells on her friends was an often occurrence, mostly spells were put on Carlos. He was always the victim because Mal knew that he’d be okay with it, the kid was a total sweetheart or a bit of a pushover either one works. Carlos had a massive crush on you, (Y/F/N). Obviously you were as oblivious as oblivious gets and you thought that Carlos just acted flirty towards everyone. You weren’t one of those people who thought, “He could have anyone in the school so why would it be me?” You prided yourself on the fact that you didn’t let a boy determine your self worth. (A/N: never let a boy determine your self worth cause all of you guys are amazing.) However, you were completely smitten with the white-haired boy and you spent most of your free time with him. Today, you were meeting up at his dorm room and then taking Dude for a walk. On your way to Carlos’s room you ran into Jay, “Hey (Y/N)! You headed to see Carlos?” He wiggled his eyebrows as he smirked, seeming suspicious. “Yes actually. We’re going to hang out for a bit.” He nodded slowly before finishing with a quick, “Enjoy yourself!” You stared at him as he ran down the corridor with a little kick in his step. ‘That was weird’ you thought as you approached the door and knocked. “I’m coming! Hold on a second.” Shuffling and banging could be heard as things were getting put away, the boy never being prepared for company. You took this time for a quick once over of yourself, making sure that everything looked good. You smoothed out your Greek styled dress that resembled your mother’s, Megara. Your dress was the prettiest shade of (F/C) that matched perfectly with your skin tone. You weren’t necessarily a demigod but you did have heightened abilities in the arts. You could sing, dance, act, draw, you name it. In fact, that’s how you met Carlos. It was the VKs first day at Auradon and the two of you kinda ran into each other. Well then again, he ran into your locker door while you were getting your script for the school musical.
~ Flashback ~
Why were there so many books in this locker? Rummaging was what you were currently doing, in search of your script for the school’s musical. You huffed, this action blowing a strand of hair out of your face. Why were they still giving out textbooks when the internet was accessible? You were pulled out of your thoughts when your locker swung back at you and a pair of feet knocked you off of yours. A boy with white hair was lying on the ground and rubbing his forehead. He had a red, white, and black leather outfit on with a freckled face. He was gorgeous to say the least but he obviously wasn’t from Auradon. “Are you okay? You hit the locker pretty hard.” His eyes turned to slits as he glared at you, “I’m fine. I’ve always been fine and I’ll always be fine.” You furrowed your eyebrows as you stood up, lending him a hand. “I see that you can handle yourself. My name is (Y/F/N) and I’d be more than happy to help you around if you need it.” His mouth was agape as you continued, “I’m usually in the auditorium and if I’m not there I’m probably in the library. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see you around.” You picked your script up before closing your locker and heading down to rehearsal. Once you were out of sight Carlos half smiled and he went to find you later that day. When he did find you he quickly apologized for his behavior when the two of you first met. He explained how moving from the Isle to Auradon was a big change and he’s never been around good people. He told you how he thought that everyone here was going to be stuck up but that you changed his mind since you were so nice to him. “Oh yeah, also my name is Carlos De Vil and I really hope that we can start over.” You smiled and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
~End of flashback ~
The door swung wide open and revealed Dude as well as the ever so charming Carlos. Something was off though and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. The room was clean and it had nothing to do with the room. “Your outfit looks really nice today, (Y/N).” That’s when you realized that Carlos was wearing a solid (F/C) jacket with gold detailing. He wore solid black jeans and he resembled you as a whole. “Look at you! You look completely different but like good different.” He smiled at your compliment and laughed to himself. He knew that (F/C) was your favorite color and you had gold details on your dress so he incorporated it into his outfit that Evie created. Carlos chose to dress like this because it made the two of you look like a couple and you thought the same, obviously not minding. “I missed you, y'know.” You made your way over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck while his hands found your waist. “Did you now?” You could hear the smirk in his voice as you rested your forehead against his. His lips made their way towards yours at an agonizing pace. Right before his lips touched yours you whispered, “Let’s take Dude for a walk.” You pulled back and lead Dude out of the door leaving Carlos hot and bothered. It’s not that you didn’t want to kiss him, you were nervous. His intentions weren’t clear and you didn’t want to get your feelings hurt if he didn’t like you back. You were sure that he wasn’t the type to lead a person on but you can never be too safe. Your mom taught you a lot about judgement and boys, to which she made sure to notify you of the time that she gave her soul to Hades for her former boyfriend only to have him leave her. Right as you were about to turn the corner you were pulled back by your waist. “You should’ve waited for me.” Carlos growled and made you blush. “I’ll be sure to wait for you tomorrow.”
“We’re doing this tomorrow?” He tilted his head
“If you want to…” You trailed off before you began walking again with Carlos in tow. His childish demeanor returned as he stuttered out, “Of course I want to!” You grabbed his hand, dragging him with you. “Let’s go before Dude pees on the carpet.” The two of you walked around and talked about school, food, cars, Dude, and relationships.
“So what are you looking for in a boyfriend, (Y/N)?” Carlos looked at the ground as a faint blush arose. Unknown to you, Mal and Ben were overhearing your conversation which fueled the gears in Mal’s mind to start turning. “Well… I like boys who are sweet but will stick up for me when I need it, but I’m also independent so I don’t need him to handle things 24/7. I admire someone who likes the simple things in life and doesn’t try too hard. I especially like boys with white hair and big brown eyes. Overall, I’d just be happy with a boy who loved me for me.” Carlos perked up a bit when he heard you talk about the white hair and brown eyes, two things that he had going for him. The kid was hopelessly in love but he was too afraid to ask you out. He thought that you could find someone better than him, a prince that could sweep you off of you feet. He feared that a God or Goddess would come down and strike him for your love. You had a handful of people on different universes pining after you to which you paid no mind because you wanted Carlos. The conversation flowed back and forth the whole way to your dorm. “I like going on walks with you, maybe we should make this a daily thing.” He hummed in agreeance as he rested his head on your shoulder, squeezing you as tight as he could. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, you disappeared into your room.
On the walk back to his dorm, Carlos ran into Mal. “Hey Carlos! I just made this smoothie and I was wondering if you could give it a try.” Carlos smiled before graciously taking the smoothie that was laced with veritaserum. Mal conjured it up using her spell book and it would make Carlos uncontrollably spill out the truth about his feelings for (Y/N). “This is really good Mal! I love strawberry banana!” A surge of electricity went through his body before he said, “Y'know Mal, I’ve never really told anyone this before but you’re really pretty. I have my eyes on (Y/N) though.” She smirked before snatching the smoothie back, saying a quick thanks, and retiring to her room.
It was the next day and Carlos was acting funny. He was uncontrollably telling everyone the truth and he would forget that he just did it right after. You went to his room around the same time as yesterday and knocked on his door. Carlos opened his door within seconds and said, “(Y/N), I’ve been meaning to tell you this for the longest time.” You grabbed both of his hands, urging him to continue. He pulled his hands out of your hold and announced, “I’m in love with you and I want to fuck you, there” he pointed to his bed, “there” pointing to his desk, “and there” and then he pointed to the bookshelf in the back of the room. “I used to steal things when I was back on the isle but I gave that up when I came here. I’d gladly steal your heart if you’d let me. Before giving you a warning his fingers hooked into the belt loops of his pants and he began sliding them off, leaving him in only his boxer briefs. Let me tell you, boxer briefs outline everything. “Shit!” Your hands immediately covered your eyes as you turned to face the door. “I’m going to need you to put your pants back on before you say anything else!”
“What? Why are my pants down?” He immediately pulled them back up and began apologizing. His half naked figure was fresh in your mind and you wouldn’t complain if you saw it more often. “Give me some time to recover because you just said that you’d fuck me in various places of the room, confessed your love for me, and then proceeded to pull your pants down and if I’m honest, I’m kinda shaken up.” You blushed as he took your hands away from your eyes. “I meant what I said y'know.” He stared into your eyes while talking. “About you wanting to fuck me on the bed, desk, and bookshelf?” He blushed and let out a chuckle, “Well yes but I’m a teenage boy, (Y/N). I was also talking about the part where I said that I loved you.” You smiled your award winning smile that Carlos loved before hooking your fingers into his belt loops and pulling him close, no space being left between your bodies. “I love you too. I also wouldn’t mind the sex part but maybe after we date for awhile, yeah?” He nodded his head so fast that it made you kinda nauseous. “So what you’re saying is that you’ll be mine?” You bit your bottom lip and neared his before whispering, “If only you’ll be mine.” Before you could pull away like you did the previous day, he smashed his lips onto yours in a hungry manner. A bit into the kiss he started to kiss you softer and with more passion. You slid your tongue on his bottom lip and deepened the kiss while your tongues battled for dominance. You groped his butt to mess with him and he smirked into the kiss. Both of his hands cupped your butt and pulled you into him which made you let out a soft moan.
“How about you take a seat on the bed and we can discuss the handbook. Lon- OH SHIT CARLOS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Jay’s eyes widened as Lonnie’s hand covered her smile and giggles. “My eyes! My innocent eyes!”
Carlos pulled away before teasing, “What do you know about innocence, Jay?” You and Lonnie shared a smirk and then laughed in unison when Jay said, “Oh shit, you right dude. You got me there.”
Mal, Ben, Evie, and Doug ran into the room a bit out of breath at that. “We heard screaming!” Ben breathed out before he was met with the sound of snickers. “Well it looks like the spell worked.” Mal whispered under her breath but Carlos caught it. “You spelled me?” A nod was sent his way when she responded with, “Yup. You’re really fun to mess with. At least this spell benefitted you unlike the other ones.” He quickly agreed and pulled you closer, kissing the side of your head.
You were on top of the world because you had it all. Your friend group was amazing and reliable, Carlos liked you back and now you’re dating, school is good, and life is just great.
Who knew that a boy revealing his undying love and lust for someone would score him a partner.
~ Fin ~


I don’t know if the requests are still open , but if they are could you do an imagine where YN and Blaise prank Draco ( YN’S boyfriend). Also your blog is awesome and I love your aesthetics.have an nice day

a/n: thank you, love! I hope you don’t mind, but the relationship is slightly altered. it’s a bit more…dramatic? oh well, comme est la vie.

To befriend Blaise Zabini, one must have a certain edge. They have to embody Salazar’s dream, while remaining interesting, confident, and remarkably intelligent. It was no wonder when he began sitting next to Y/n L/n during meals. 
They had met in Transfiguration. Neither could remain interested, and both would rather fight the Whomping Willow than hear another lecture on the power behind accenting certain syllables. As his moon-like eyes wandered around the room, they paused on a girl attempting to morph a feather into the past night’s homework. She stared with determination at Hermione Granger’s scrolls, not bothering to watch her own quill morph into a near replica. Zabini was astounded, and exceedingly intrigued. They’ve been best friends ever since.
It wasn’t unusual to see the two lounging under a tree, casting pebbles into the Black Lake. When Y/n needed the sun, and Blaise needed fresh air, the two would find their way to a tall oak, casually discussing life, sinister plans, but specifically, the past week. 
‘And I swear, if that oaf, Weasley, thinks I’m just going to let him ruin our project, I’ll positively pass out from internal combustion. If we get paired up again, I think I’ll accidentally crucio him.’ A smirk of realization made its way to Blaise’s lips. Of course! How had he never thought of this before…

Y/n and Draco!

It was a perfect match! The way they talked, the way they acted, it was like a pair made in heaven. 
‘Oh, Y/n, dear, have you ever thought about dating anyone at this barmy school?’ She narrowed her eyes, flicking his hand with a small smile. ‘Now, Blaise, you know I love you, but-’ ‘Not me, dimwit. I’m just wondering if you ever thought about, perhaps, going on a blind date?’ Her nose scrunched in thoughts, a gentle breeze kissing their cheeks. ‘I suppose, after that horrendous afternoon with Oliver Wood, I wouldn’t mind being courted.’ He jumped up, already marching towards the common room. ‘Then it’s settled. Puddifoot’s, half past five, dress nicely!’ Y/n chuckled to herself while staring off at the branches. Maybe the mystery boy wouldn’t be all that bad.
‘No.’ It was preposterous. Feigning a look of astonishment, Blaise gasped, plopping himself onto one of the common room’s multiple armchairs. ‘And when have I ever steered you wrong?’ Draco looked up from his novel, milky tendrils falling onto his forehead. ‘Last month, I had to sit quietly while Daphne Greengrass complained about magical nail polish for three hours. Two weeks ago, you set me up with Bullstrode at Honeydukes. Have you ever seen a Bullstrode at a sweets shop? It’s like watching a starved warthog chomp on cake.’ Heaving an exhale, Zabini strolled towards the fire, a shallow smirk gracing his lips. ‘I guess I’ll have to find someone else to quench L/n’s loneliness.’ As expected, Draco looked up, his eyes wide with astonishment. ‘Y-You mean…L/n said yes…to a date with me?’ Blaise couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty at the childlike wonder in his best mate’s eyes. ‘Course she did. But, since you’ve no interest-’ ‘I-I’ll make time.’ He looked down to the blonde, watching as he picked at a fingernail. It was as easy as taking candy from an elf.
As the breeze tickled down his back, his nervous breath floated with the current, eyes everywhere at once. She said yes. Y/n L/n actually wanted to have dinner with him! For years, he’d watched, wondered, craved. Zabini always had a knack for collecting the most marvelous things for his collection. He had a cufflink once belonging to Merlin, a hairbrush used by a young Grindelwald, but most importantly, he had the most exquisite being in Britain swayed with ambitious alliance. No one could ever even touch an item in his possession, and here Draco was, standing outside Puddifoot’s, anxiously waiting the arrival of Zabini’s pride and joy. ‘Don’t tell me you got all dressed up for little, ol’ me?’ He spun, quickly, inches away from deep, e/c eyes. Pronounced speechless, Y/n curtsied, offering her hand. ‘Y/n L/n. I believe you’re my date.’ They entered the quaint shop, diving into interesting discussion. You must understand, Draco didn’t do anything like this. He’d been on dates, sure. He’d conversed with some of London’s finest. Yet, none grabbed his attention. No witch could ever light that spark behind his eyes, and here she was, igniting an inferno. Y/n, on the other hand, never did anything like this. She never dated, never conversed. To say she was a recluse would be like calling Dumbledore ‘aged.’ When she won Zabini’s care, she had been playful, spunky, and snide. What she hadn’t thought of was the side-effects, resulting in a mean-streak, harmfulness, and ultimately, cruelty. She watched as Draco’s expression turned from joy to horror as he looked in his tea. A live cockroach climbed out of the cup, fluttering onto his pant leg.
Most people didn’t have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. He was optimistic, but spoiled, yet curious. During a trip to South America, the young boy promised himself to try new and exotic foods. What he hadn’t expected was the lack of cleanliness in the kitchen to affect his meal. He bit into a crunchy, odd tasting soup, finding half a bug left in the substance. He had to be immediately apparated back to his room in England, where his mother cradled him for a week.
Y/n did not have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. 
He stood, quickly, his body shaking violently as the roach clung harder to the fabric of his pants. He began pulling at his hair, while Y/n became actively worried about the state of his mentality. She, hastily, pulled out her wand, zapping the creature out of existence. Looking around in fear, Draco met the eye of every patron, their stare forcing him to run from the shop. Y/n flicked a galleon onto the table, before following him into a darkened alley. She found him in a ball on the floor, his head resting between his knees as his hands scratched his leg where the insect had resided. She kneeled next to him, brushing a strand of his hair. ‘A-Are you-’ ‘Why did you do it?’ Her mouth gaped while his shut quickly. Through clenched teeth, he hissed. ‘Puddifoot’s is clean, and c-clean places don’t have roa-’ He had to stop himself. She fiddled with her dress, looking anywhere but his trembling figure. ‘I didn’t think it’d be that bad. I-I’m sorry. I’m not good with dates, a-and I thought it might be funny. I didn’t think-’ ‘No, you didn’t.’ She sat next to him, looking at his scrunched nose and boiling cheeks. ‘Will you come with me to one more place before our date ends?’ Although he was shaken and certainly unsure, he had never been more curious.
Poofing out of thin air, the pair found themselves a few miles outside Hogwarts, feet pooling into a crystal clear pond. A faded waterfall poured misty water into the lagoon, the forest cocooning them into a peaceful frame of mind. ‘It’s called the Cleansing Pool. Legend says if you bathe in the water, you’ll be rid of all sorrow.’ He looked at her, his hard exterior melting light a candle. ‘I really messed this date up, but if you’ll let me, I’d really like to swim with you.’ He grimaced, his gaze following the ripples. ‘I’ve brought no swim trunks.’ She smiled, meeting his eyes which matched the lake. ‘Lucky for you, I’m excellent with transfiguration.’ 

Ice - Jimin

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Genre: Angst & fluffyish | AU!supernatural Jimin |

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: Jimin left the love of his life two years ago with no explanation, but now he’s back and something about him is different and quite possibly inhuman.

Loosely based off of a prompt “You took something from me I can never get back; It ruined me”.

It was a cool spring afternoon and my day had gone on too long. I was exhausted once again. It had been this way lately, that even if I hadn’t done much at work, by the end of the day, my body was done. Emotionally, I was broken – just a shell of the person I once was… but I went on. I continued living even when I didn’t think I could bare it any longer. Now, it had gotten easier to deal with though, as it had been two years since the incident.

Easier but not better.

I was missing the ability to trust and I didn’t think it was ever coming back.

How could it when the one person I had put all my faith in had broken me in the first place?

Never again, I told myself.

I couldn’t be too mad about it though, as it taught me not to hope for much from anyone. And in turn, I no longer got disappointed.

At first, I thought he would be back. I waited up late at night, keeping my porch light on – but he never came. What could I expect after he left without a word? So eventually, I gave up.

I didn’t look for signs of his return and I closed my heart to the idea of it.

I was right for it, because two years later and he still hadn’t returned. Today it was two years exactly to the day. The first year after he left on this same day, I cried all day long. This year, I was stronger. I pretended he didn’t even exist and for all I knew, he didn’t anymore since I had gotten rid of any trace of him once being in my life.

I was doing so well until I pulled into my driveway and saw a silhouette that I tried so hard to forget.

How dare he?” I muttered to myself and I sat in my car shaking. I don’t need this. Just back out the drive and go to your mother’s house, I told myself. It had been a while since I had seen my mother after all.

His figure didn’t once move as I pressed the break and gripped the gear shift.

I stopped myself before I could switch to reverse. This was nothing happening. I am not going to be a coward. This is my home and he has no right to be here. Not after all of this time. I groaned and lifted my shaking hand from the gear shift and my foot from the break. Angrily, I yanked my keys from the ignition as I stormed out of the car.

I moved faster than I thought I could as I strode up my sidewalk to my front door. I ignored his presence on my porch and opened my front door with clammy and still shaking hands. If he spoke, I didn’t know because I was blocking it all out – although I was certain I felt the vibration of his voice in my skull.

Somehow, I got inside and shut and locked the door without confronting the man that messed me up. That was until I finally heard his voice through the cracks in the door. “Don’t make me do this the hard way, Y/N. Let me in.”

I rolled my eyes with a scoff and as I walked away. But then, I heard a crunching sound and I looked back to see my door knob fall to the floor with a loud clank as my door swung open. I stared at the mangled doorknob for a moment until I looked up and stared the man right in the eye.

He still looked the same, I noticed and that – well that fact annoyed me. He was always so handsome and it royally pissed me off. How could an asshole be so beautiful?

I tried to play off my confusion and surprise, not fully wanting to know just what exactly he had done to my door. “You didn’t even give me time to open the door if I had wanted to.”

He roughly shut the front door behind him and came closer to me, “You and I both know you wouldn’t have opened the door.”

I nodded. “You’re right,” I glared at him for a moment, “I would ask what you’re doing here… but I don’t care.”


“Jimin.” His name chilled me to my core when I said it and I didn’t like how it raised goose bumps on my arms.

“You have to hear me out.”

My eyes grew wide. “I don’t think I have to do anything. You’re a year fucking late. You could have come last year, and I would have welcomed you into my arms.”

He stepped closer, causing me to step back. “Don’t cower like you’re afraid of me!” He yelled.

“And what if I am? Shouldn’t I be? Shouldn’t I be afraid of the man who broke me? The man who showed up on my porch exactly two years after he left me and then broke my door knob?”

Hurt flashed over his face but I couldn’t find it in me to feel bad for him. I hurt for two years and where was he then? He sighed, “Y/N, there is so much you don’t understand.”

I laughed bitterly, “No. You don’t understand. You lost my trust when you left me – and you can never get it back.”

“If you hear me out, you’ll feel differently. I promise.” He stepped close to me once again and I decided not to move. No, I wasn’t afraid of him. He couldn’t hurt me more than he already had. Jimin wouldn’t hurt me physically so I had no reason to run away from him now. I didn’t have any reason to listen to whatever bullshit he wanted to throw my way – but I stayed still and let him come close.

There was a safe distance apart that we could have been, but this definitely wasn’t it. He was close enough that I could smell his cologne, the same one he always wore. His face was far too close as I could see all of the little places I loved to leave kisses before. I sighed. I didn’t want those memories. I didn’t want him. I didn’t want anything.

“Why?” he asked with his head cocked.

I looked left to right a few times before my gaze fell back to him, “Why what?”

“Why don’t you want those memories?” he whispered.

My eyes grew wide once again and I felt my stomach lurch. Had I said all of that out loud? I groaned again. He was so infuriating that I couldn’t even keep my thoughts to myself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I simply said.

Jimin laughed lightly. “You don’t have to tell me, I’ll know either way. I just assumed you’d rather give out the information knowingly.”

Okay, now I was confused. What was he talking about? Did he go crazy in the two years he had left? Hell, that’s making the most sense right now. He surely didn’t seem in his right mind. “I think you should go.”

He shook his head. “I’ve finally come back and you want me to go?”

“Yep. I don’t need,” I gestured to his body, “this in my life.”

He smirked the devilish smirk that had always made me weak in the past – and well, I guess it still did. “You used to enjoy,” he gestured to his body, “this.

I let out a shaky breath. “Okay, Jimin. Quit with the act. Tell me why you’re here.”

With a shrug, he grabbed my hand causing me to immediately cringe away, but his strength was no match for my lack of and he gripped my hand firmly. “I’m here for you.”

“You’re joking, right?”

He shook his head again. “Why would you think that?”

“You left me for two years!”

That’s when he decided to bite his lip and it sent my pulse into overdrive. He knew that was one of my weakness. “It had nothing to do with you, love. I didn’t leave by choice.”

That just sounded like some lame excuse. “You don’t make any sense!”

Jimin rubbed my hand with his gently, “You haven’t agreed to let me explain everything.”

“Why couldn’t you tell me before you left?” I whined out, feeling all of the feelings I once felt for him rushing back into my head. I wanted to push them out, to protect myself from feeling any more after Jimin effects, but I couldn’t. Jimin was enticing me in the stupidest ways.

“To protect you.”

“So, you didn’t leave me because you were tired of me?” I asked in a small voice as I wondered where all my strength went. Oh, that’s right, I bet it’s on the floor with the doorknob.

His eyes softened, “My love, I will never be tired of you.”

“You still love me, after all this time?”

“No amount of time will stop me from loving you.” He paused for a moment before going on, “You still love me?” he questioned.

I sighed. “I wish I didn’t. It took me a whole year to convince myself that I was over you and now here you come walking all over my resolve.”

Jimin touched my face softly, “I have no intention of ever hurting you like that again. You’re all I want and that I’ve wanted. These past two years, I’ve still been yours. I wasn’t with anyone else, I didn’t think about anyone else, hell, I didn’t even look in anyone’s direction. And if you did? I don’t blame you at all.”

I couldn’t help but lean into his caress. “Explain it all to me then. Explain to me why I should let you back in like nothing ever happened.”

Pulling on my hand, he led me to the dining room as he remembered the layout of the house we once shared together. He pushed me down into a chair and then pulled one out and as close to mine as he could. Jimin grabbed both of my hands and stared me in the eyes, “It’s a long story… and you won’t like all of it.”

In that moment, I noticed something off about Jimin. When I first saw him, I thought everything was the same as it had always been, but upon further investigation, I quickly realized that something wasn’t right. My blood felt like it iced over when I realized that the eyes that bore into mine weren’t the same dark eyes that Jimin always had. Instead, his eyes were now an ice blue – something so shocking that I gasped and tried to pull away from him.

Jimin held firmly and sighed, “I told you I have a lot to explain.”

“You-u-r e-eyes,” I stuttered out, “They weren’t like that.” I was shaking now.

He rubbed my hands. “Don’t be afraid. I’m still the same man you loved… just different.”

Those words couldn’t be further from the truth as I stared into his eerie eyes and listened to him tell me things I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

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You can't leave Twinssuns of there!? What happened next!

His back is burning and its only the chains around his wrists that is keeping him up, strength long ago having left him between the whip ‘kissing’ his back and the choking Ventress has subjected him to.

But the fact that he can’t keep himself on his feet is adding so much strain to his lungs, arms and shoulders that his breath comes in wheezing waves. Yet Ben persists, has given her no answers to her questions as she lurked around him, switching between the whip that burns his back and the choke hold of the Force.

She’s going to change tactic soon, Ben knows it as he rests his head against his arm for a few moment, feeling the scratch of a growing beard against his skin.

He wants to shave it. He knows Cody likes it when he’s smooth faced and to be honest Ben does not want a beard.

Force his mind is swimming with the pain and he looks at Ventress when she stops in front of him, a smirk on her face. “Well little pretty Jedi?” She leered.

“…I’m on Rattatak, aren’t I?” He rasped in return, lips quirking when she jerked to in surprise. “Ah. Good to know.” He closed his eyes then gave a cry when she backhanded him, taken by surprise.

His face exploded with pain, healing bruises giving it all an extra edge.

“How do you even do that.” She hissed, grabbing him by the chin to jerk his face into position, glaring at him. “You don’t have the Force, its not precognition or a Force vision!”

Ben stared at her quietly for a few moments.

And then he opened his mouth again. “There’s going to come a time when you fail. But when you fail, Sidious will discard you and your master will have no choice. You get abandoned again… and you will look for revenge… and that will be your last act along with the nightsisters.”

The two stared at each other, Ventress pale eyes slowly growing wider and wider for each word before narrowing.

Ben knew the outcome before she dropped his chin, the matching bloom of pain crossing his other cheek and he could taste blood in his mouth.

“Liar.” She hissed, fear coating her words.

Swallowing iron and saliva, Ben wondered how pretty he’d be by the end of this. He hoped Cody wouldn’t mind the scars…


“Rattatak?” Anakin frowned at the brown and red planet they were approaching before looking at their informant on the holo disk. “You’re sure.”

“Yes master Jedi. Asajj Ventress was positively gleeful in her report, Yan Dooku gave your brother over to her to…encourage any secrets he knew to be voiced.” The robed creature offered though Anakin was pretty sure it was a human of some kind. The voice modulator and hood however kept any defining features from being exposed. “If my guess is correct, you will find him in castle Ventress.”

“She has a castle…great.” Anakin groaned.

“Its her main base of operation. The people of Rattatak worship her for building it ontop the rubble of war. Be careful master Jedi.” The holo cut out and Anakin gritted his teeth before looking over at Jocasta and Qui-Gon, both master’s having followed the conversation quietly. “Now what?”

“No we get down to the planet and search for Ben.” Qui-Gon rumbled.

“Can you feel him?” Jocasta questioned quietly.

Anakin’s leg gave a little jump and then he focused back on the planet. “I feel pain.” He offered darkly.

“…We’ll take a shuttle down, whatever else, we need to be discreet and not alert Ventress to our presence until we know where Ben is and can extract him.” Qui-Gon rumbled. “It means only a small team.”

He could feel more then he saw the vods tense up around them, knowing that the word small team meant that not everyone could go rescue Ben.

And the vods did so adore Ben.

“Sirs…” Captain Rex started slowly.

“I’m sorry Rex but only a small team. This will be a stealth mission, a direct assault will not save Knight Skywalker.” Qui-Gon continued. “We have a shuttle in the bay that is of a smuggler variety that will bring us down. It means we will have to go in disguise.” A reluctant smile quirked Qui-Gon’s lips. “Been a while since I pretended to be a smuggler.”

“I’ll be captain.” Jocasta said firmly and went to get ready while Qui-Gon turned to Anakin.

“A small team, make your pick wisely Anakin.. The shuttle takes an eight man crew. We need one spot for Ben, so four troopers.”

Anakin nodded sharply and turned back to Rex.

“Cody and Snow would kill me if I didn’t go. And we should bring Kix.” The captain offered.

“…We need Kix.” Anakin agreed quietly.


They really did need Kix.

Ben was pale s a ghost, every freckle on his face standing out as he hung limp in the chains that held his hands over his head. Anakin hurried to his brother, taking in the blood that coated Ben’s tunic and down his leggings. “Ben…” He whispered cupping the others bloody chin and tapping his cheek to try and wake him.

No reaction except for shallow breathing.

Kix, who had gone around the back, hissed sharply at the bloody mess that was the Jedi’s back. “I don’t think I can treat that here. We need to get him up to the Resolute.” He pulled out several bandages. “Best I can do is give him a shot of antibiotics and painkillers and steam the bleeding with bandages for now.” He set to work, hands working quickly as the rest of the group kept an eye on the hallway in case guards or Ventress came to check.

“Come on Ben…please.” Anakin whispered.

Still no reaction.

It would not be the first time Anakin had carried Ben but never this injured. He looked to Rex to have the man help him get the other Jedi lose from the chains, capturing Ben against his body. Jocasta took a moment to stroke the redheads cheek before they were off, moving quietly through the halls of Ventress domain.

Of course no plan can go exactly as planned.

“Well well well, I knew there were rats on the planet, I had no idea they were in my walls.” Ventress smirked at them from the end of the hall, flanked by magna guards. “And isn’t it Skywalker the older duo. Perhaps I can add your eye this time to my collection of your brothers teeth?” She swished her blades.

Anakin’s blood boiled at the implication.

“Anakin…stay with Ben.” Qui-Gon said quietly, pulling his own lightsaber of the belt of his smuggler disguise. “Hello sister padawan.”

“Qui-Gon Jinn…well then this is going to be fun.” She laughed only to yelp when Jocasta pounced, Ben’s master lightsaber meeting the sith’s furiously.

Jocasta Nu was not a happy Jedi.

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 70: Incomplete

I was quite worried when I read the title but I shouldn’t have.

For starters, Eijun shows off his pick-off skill.

He has shown an aptitude for it and noted by everyone in Act I. So I am really happy that he further develops it and most of all, learns to work with Miyuki to stop base stealing. He still has his cat eyes, but he keeps his calm and makes smart decisions.

Further into the match, Eijun and Miyuki are getting more in sync, or borrowing Pacific Rim’s terminology, getting more drift compatible. They are becoming more and more like true partners. They help and support each other. It’s not just about Miyuki’s making calls and Eijun’s pitching into his mitt. They are both thinking and acting together to take the runner out. They respond to each other, pulling the best from each other.

The rightmost panel is my favorite teamwork, because it involves my three fave Seidous: Miyuki, Eijun and Kuramochi. We definitely can’t mistake that grin at the bottom, can we?

The whole team is awesome too. No wonder Eijun can remain so calm and composed having these amazing people at his back.  It’s very reassuring. The infielders truly shine in this match. 

Kaneee!! Sawwaa!! exchange makes its appearance once again. Haha, I adore these two (⺣◡⺣)♡*

But my favorite moment by far for Act II is this

Miyuki has shown less restraint/hesitation in praising Eijun, as previously seen after Eijun’s successfully struck out the batter with change-up. It might help that Eijun doesn’t actively ask for it, or get a big head after getting praised. However, Miyuki’s line of thought is such a revelation.

Miyuki has acknowledged Eijun’s mental strength and unpredictability, and he has been the first to notice his potential, but he hasn’t expressed his trust in his skill as a player or his faith in Eijun himself not in so many words… until now.

Somehow the word incomplete doesn’t fit Eijun. Probably because the negative connotation it has in English. All I can say that Eijun… is not done yet.

He is still learning. He is still growing. He has yet reached his full potential and become the best version of himself.

He is not done yet. He can still be better.

Can you blame me for feeling damn proud for Eijun that I really, really want to hug him and cheer for him badly right there in the stands?


Now, there’s Furuya.

He makes an interesting expression here. It’s easy to mistake it as subdued, but somehow I feel like the right description is… focused or contemplative. Either one is good, actually. Because I think why Furuya struggles so much is because he is lacking focus and contemplation. He is fine during practice but not so much in real games, most likely because he focuses on the wrong things. He puts too much power and forgets control in his pitches. He uses more his heart than his head. Actually the last description matches both Eijun and Furuya, especially when they were still new, inexperienced pitchers with limited pitches. However, Eijun is the first to learn-in the hard way-that heart is not enough. Furuya doesn’t seem to learn the lesson yet. But seeing Eijun using his head, making calm, careful and conscious decisions on the field… It might be the wake up call he needs. Hopefully he doesn’t get it into his head that he is somewhat not needed with Eijun performing so well. I’m so gonna knock some sense into him. Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

Lastly, have a smiling Eijun for good luck!

anonymous asked:

2p Russia and Romano head cannons.

I had no idea if you meant Romano or 2p! Romano. So I said ‘fuck it’ and did both. Sorry for 2p! Russia. He’s not a very popular 2p, so there’s not much on his personality…

2p! Russia

-Why did you have to exist.

-This good sir is a man of the mind. One who rejects his heart, for the most part, doing only what he needs to do in order to improve his economy. He certainly has no time or need for love.

-Then you came in, and ruined it. Increased heartbeat, inability to focus, and having his mind flooded with thoughts of you.

-Stereotypical crush. Emotionless bastard gets fucking flustered if you stand too close. God forbid you accidentally touch him.

-I’m not sure he’d kidnap you. Maybe if he ever got over the whole ‘holy shit they’re right there asdfghjk-’ thing. But even then, he’d regain some of his common sense. Some.

-At first, he doesn’t know why he feels this way, or what exactly this feeling is. Like, make it stop, but at the same time don’t, because it’s actually kind of addicting…

-The poor man is actually confused as hell.

-All he knows is that people aren’t allowed to be near you.

-It’s likely he won’t kill anybody, at least not directly, but ruining their lives? Collapsing everything they’ve ever worked for? All fair game.


-Angry Italian swearing? Angry Italian swearing.

-Believe it or not, he’s really good at acting like he isn’t a Yandere. Maybe because he’s so violent in the first place?

-And when I mean violent, I don’t mean ‘cut off your testicles and beat you with them’ violent. I mean “fucking look at them again and I’m going to shove your own asshOLE DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT.”

-”Roma, that’s impossib-” “WATCH ME.”

-After the yelling match, you two go home. The person flirting with you is never to be seen again.

-The biggest giveaway? Instead of being upset that you got flirted with, he’s super loving and smug. As if he knows you’ll never leave him.

-Poor bab is actually insecure as fuck, so gets jealous way too easily, and takes out way too many ‘threats’ that aren’t even close to threats…

-Does not want you anywhere near his brother. He’s lost too much to him, and he isn’t risking you too. Sure, he’d just take you, in the end, but if at all possible, he’d rather not kill his fratello…they’re still family, after all.

-You can’t meet Spain either. Again, whether he shows it or not, he cares for the ‘idiota’, and would rather not eliminate him, if at all possible. If it came down to it, he would, but he really doesn’t want to.

-Yes, he can kill them. I know he’s actually a coward, but they trust him a lot. One quick move, and it’s done. No chance to fight back.

2p! Romano

-Pffft. You, leave him? Oh, honey, that’s cute.

-Is almost always at your side. Honestly? He doesn’t do much for his country, letting other people run the show while he makes the whole place look good, so he has a lot of free time.

-Yeeeeaaaah, you can’t meet the 2ps of Italy or Spain either, but for different reasons.

-”Oh darling, no. I love them, really, but they’re such brutes. No, they aren’t getting anywhere near you.”

-Never gets jealous, because “Who would leave me for somebody else? Have you not seen me!?”

-However, does get irked if people try to get too friendly with you. Do they not see that you clearly belong to him? I mean, nobody else deserves you.

-Prefers to beg ask Luci to do the dirty work for him, but if it comes down to it, he’ll just poison their drink.

-Pretty possesive. “Why would you ever want to leave my side? You look better just being in the same room as me!”

-Vain as fuck, but definitely puts you on a pedestal above everybody else. He’s the best, but you’re a close second. Compared to most people, you’re a goddess, an angel. Yeah, the common folk can’t have you. It’s only fitting that you stay with him.

-Also super whiny. “Beeeeeeelllllllllllaaaaaaaaa! Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeee!”

Newt Scamander x Hufflepuff!Reader Part 2

Sorry this took so long!

Based on these headcanons: X

Part One:  X

Warnings: being sad and heartbreak and stuff, don’t worry the ending is fluffy though


Of course you kept your promise and held it close to your heart. The time at Hogwarts without Newt was duller and slower than it had once been, but the letters that you two wrote to each other constantly stood as some of the only things that kept you going. You knew he wanted to be there for you to kiss you before a hard exam or to cuddle you when the first snowfall piled up on top of the towers of the castle, but you also knew that he loved sending you letters, because with that, he could still be with you in a different sense. He couldn’t be there physically, but he could still provide the undying love and support for you as you went on to strive for success.

Graduation approached and you had garnered high marks in each of your classes and on every exam. You had grown from a young and playful child to a strong and fearless person within your years there. You matured greatly and took your studies seriously, and you wrote to Newt that you hadn’t let him down. He of course was beyond proud of you for accomplishing so much, you could tell because he could barely keep his writing strength due to the speed of his excitement, and he also expressed how upset he was at himself for not being able to take this journey with you. However, you reassured him, telling him that everything was going to work itself out, and that the two of you would have even more journeys together.

Once you were out and into the rest of the world with your wand in hand, you wrote a letter to Newt again and gave your owl an extra treat before he had departed on his way, rapidly beating his winds against the winds as he ventured to deliver the important piece to Newt. Days whisked away before you received a response from him, and when you received it, you nearly screamed in excitement, which also nearly frightened your poor owl, who was awfully tired from the quick journey. You had informed Newt of what was happening in your life, and you had kindly asked him to meet you at a special place only he and you would know.

About a day later, outside the old coffee and book store at the corner of your town, the whereabouts of most of your summer hangouts that were spent with the young boy, you anticipated meeting Newt there once again. You found yourself sitting in one of the metal chairs enjoying the breeze outside when a man who resembled a certain freckly and curious boy stepped into you view.

You stood up from the chair, knees quivering as you brought a hand up to your lips to refrain from gasping. Newt Scamander, now a broadened and grown man, was feet away from you, and you could feel your cheeks igniting in a blush. Newt awkwardly allowed his eyes to wander the establishment and you feared that he didn’t’ see or notice you, however, your worry washed away when you saw his smile extend and pace quicken. He nearly tripped over his own boots at the sight of you, and he muttered a few “excuse mes” to the other customers as he bumped into them on accident. When he had stumbled in front of you, he made you let out a small yelp in surprise as he instantly began to pepper your face with kisses as his hands trailed down to your hips, tightly holding you close in fear of you drifting away from him again.

His lips brushed against your cheeks once more before he paused momentarily, further placing his lips on yours and kissing you as if you had never been apart. A warm feeling of security flooded your body and your heart beat out of your chest as his arms wrapped tighter around your body. You caressed his face, noting the stubble that had not been present there before, and you deepened the kiss, hungrily taking him in. His curls became laced around your fingers and neither of you cared who was staring, you two were just happy to finally be able to hold one another in actual comfort as opposed to simple worded letters.

Your lips parted from him but his hold on you remained. A gentle laugh crept past your now rosier lips as you spoke, “Well, that’s a way to greet someone.”

Newt’s cheeks turned a fiery red and his hair flopped messily yet still gracefully in the breeze. His scarf also flopped around against his coat, and you reached up, laughing at the fact that he still had the old thing from back then.

“I…well, I was um…excited to see my darling face to face and not just in old photos, which isn’t bad, but, well it is nice to hold you again…” he stuttered nervously. A smile crept back onto his face and matched his illuminating eyes, and his nervousness made you giggle. The boy you knew was a little a shy, and it was quite adorable seeing the grown up version of him acting quite similar. You silenced him with another passionate kiss.

The two of you simply enjoyed one another’s company, with Newt displaying a little more PDA than you expected (but it’s not like you minded too much). As the sun began to disappear to end the day, Newt laced his hand in yours and brought your knuckles to his lips for a gentle kiss. One wouldn’t be able to tell if it had been years or hours since you two saw one another due to your close bond, but they would be able to tell that you two were definitely, without a doubt, very much in love.


The two of you wasted absolutely no time in picking up where you left off. You understood that Newt’s new job was going to carry him to far off places that some could only dream of viewing and experiencing, but you didn’t expect him to ask you to join him so suddenly and abruptly. The question rather few out of his mouth faster than he had intended, but you’ll never forget how thrilled he was when you accepted. It was almost as jubilant as another time he popped a question in a rather surprising fashion.

However now after years of traveling and wandering the world in search of protecting and learning about magical creatures both big and small (which you love of course, especially as the ‘other mummy’) the two of you found yourself within the walls of Hogwarts once more. You grinned at Newt before placing a quick kiss upon his cheek.

“You’re going to be wonderful love, and I know that they’re just going to love the creatures,” you smiled at him with a look a calming reassurance. He gladly returned a small smile and ran his thumb over the gleaming diamond ring that proudly paired with his own golden one.

With a final nod, he led you into the classroom that was well immersed in sunlight and full of students with wonder in their eyes. He placed his case down before speaking with an evident sense of passion and excitement in his voice now.

“Good morning students, it’s lovely to see you all and to be here to talk about some beasts I have encountered over the years. My name is Newt Scamander and this here is my love (Mrs./Mr.) Y/n Scamander.”



Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? 

first of all the set list was outstanding

second of all. this tour made a shit ton of fucking money. and was totally 1100000% my aesthetic. 

this tour had four legs. that’s two more legs then i will ever have in my life. rip me. 
$150.2 million? Taylor over here rollin in da doe. 




but that hat is actual goals. the twenties are vastly approaching us again aren’t they? amazing. and that red nail polish and red lipstick matching completely? goals. i wonder how she did dat. 


look at dis hipster go banging on drums. sleeey.


real talk tho how does she keep her fringe so intact ?

wOaH costUME chANge (we got a lot of those) 


if you didn’t figure out this tour is blowing my mind and we are like 15 minutes in. re fasten ur seatbelts plz. 


How does she make that bend look so elegent? 
If i tried to do this right here i would look like a whale JUST SAYING INCASE ANYONE WONDERED ABOUT ME HERE


then mean turned into STAY STAY STAY?! fkc. this was cute as biscuits she danced with her band and back up singers it was hella cute

after she told her band to stay stay stay she and her dancers and everyone celebrated being 22 or remembering being 22 or looking forward to being 22. dis got me a bit emo bc dis music video wuz mah life for 3 months ngl 

she then gets her RED guitar and performs starlight (again anothe r masterpiece) 

look at her being cute and slaying at it’s finest. 




and THIS

what are you doing tay? it’s almost like you 


(does ths laod? it’s not lading oh well u can just read it and weep with meh) 



while trying to calm everyone down taylor proceeds to sing another lyrical peice of genius begin again.

ahh deep breaths. in and out. in and out.




 cause she starts off like dis

then in the midst there is a swiftstep remix and she breaks it down and pulls off her white gown TO THIS BEAUTIUFL MASTERPIECE COSTUME OF LACE AND SHORTS AND BOOTS AND SLAYNESS

get it gurl. 



go ahead. go on youtube. grab your puffs plus tissues and cry your eyes out for five hours and return to this post and continue. 


so cute. i wish i was that coordinated and thought ahead like that.




*thinks to self* maybe I should start doing yoga. nah gotta finish this masterpost of how this iconic tour should be put on dvd












DON’T FORGET TO LOOOK BEFORE YOU FALL *cracks nuckles because this post is taking forgever* 

so much conffetti. i wonder if anyone choked on confeti before. 



S.Coups Mafia AU part 2

Seungcheol told you that you weren’t going to be able to go back to your apartment, or leave the house. He also said that you’d be staying in his room, you wanted to argue, but you knew you would lose in the end. He left you to ‘get situated’ and went somewhere, and so here you were, staring at your surroundings silently. You were tired, but couldn’t sleep, so you picked up a book and began to read it. Chan came back and glared at you a little, to which you responded with a smile.

“Who are you, really?” You sighed and set the book down.

“My name is Lee (Y/N), I am simply someone who Seungcheol saved from being killed.”

Chan seemed to think about the name before rushing forward and whispering, “Wasn’t he supposed to kill you?”

You nodded and looking down. “I kind of wish he had. If my father were to find out I was not only still alive, but also staying here, you’d all be in a lot of danger…”

Chan stared at you, but didn’t ask anymore questions. Instead he walked to the kitchen and pulled out some cheese and lunch meats, and then some bread. You watched him put together two messy sandwiches and put them on two separate plates. He walked over to you and set one of the plates in front of you, taking a bite of his own sandwich. You took the sandwich and bit into it, tears welling up in your eyes. Chan swallowed and stared at you, worry written on his face. “W-What? Is it bad or something?”

You shook your head and continued to eat, tears now pouring over your cheeks. “It has been so long since I’ve gotten to eat with someone…” You wiped your eyes and continued to eat, Chan sitting next to you.

Soon enough someone else arrived, and you and Chan stood to greet him. He stared at you then looked at Chan, who said you were Seungcheol’s new girlfriend. The boy then smiled and walked over to you and introduced himself as Wonwoo. After Wonwoo came Mingyu, who offered to make you some ‘actual food’ referring to Chan’s sandwich. All four of you sat and watched tv, interrupted by another arrival, this time it was a short angry looking boy and a boy who immediately hugged you.

“Cheol texted me about you, I’m Jeonghan, and this is Jihoon.” Jihoon gave you a small nod and then announced he was going to take a nap. Jeonghan pulled you up the stairs and told you to shower, and that he would lend you some clothes of his while he put yours in the wash.
You showered and Jeonghan brought you some clothes and a hair brush. The two of you walked back downstairs, where more people now were sitting. Seungcheol was back and in the kitchen, talking to Mingyu about dinner.

In the living room, a lot of the people were staring at you, so you went into the kitchen, where Mingyu and Seungcheol stood. Mingyu asked for your help and you accepted, washing your hands in the sink. Seungcheol stared at you before asking whose clothes you were wearing.

“Oh, Jeonghan lent me some.”

“Take them off.”

You stared at him before responding. “I know I said I would follow your every order, but I don’t have any other clothes to wear.”

He seemed to think before heading out of the door, giving you a smile as he did. You were confused but instead focused on making dinner. Mingyu apologized for making you do this your first night here, but you told him you were happy to help.

It had been a while since you last cooked any actual food. It had been even longer since you had cooked for someone else. Mingyu assured you that you were doing just fine, and told you that he could do the rest on his own.

As you headed back to the living room, you saw that a lot of the others that had been there previously were now gone, only Chan, Jeonghan, and two others that you didn’t recognize sat in the living room.

“(Y/N), are you done with kitchen duty?” Jeonghan asked. The other boys looked at you and you nodded. Chan stood and told you he’d give you a tour, and you smiled and followed him.

He took you upstairs and showed you where Seungcheol’s room was, and where his was. He said he had a playstation and that you could play with him whenever you wanted.

“How long have you been alone?”

You thought about it before answering, “Almost two years, maybe.”

Chan looked at you with a bit of sadness in his eyes before giving you a small smile, “Well you’re here now, and with time, everyone will see you as family. I know i was a bit mean to you earlier but I think we can be really good friends!”

You smiled and nodded, not having heard that word in years. Next, Chan showed you to the roof, where he said someone named Jun likes to sleep sometimes. After that he took you outside, showing you the garden, “Wonwoo practically lives here, but he lets anyone go in here if they want to.” Last, he showed you to the ‘practice room.’ It was essentially where they went to exercise and train, and he told you to be careful because when they go to train, “we’ll be on edge.”

The two of you headed back to the house, where you asked Chan if Seungcheol gets jealous easily, remembering his reaction to the clothes.

“That’s an understatement!”

“Well we aren’t really dating, we literally just met!”

“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Just watch, I’ll show you what happens when he gets jealous. Just play along.”

The two of you sat and talked more with each other, asking about favorite shows and candy. Chan introduced you to Minghao and Jun, the two boys in the living room. Jun challenged you and Chan to a game of Overwatch, to which you responded that you hadn’t played.

“What, are you scared?” Minghao said. Chan glared and accepted their challenge, and you sighed and shrugged, laughing with the others at his impulsive behavior. Mingyu had set out the food in the dining room, and you watched as the group of boys came into the dining room. You and Chan waited for Seungcheol, but when he didn’t arrive, you headed into the dining room.

“You can sit next to me, (Y/N).” Jeonghan pointed at the empty seat. You nodded and sat down besides him, tying your hair back into a ponytail. You looked around at the twelve smiling faces as they conversed and waited for their leader. Soon, you heard the door open and Seungcheol walked in, holding four huge shopping bags.

“Cheol, what is all that?” Jeonghan asked. Seungcheol only smiled and set them down before taking his seat at the head of the table. He stared at you and Jeonghan and frowned a little bit. Again, someone, you thought his name was Seungkwan, asked what he had bought, and Seungcheol again smiled and looked at you. You were suspicious, but didn’t dwell on the thought, focused more on the food. To your right, Chan switched spots with Jun in order to sit next to you.

“Are you gonna be okay?” He whispered and you nodded, promising not to cry again.

Seungcheol watched Chan ask for some of your food, and then watched you sigh and give it to him.

“Ah, my Noona is so nice~” Seungcheol glared.

You stared at him and he glanced and the leader, and you understood. “Well, I’m nice to you because you are nice to me, Channie.” Some of the others stared at you two, either knowing exactly what Chan was doing, or simply finding it weird. Jun was not the latter, and smirked as he decided to play along. “What? I was nice to you. How come you won’t give me food, Noona?”
You thought about it before shrugging.

At the head of the table, Seungcheol was fuming. He needed to talk to you after this. Chan smiled as his plan worked. Once everyone had finished, Seungcheol told you to follow him, and you did, walking to the living room.


You sat in the living room and stared at Seungcheol, who looked very upset.

“What was that?”

You bit your lip, thinking you might have gone too far, watching him as he walked to wear you sat.

“How come you don’t have any cute nicknames for me?” He whined and sat next to you, latching onto your arm. Your mouth fell open at the way he spoke. This wasn’t what you expected. “And why’d you sit next to them instead of me? I’ve been so nice to you but you don’t feed me! I even bought you all these clothes!” He stood and grabbed the bags, dropping them at your feet. You looked inside and saw they were really filled with clothes, and then looked at Seungcheol, who had his lips in a pout.

“Don’t be cute with anyone but me…”

You stared at him, “Seungcheol. We met today. I can’t exactly act like I’ve dated you for years.”

He sighed and sat next to you again, defeated. “Do you like the clothes?..”

You rolled your eyes and nodded, watching his face brighten up. “I got you a lot of stuff I saw was cute and I even got us some matching couple tee’s!”

You watched him pull out two shirts, one black and one white, and smile at you from behind his. “And you can use any of them so you won’t have to wear anyone’s clothes again!” You sighed and took the shirt, thanking him. Seungcheol told you it was about time for you to sleep and pulled you upstairs and to your room, telling you he was going to shower. You nodded and as he left, changed into the white t-shirt. It was big on you, but it worked well as a pajama.

You sighed as you stared at the bed. You climbed into one side and pulled the covers around you, shutting yours eyes and hoping you’d be able to sleep. Seungcheol came back from the showers and poked your side. “Hey, you’re on my side of the bed. Scoot over.” You opened your eyes and sighed, rolling to the other side of the bed. Seungcheol smiled and got in the bed, lying on his side, facing you. “Do you like it here, (Y/N)?..”

You turned to face him, thinking about his question. “I do. Your family is so friendly and full of love, it’s nice. It feels like a home.”

Seungcheol smiled, “It can be your home you know. I want you to stay here with us, with me.” You looked up at the ceiling. “I really do like you, believe it or not.” Seungcheol yawned and shut his eyes, fast asleep. You sat and stared at the ceiling, feeling yourself doze off.

“(Y/N). Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find you.”

You saw him. He was in the room, staring at you. He walked over to you and pulled you up, away from Seungcheol. You watched him and the others slowly be pulled away from you as He took you away from them.

“You can’t fit in anywhere but with us, you know that. If you’re not with us, you’re not going to be with anyone.”

Your eyes shot open and you sat up, looking at your surroundings. You stood and got out of the bed, walking to the door. Seungcheol was still asleep, so you figured you could walk around. You sighed and stared at the ground, heading to the living room.

“What are you doing?”

You jumped and saw Jihoon sitting on the couch, and you walked over. “Taking a walk.”

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

“I don’t really sleep anymore..”

Jihoon’s eyebrows furrowed and he went back to typing on his laptop. You sat on the other side of the couch, staring out of the window. You sighed and hugged your knees, looking at the time. You had slept for two hours, more than usual, actually.

Soon enough you got tired of sitting and decided to walk back to the room, a book in hand. As you reached the hallway, you saw someone standing in the middle of the walkway. You believed it to be Vernon, so you approached him. His eyes were closed, and he was mumbling under his breath, so you concluded he was sleep walking.

You grabbed his wrist, careful not to wake him, “Vernon? Let’s get you back to your room, yeah?Which room is yours?”

He began walking, and you held his back making sure he wouldn’t bump into anything. You opened one of the doors and walked him in and to the bed, where he climbed in by himself. You left the room silently and headed back to Seungcheol’s room, picking up the book you had left on a table. Seungcheol was still asleep when you walked in, so you tried to be as quiet as you could as you read. Soon the sun began to rise and you watched it, feeling yourself become more tired.

Voltron Theory: Not sure what to make of this...Haggar’s Markings and Weblum Galra’s ship design.

So in my quest to find some info on the colors for Haggar’s outfit I stumbled upon something interesting. 

This is a shot of Hagar and her face. Notice the red lines on her face. Keep this in mind. 

Now turn around and look at the Weblum Galra’s ship. 

If you look at the blue markings on the sides and by the ship’s cockpit. 

These are the same, or at least insanely close. So what do these marks mean? 

Could this be connected to Haggar’s family? Is this a different sort of crest? And why is it on the ship and Haggar’s face? And what else is weird is the colors. You have the cerulean blue color on the ship which, by color meaning:   sky, purification and clarity, soothing and tranquility. Honesty, truth, wisdom and authority. It also is connected to healing of the mind, body and soul connection. Blue is also used for someone who defends. 

Also the mix of dark and light blue colors in the ship indicates a softness, healing, understanding, knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness. 

So there’s that little bit there about the ship itself. 

On the other hand you have the fire engine red on Haggar: physical activity, stamina, war, and danger, along with love, passion, romance and desire. It’s also the color of blood and life. It tends to show off excitement, intense emotion, aggression and warnings. It also links to strength, power and courage and is used to evoke intense emotional feelings. 

Dark red also signifies vigor, willpower, rage, anger and leadership, along  with longing, malice and wrath. 

Humm almost complete opposites in the meaning there. Which is interesting given how we’ve seen the Weblum Galra mostly act very composed and crafty, where as Haggar is very much an emotional person who relies on her own will to get things done. 

So if that is Lotor, then there’s a lot to be said about how these two are going to be connected. 

The other fact is that the lines on the face and the lines on the ship do almost match so again, hint of relation to Altean pasts? 

#67: “Please don't, don't do this!"

Shane McMahon x Reader Request

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It was the night of the Suvivor Series. The crowd in Toronto was cheering loudly. So far the night was going smoothly, the matches were top notch. Everything seemed to work how it should. The PPV already progressed to the 5-on-5 Survivor Series elemination match, the last match before the main event.

This year your husband Shane McMahon was on of the wrestlers involved. You were happy for him to wrestle again even though you always had a strange feeling when he set a foot into the ring. You knwew that he was a professionel athlete but the risk of injuries made you worry constantly. Especially because he hadn’t wrestle in a long time and that he tended to overdo in his matches. At least that’s what you thought. After what Shane had done the previous Wrestlemania you were even more tense. When you saw him leap of that steel cage, 20feet down, your breath got stuck in your throat. You had the feeling of suffocating, seeing him fall down in a rapid pace down meeting the anouncer table. This was one of the most horrible moments in your life. After that Event he had to promise to you to never ever do such a risky move again. He chuckled as he promised it, telling you that he was fine and that it was his job. And you knew that he was right and you didn’t want to look so overprotective but you also did’t want to see him get a severe injury leaving him unable to continue his life he had build with you.

You stood backstage next to Stephanie, your sister in Law, as you two eagerly followed the elemination match on the screen. As the match went on Shane recieved some heavy beatings. With every passing minute you could see how the physical ecertion made him struggle. At one point he just lay there under the ropes catching his breath and trying to pull himself togheter again. You knew that he was supossed to act that way but it was clear to you that after almost 7 years without wrestling and his first match at Wrestlemania 32 and now that it wasn’t just an act. You knew Shane too well after severell years togheter. You couldn’t ignore the signs of his exhaution.

But then as Bray and Randy neatly laid Braun onto the commentators desk and you saw how Shane got up on wobbly legs, attempting to climb to the top rope, your stomach turned. In you you could see Step shaking her head. Shane was struggling getting to the top rope.

‘Please don’t. Don’t do this.’ you thought to yourself. It wouldn’t be comparable to the 20feet leap but you were aware that a jump from the top rope was a high risk move. Especially while Shane seemed so shaky on his legs.But then Shane jumped. And he landed on Braun. And he seemed to be… fine? You took a a deep relieved breath. He was ok, he definitely would get a scold as soon as he got his butt behind the curtain, but he was ok. Steph and you chuckeld releaved.

“Oh gosh, Shane will be the death of us some day. At least it went right.” she shook her head. Steph was aware of your constant discussion with Shane about high risk moves.

“Yeah, this time. But I can assure you that he won’t get away with this easily…” you laughed.

As the match went on you were still glued to the monitor. Even though you were afraid for his health you loved to watch him doing what he loved the most. It was a joy to see him so fidgety. While the match was getting to an end for Shane you could'nt wait for him to be by your side again. Steph had told you the vague course of the match. You knew in any moment now he would be eliminated.  

You saw Shane crawling thru the ring and climbing on the top rope once again. Jumping off attempting a Coast to Coast to Roman. But he was getting ready for a Spear. He cought Shane right out of the air pinning him against the matt. As soon as Shane hit the apron you knew something was wrong. His head had bounced on the apron pretty hard. Roman was going to pin him. The offical was counting to two and appruptly stopped as Shane jerked a bit. Roman visibly confused got off from Shane letting the referre check on him. You were in shock. On the monitor you saw the referre talking to your not moving husband. He was knocked out. This wasn’t supposed to happen! Not again. The referre raised his hand motioning to take Shane out of the match. The bell rang. Meanwhile tears were threathing to fall burning in your eyes. Stephanie standing motionless besides you. She didn’t know how to react either.

“Maybe it’s not as bad as it looked.” she tried to comfort you. But by the tone of her words you heard that she didn’t believe her own words.

“Maybe…” you whispered under your breath. Yeah, maybe Steph was right. The leap from the steel cage was way more dangerous than this and he was “fine” after that. Maybe Shane just acted very well… maybe. But maybe he was really hurt.

When you saw the staff helping Shane come backstage you left Steph without a word. While you ran down the hallway to the curtain, you began to panic. Shane was barely able to walk back with help. This wasn’t how he acted normally. He would never ever show any hint of vunerability infront of others. What if he sufferd a severe concussion?

The crowd began to grow louder the nearer you got to the curtain. The match was still on. When you passed another screen you could see how Roman, Dean and Seth were powerbombing Aj thru an anouncer table. You quickened your walk. Whe you reached the office you saw Hunter looking at you with his sad eyes. He gulped visibly

“Y/N, please calm down. Shane is alright. He’s already at the medics office.” he comforted you.

“Well, he didn’t look alright!” you scoffed.

“I’m sorry Y/N. Just trust me, it probably looked worse than it'lll turn out.” He gave you a small smile and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly.

“I’m sorry Hunter, I didn’t mean to-”
“It’s ok, Y/N. I know these situation can be nerve-racking. Just go and look after your man.”  he gave you a push asssuring you again that he didn’t took offense.

You hurried once again down to the medics office. You practicly slam opened the door.

“Shane!” you called out.

And there he sat. With a smug little smile on his face and an icepack on his head, looking as if nothing was wrong.

“Ahh, there she is. My beautiful wife.” He hold out his arms waving them at you to come over. You began to walk towards him, fighting with tears. He slung his arms around your waist resting his head against your stomach.

“Everyting’s fine with me.” he mumbled into your shirt. You turned to the medic.

“Is everything ok?” you aked him worried.

“Well, considering the spear he just got and his head bouncing on the apron with a enormous force, yes, he’s quite ok. He has a slight concussion but nothing terrible. He should probably rest the next few days and try to take things slowly.” the medic told you. You nodded and gave im a small smile, thanking him for taking care of Shane. You turned back to Shane who still clung to your waist like a little child.

“Why don’t you believe me. I said I was fine.” he pouted.

“Sometimes I really hate you!” you sniffeld.

“Ouch, those are some harsh words.” he chuckeld. “Y/N, look at me. I’m fine. I just came down a bit clumsily.” he assured you with a smile, looking deeply in your y/e/c eyes. Your fingers tenderly stroke thru his gray hair. You leaned down giving him a soft kiss.

“You scared me to death. You promised-” you told him searching his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but trust me I’m fine.” he cut you off and smiled up at you. It was crazy how just his smile could calm you down instantly. Only this time he should get away with this.

“You’re a handful, McMahon” you shook your head chuckling.

“Oh, admit it, you love it!”

“I’m not quite sure about that but I know that I love you, Shane.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Rafael Nadal deserves to be World No. 1.

Rafa has the edge over a lot of players this season, partially because a fair few of the ATP’s top players are struggling with injury. For some, this means that Rafa is underserving of the World No. 1 title. 

Rafa is many things - balding, prone to making hilarious faces… but undeserving isn’t one of them.

Rafa has been playing consistently - both in terms of skill and in terms of the way he’s paced the tournaments he attends. 

When Rafa isn’t winning, he’s raking in runner’s up points. He may be 0-3 against Roger, but 2 of those still had him being a finalist. The rest of the points were basically him showing up and playing.

But that doesn’t meant that Rafa deserves it less than Roger, or that his only advantage has been staying healthy when others aren’t. For one, No. 1 doesn’t come to whoever deserves it most, but even if it did, I’m hard-pressed to believe that person isn’t Rafa, who, when he isn’t dominating, is fighting tooth and nail for every point and generally showing us the best of tennis.

Rafa hadn’t played Wimbledon in two years. The surface aggravated a chronic injury, and as a result he’d had very little practice on it, and yet he still entered the tournament and played with unparalleled drive and determination. He took a match that seemed like it was going to be a straight set loss to five sets and nearly five hours. 

I just don’t understand why people act like Rafa doesn’t deserve No. 1 when Rafa has demonstrated MORE than just a great comeback, more than just dominating the game again. 

Rafael overcame physical and mental health issues to become no. 1. Nobody thought he could do it, and it wasn’t because of the natural progression of age - people just didn’t think he had the physical or mental capacity to reach the top.

And yet, here he is. He proved critics wrong, but most importantly, he proved himself wrong. Rafael Nadal is an inspiration beyond being the greatest of all time, and it’s a shame people are so focused on petty rivalries to appreciate what it means that someone like Rafa, with his history and his brand of struggle, is at the top of the game.

The Definition of Insanity - Chapter One

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results… 

Fairy Tail are holding another S-Class trials after the problems that occurred last time… but can they expect anything to change this time around? 

Rated M for occasional smut. 

Collaboration with @gajeelswoman (go check out her other stuff if you haven’t already!)

Disclaimer - This has been rated M for occasional smut. It starts off straight away. You have been warned.

Also (I promise the story starts under the read more) this story is based in the same universe as my other fics, Iron and Paper & Soul Squared. Reading them isn’t necessary, but there are a couple of references to it.

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