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I think I saw a handful of your art stolen on Redbubble under the "Undertale" tag :(

You know, I’m pretty sure it’s the EXACT same dude that was doing this before, probably because they got their account banned for being a tool and stealing everyone’s artwork. Same location, same terrible username taste. Thanks for the heads up.

There’s not a whole lot I can do to stem this. I can keep sending out DMCAs, but it looks like these people will just keep sprouting up and selling shit even when shut down.

If you see this shit getting sold — please don’t buy it, and if your friends are buying unofficial (mass-produced) Undertale merchandise, please encourage them not to. The vast majority of it is stolen artwork (either ripped from the game sprites or taken from fan artists).

I didn’t make those images for money, but I would also prefer my hard work not help pay for a guy who chose to put the words “meme” and “daddy” into the same username.

Reminder also that all of the images I’ve done are available at a higher resolution for you to take to your local print shop and print for yourself. It’d also be way cheaper than anything coming from Redbubble, trust me. Save yourself some money.

EDIT – also there’s now an official Undertale store. If you want to give some people money, please give it to these people.


The part of you that always existed yet never were you willing to allow into the light of day.

So I am like a reallllly big fan of Boku dake ga inai machi now. Started watching the anime, then read the manga (which is way better and more detailed) and My ship is real xD maybe, idk though… =P

PS: *Idk if you consider his a spoiler spoiler*

-the little kid is not their child, it is Airi’s sister

The Fifth

You could leave 
Nodding to myself as I look out the window
You could leave
Just never come back

The phone calls
The messages
My head aches
The anger
The guilt
You could leave

But his eyes


“Are you okay?”
I’m confused until I realize
The hand clutching my wrist has betrayed me
Betrayed the
I painted on so carefully
“Are you okay?”
I slowly move the hand away
My wrist throbs uncontrollably
“Are you okay?”
I could say something
“Of course”

Someone once gave me the answer
Why the caged bird sings
I could not bring myself to read it
For fear that
Trying to produce a melody
Would yield only the desperation
Of a swan without its song

This is probably just me but...

When Marvel Studios got the rights to Spiderman back, I kinda hoped they wouldn’t use Pete since we already have 5 movies about the guy.

I was hoping they’d go the AoS route and create characters based on the concept but are entirely new characters. Like in AoS, the Inhuman storyline is clearly an X-Men parallel (mutants vs humans debate, Secret Warriors are the X-Men Jiaying is Magneto, Daisy is Cyclops, Gordon is Nightcrawler, Raina is Mystique, Maveth is Apocalypse, etc)

So in my personal opinion, I would’ve really loved it if Fitz and Simmons became the stand-ins for Peter and Gwen, obviously minus Gwen’s death storyline. They already have the chemistry and dynamic down (adorkable scientists who love each other). Also, it’d be in line with Fitz’s story arc of him realizing his hero potential, going all the way back to season 1 where he wanted to be the guy who saved the day.

This was just a thought I had.


“Brainwash” 2/6



+A short fan comic of Osomatsu-san by @ttwo20


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