Yoongi: Ok so you’re telling that you kissed me while i was asleep?

Hoseok *blushing*: Yes i’m sorry hyung



Hoseok: But hyung-

Yoongi: K I S S M E

(You animal)

I really enjoy designing

But I feel like I do terribly because I never have an idea of what I wanna do.

I need… 

2 Air Marbles

2 Munchkin Marbles

and 1 Granite air just for these designs…

All in all, my goals for the next (however many years it takes me ;A;) are:

7 Munchie Marbles

6 Air Marbles

1 Longhair Marble

1 Air Granite

In other words…

955 MP or $477.5…
Someone please stop me before I blow a full paycheck on mweor again…

I know this has been pointed out before, but I just realised:

Siouxsie = Suzie 

The poster also says MAMA - Suzie was introduced as The Mom before we found out her name

Banshees are no for screaming, and Suzie’s magic involves screaming into the wand. Banshee is also a Blackwing project codename. That might mean that Suzie herself is Project Banshee, or that she is somehow connected to Project Banshee (a family member maybe)

Weirdly, the person on the picture is a robot. I highly doubt that Suzie is literally a robot, (although I’m not dismissing the possibility entirely) but I have no idea what else it could mean. Maybe it represents her going through the motions of her life almost mechanically, doing the same things every day without thinking

The robot is also carrying a locked box - possibly referencing Suzie’s hidden power - and it has ..something on its head. At first I thought it was a crown, but it looks more like a potted plant, which oddly enough fits the Macbeth theory:  “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.” (Act I, Scene V)

The rest of it I don’t understand: XXXY (possibly referring to chromosomes? idk how that would fit but it’s all I can think of), the tear drop pattern (maybe connected to the water theory?), the arrows pointing to the top left corner, S300, LULLA BY, and there seems to be some writing on the pram but I can’t read it


Fusion & Crack ship children Meme
Child ship part two.

Charly x Switch

Okay but there’s like probably one million reasons why this kinda wouldn’t happen in the canon?? but uh-Okay i guess??(it’s shaded and stuff because i’m so proud of actually making something that is human)

Left one(CONFUSION??)(got scar from both charly and switch somehow..)
Right one(ya wan some fuk??)(All scars go to the side.. it’s all to ‘seem cool’.. maybe)(added three vine tails to replace vines since hands and stuff replace leafs and stuff)(thinks because he can change his face to have some tiny fangs he’s cool) also inspired by tater a tiny bit

Again Practice with colors and human anatomy……. you anon-

Take my trash art tater tot- @lcads-of-ocs 

Let this picture do the speaking for you.
What do you think it says?