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As per homestuck tradition Afterus is greyscale. There are eight constellations  around it representing the eight Zodiacs, mimicking the page of B1 Earth and its twelve Zodiacs. In addition to this the lands have been functioning as it’s moons. Don’t ask about the physics, Jade makes it work somehow.

The constellations are as follows (they have been renamed from my previous Zodiac post)

Zodiac - Lore/God

Typheus -  the Heir is the god of wind and direction, of finding your path and pursuing it. He is also the one who leads the others and is also the one who helped bring forth the creation of the universe. The Heir has the lower body of a snake but the upper body of a man, with a set of wings to strengthen the winds.

Cetus -  the Seer is the goddess of foresight, strategy, and crafts. Also the goddess of light who illuminates the future for those who are also gifted with the same Sight. While the Heir led the way, she was the one to keep them on the correct path. She is usually portrayed with the lower body of an octopus with the upper body of a woman, other depictions show her as a full octopus holding all-seeing crystal balls in her tentacles.

Hephaestus -  the Knight is one of the only gods who has a pure human form, but wields two swords, one in each hand. He is the god of time, keeping everyone on schedule and also protecting them from an untimely end. When the gods created our universe, the Knight (and his consort) was one of the defenders. He is also the god of  music, memes, orchards and birds.

Echidna -  the Witch does, in-fact, have her human form though, her common depiction is that of a wolf, and even still some like to give her the lower body of a snake as well. She is the mother of the universe, the goddess of all creation. She presides over the creatures that have been created, and also is a goddess of flowers and science.

Hemera -  the Maid is the goddess of life and healing, medicine, and also the patron of cooks. She tends the hearths of home where warm dishes always await families, and is often depicted sitting on a wooden stump, her lower body hidden under a dress of flowers and on occasion moustache perched under her nose.

Nix - the Rogue is a beautiful sleek black cat who emerges from the shadows to provide comfort with four bright pink eyes to those who are missing a piece of themselves. She is the goddess of nothingness, the night, and magic. A soothing presence to those in need, and is also one who protects fiercely. Also often considered a goddess of love with her penchant to meddle in matchmaking, much to the Prince’s annoyance.

Yaldaboath -  the Prince is the one who makes sure the universe is in tiptop shape as the god of engineering, always maintaining the world with careful fingers, being careful due to the fact that an inadvertant movement could destroy the souls he is in charge of protecting. A double-edged blade, he cares so deeply that he comes close to killing himself every day with his love. He is another with a human form only, and he hides his emotions behind strange eyewear for fear of overwhelming others with the emotions swimming so blatantly in his eyes.

Abraxas -  The Page is a man who wears a skull mask, designed to frighten away the demons that threaten to take away hope. Around his neck rest seven charms strung together, each with the symbol of the other zodiacs as a constant reminder of what fuels his powers and keeps his hope alive. He may seem terrifying at first, but under the mask is a kind smile for those who need it. His wings are blinding and warm, and he is both the patron of hope but also the god of travelers, adventurers, and of terrible movies (a title shared with the Heir).

Cancer - The Paladin Head of the Skaian Pantheon, while the Heir led the gods to a new universe, the one who took control afterwards is NOT a zodiac, but in fact someone very special, said to have once been a Zodiac, with 11 others, before falling from grace. The Paladin is the leader of all intelligent life, the one who shapes and molds with input from his friends. He is the god of bonds and friendship, and while the Rogue likes to meddle in relationships, he is the one that people go to for a blessing on their love. It is said his rule was willed by the Witch, but some claim it was a being that shared her name  He is also the consort to the Knight, and their love is truly transcendent, so much so that the Knight gifted an apple from his private orchard and can be seen in the sky in the form of the Red Star of the North.

Thanks to @devilbratayla​ for writing these mythos entries.

Also featured in this is the North Star - Cancer and John vaguely fucking up Paradox Space. Also reminder this place is littered with 3D Artefact Lady Liberties.

I may or may not update this as I go along, like with all my C1 headcanons, we shall see


So I was an idiot and deleted the original post instead of the reblog, but whatever. I made the gifs bigger anyway! Now they’re even prettier.

Text from the old post:

I love Psii just a little too much, so I made some gifs of his appearances in toastyhat​’s awesome video After Us.
Commentary that nobody wants and I don’t care because this is my post and therefore my rules:
Gif 1: I love this part. That little smirk is absolutely him thinking “5H17 L37’5 83 R15KY” and you’ll never convince me otherwise. The little twitch as he breaks free is very satisfying too.
Gif 2: I actually have a whole analysis of the first part, so I’ll just link it. As for the second…yeah. He’s still grumpy.
Gif 3: AUGH THE BURNOUT. I could say so much about how much this part made my heart hurt, but I’ll just flail wildly at the way he flinches as that jolt moves across him. PSII MY CHILD ;n;

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a timeline of what happened to each of them. Im drawing this like about 2 months, im so happy!!!! and tired, now i can die in peace.

artwork inspired by AFTER US by tumblr user toastyhat !!

finally dies*

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Terumob and Tododeku. Teru and Shouto are two badass boys whose boyfriends are somehow EVEN MORE badass!!! I imagine Shigeo and Izuku would get along super well, with Shigeo being all keen on getting exercise tips, while Teru and Shouto would spend an unusually long time sizing each other up.

SHIGEO AND IZUKU SHARING EXERCISE TIPS ASDFGHJKL Shigeo would be sooo jelous of Izuku lmao have u seen the boy ? hes jacked af

Teru and Shouto would just be like staring at both of them. (dude thats like super gay. teru: im bisexual thank you very much todoroki: well i do sure hope so.) 

I haven’t done shit for my Universe C tag in ages, but essentially this is the night sky of Afterus, or at least it is, during the *Creative License* Cosmic Event, which only occurs once every time i feel like it.

Night Skyline of Afterus, specifically a forest near Can Town, in the C1 Universe. LOTAK has been “rebuilt” using a bunch of powers and a whole lot of metal. Also featured are the eight constallations/zodiacs of C1. The Heir, The Seer, The Knight, The Witch, The Maid, The Rogue, The Prince and The Page. Afterus’ new Pole/North Star is known as Cancer, it is the red star near LOHAC and the Knight

The forest is likely called Liberty Forest or some shit, due to the artifacted statues of liberty dotting the place.

Your name is MAVERA LURALA and you’re good at working up a FACADE. Your favorite band is DEADMAU5 and you’ve tried making your own ELECTRONIC MUSIC. You are fascinated by NINJAS but actually suck at WIELDING a SWORD.

You’re a bit SELF DOUBTING when you’re alone, but appear CONFIDENT around most people. You are UNMOTIVATED at times, but really do CARE about your friends. You don’t really know WHY you hide your FEELINGS, but maybe someone else can shed some LIGHT on the subject.

Your LUSUS is a MOUSE, and you live IN THE FOREST. Your blood is EMERALD and your TROLLSLUM is electronicMouse. you type only in lowerca5e, replacing your “s” with 5’s. you have a mild manner about which you do thing5, including typing and 5peaking.