What You May Hear - A misunderstanding of Bucky’s feelings towards you leads you into a dangerous situation. (Angst, Bucky x Reader)

Crawl Home To Her - A one shot based on Work Song by Hozier, after Bucky get’s taken prisoner during the war, there is only one thing that keeps him fighting. (Angst/Fluff, 40s!Bucky x Reader)

Compensation and Consequences - A Game of thrones AU where you encounter King James and find yourself having a change of heart when you get to know him. (SMUT, Bucky x Reader)

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IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]

Aftershocks Part 1

Pairings: Non yet, but eventual Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: Torture, confinement 

Word Count: 1112

Summary: You are trapped for information in a hydra base when two super soldiers come to your rescue 

Authors Note: Hokey, this is my first crack at fanfiction/smut so I hope you guys enjoy it! This is going to develop into a series of at least 6 parts so the fluff and a shit ton of smut is coming, but let’s start with a little back story. 

Aftershocks: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 8bPart 9Part 10Part 10bPart 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15, Post Credit Scene

You scream as another shock of the electric current rips through your body, tearing your lips apart with the blood-curdling sound.  

“I’m done playing this game Y/N. I know you were working on the Stratford files with Coulson, just tell me where they are”

“I told you” you spat back trying hard to disguise your ragged breathing as you bite back whimpers of pain, “I don’t know. Coulson never told me where they were kept.”

“Liar” Ward hisses back, suddenly lurching forward to grab your jaw, forcing your head to stay in place as he presses his lips against your ear. 

“Did you forget sweetheart? I trained you, I know every inch of you, I know when you’re lying to me” his harsh breath in your ear elicits an eruption of goosebumps over your skin as you thrash to relieve yourself of his grip. 

“Now,” he hisses, faintly veiled frustration painting his tone, “are you going to keep lying or are you going to save yourself another day of pain and just TELL ME WHERE THE FILES ARE!” Ward screams in your face, sweat and spit splattering your skin as you try to break his bruising grip on your jaw. 

He stares at you expectantly, eyes dark as he assesses your response. You glare back, silent and defiant, unwilling to give him what he wants. 

“Fine” Ward growls, removing his hand from your face,

 “Again” he snarls, nodding to the Hydra agent by the sparking car battery, his eyes trained on you as the metal makes contact with your hands forcing your lips apart in another blood-curdling scream. Your body beats against its ties trying desperately to disperse the unmanageable electric current being forced through you. 

Ward finally motions for the power to be cut only to find you unconscious on the board, your limp body straining against your bonds as a trickle of blood leaks from your left nostril, sliding down your pale and cracked lips. 

He growls at your lifeless form, disappointed that his playtime has ended early once again “Take her back to her cell,” he barks, “we’ll start again in a few hours.”

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Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #370

(“I got you, fam.”) (Dialogue from Tremors II: Aftershocks.)

Aftershocks Masterlist

Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes

Aftershocks: After being rescued by Bucky and Steve you become part of the Avengers team, slowly you and Bucky become close and your connection leads to more.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 8b

Part 9

Part 10

Part 10b

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Post Credit Scene


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #368

(“H̹̱̬̱̖̻̺è̯̹y ̹̭̠̙̞̖m̴̹̹̺̩a̡̠n͕͙͔̦̹,͖͔͢ ͏n͏͇o̖̰̝t͖͙̗̞̣͠h͞i̛͙̼̮̭n̩̗̫̙ͅg̶ t͇̭͇͡o̼͉̻͓̻ ̸͈̳̝̭b̤̜̮̲͓e̫͍͍͔̥ͅ ̙͇̼a̸͔̹͚͖͉͕s͎̤h̩̹̗̲̦̱a̘̪̯̮ͅm̰̫ȩd̪͙͕̯̤̞͙ ͚̻͈̟͟ͅo̠̫f̛̩̮̩.̟̮͕̺̰̞́ͅ..”) (Dialogue from Tremors II: Aftershocks; suggested by anonymous.)

juliakaze  asked:

Hi can you please make a post tlj fic compilation like based on the events of tlj. Thank you!

Hey, sure thing! Here are some Post-TLJ fics for you. :) Suggestions welcome! 


+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete


Whispers In The Night by LadyBee

*+ The Balance by edawn1

+ World In My Eyes by sasstasticmad

* The Golden Child by Camucia

*+ In the Gathering Dark by grecianviolet

* Awakening by EllieCarina

* A Fine Line by Aramenialys

+ the Ghost of Ben Solo by writingramblr

* Something Entirely New by alittletoobright

Aftershocks by lovelydarkanddeep

*+ Promises by cuddlekylo

*+ Fearful Symmetry by Alethnya

* And the Path Was a Circle by tatertatra

* Bedstead by reyleaux (witchoil)

The New War by Aramenialys

*+ Unbidden by Perry_Downing

Here by GhostlyMelody

* Pull by Pearla

*+ The First Lie by kenobis (outoftheam)

*+ Halcyon Rising by Hyperius (Euregatto)

* Grey by reyloandbehold

*+ Not Alone by jeeno2

*+ Footnotes by Camucia

* Refined Sight by ukulele_villian

* Seeds of Redemption by CRMediaGal

*+ Songs of Innocence, Songs of Wisdom by Cosmogonika

*+ wieder by ridingbensolo

+ these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone (never alone) by isasolan

* Sky Burning Red by Theatricals

* Runaway by Emcee

* Sparks by Daisyflo

*+ The Calling of the Light by reylolives17

+ White Noise by Solia

*+ Companion by ReyloRobyn2011

*+ A New Order by abeaufortinnewyork

+ Exile by Ernzo

+ Sealed To Me by glitter_ature

* The Division Bell by magnetrose

+ Captive: A Mini Reylo Fic by KCMarsala

+ Betrayal: A Reylo FanFiction by KCMarsala

+ Conflicted: A Reylo FanFic by KCMarsala

*+ The Descent of Ishtar by assortedfruitsnacks212

*+ Why Didn’t You Kill Me? by Gallanco732

*+ Hunger by benperor-ren (winterelf86)

*+ On our way to the sky by KylandaDragan

*+ The Last Time by TheEverShipping

+ Prison Break by SpaceWaffleHouseTM

*+ Safe Harbor by ItsALilah


+ The Moments of Desparity series by Hormonal_Trashbag

+ The If You Can Save Me (Star Wars: Reylo Series) by AzhaLambrin


connected in the deep by Juulna

+ The Falcon’s Cockpit by Naatta

You Should Have Come With Me by PippinSqueaks

+ Delicate by Weatherbug02

+ ave, imperator by reddy

Your name on my lips, linger. by datboii

+ Temperance by SanctuaryTrin

Quid Pro Quo by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

Limnos by Hyperius (Euregatto)

Drift by KFawkes

you’ve helped me find my way (through the wild and wonders) by TheJGatsby 

+ The Road of Excess by thefudge

+ I’m Yours by annielxvegood

So long, Princess by Lovelyuglypotato

+ artless seduction by abeaufortinnewyork

+ When I Think About You by lucymonster

Hatred: A Reylo One-Shot by KCMarsala

+ Internal Secrets: A Reylo One-Shot by KCMarsala

Live Wire: An Aftershocks Sequel - Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: PTSD, flashbacks, groping, assault PTSD, fluff 

Word Count: 1714

Summary: You try to cope with memories from your most recent encounter with Ward while dealing with your own developing demons. 

Authors Note:  Okay, here it is! In honor of me being over 1,000 followers I am going to start up on Live Wire: An Aftershocks Sequel, seeing as Aftershocks was my first story. If you have not read Aftershocks, please do, so you have the context and story for this sequel! Anyway, here we go! I hope you guys like it, Tags are open but will probably not stay open as long as they did for divided so if you want to be tagged, let me know. As always I love hearing what you think so feel free to drop me a line <3 Enjoy!

Your fists slam forcefully into the bag, your knee rising up to counter the hit on the other side, causing the heavy leather to ricochet backwards, groaning on the straining chain under the force of your constant abuse.

You grab the bag, steadying it slowly as you fall back into your fighting stance, throwing a fist powerfully forward. Y/N,” Ward breathes, a sickening sweetness to his voice, “I’ve missed you sweetheart. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to see that pretty face.” His hand caresses your cheek as you struggle beneath him.

Your fist flies forward as your eyes blur slightly, stinging with the memory of your encounter with Ward only weeks ago. You feel a small throb in your upper left shoulder as you make contact with the bag, the freshly healed gunshot wound reminding you of the many marks he’s left on your skin.

You bite your lip, ignoring the pain as you continue in your hurried movements throwing multiple combos that Bucky had shown you at the bag. “So long since I touched the sweet softness of your skin.” Ward’s hand slides down your torso, reaching up under your shirt, to drag across your stomach and move up towards your breast.

Your fists fly feverishly forward, the speed of your hits causing the chain to screech loudly as you abuse the bag, breathing heavily as tears stream down your face. You step back breathing deeply as your mind swims, the memory of Ward’s hands sliding across your skin causing goose bumps to erupt.

A loud sob rips from you as your hands fly up to your head, your ears ringing as your mind swirls. “You’re never going to get away from me. I own you.” Ward snarls, “What did I tell you sweetheart? What did I promise you? I swore that I would make you suffer until I kill you myself. And now you’ve dragged the Winter Soldier along with…”

The tears stream down your face as a scream rips from your chest, reverberating loudly in the empty gym as you throw yourself towards the bag, slamming forceful hit after hit into the leather, the bag groaning on its hinge under your unrelenting pace.

You scream again, tears streaming down your face as you lose control, the white rage ripping through you as your fists jut forward, the final hit too forceful, causing the hinge to tear from the beam, the bag sailing backwards under your contact. You watch in disbelief for a moment before dropping to your knees, sobbing roughly as your bruised hands shake in front of you.  

“I always love it when you pretend to be tougher than you are. It’s so much more fun to break you when you fight back.” Ward’s whispered taunt drifts back to you, making your skin crawl as the words echo in your ear as if whispered behind you. You gasp, breathing heavily as you try to steady your reddened hands.

You breathe deliberately, your sobbing slowing as you flex your fingers, curling and uncurling them, your hands gradually steadying as your swell of emotion subsides. You wipe the tears from your eyes, taking a few deep breaths as you look up into the mirror at your kneeling form.

Your eyes dart to a shimmer of blue in the reflection behind you as Bucky walks forward towards you out of the darkness. His bare feet are silent on the padded floor as he approaches you, his gray sweatpants hanging loosely around his hips, with the hem of his tight white undershirt barely covering the bottom of his abdominal muscles.

His hair is roughly tousled from sleep as he comes to stand behind you, looking down to make eye contact with you in the mirror as you lean gently back against his legs, allowing his fingers to slip lovingly into your hair.

“I thought you were going to start telling me when you can’t sleep.” He whispers, leaning down to kiss you on your forehead, crouching low as he comes to sit beside you, his legs splayed out in front of him as he looks at you.

“You were…” You cough slightly, clearing the hoarseness of your sobs from your voice, “You looked so peaceful. I didn’t want to wake you love… just wanted to get in a workout…”

He nods silently, his eyes flicking up to the hole in the beam before traveling to the discarded bag a few feet away. His tongue flicks out over his lips as he takes a deep breath, reaching for your quickly bruising hands.

“Doll,” He breathes softly, pulling your fingers up towards his mouth as he places soft kisses on your knuckles, scooting closer to you. “What’s going on?” he speaks quietly as he lowers your intertwined hands into your lap. He looks at you, trying to hold your gaze as the concern grows on his face.

“I… I don’t know… I just don’t feel tired and I can’t stop thinking… I just… I don’t know Buck.” You whisper, shaking your head as you break from his gaze. “Hey,” He whispers, his hand flying up to touch lightly along your jaw, pulling your eyes back to his.

“That’s ok… It’s ok to not know… to have feelings that can’t be explained. But I’m here for you, whatever you need I’m here. But you have to let me be, you can’t just go disappearing on me in the middle of the night…” You nod, knowing the panic he must have felt when he woke up and didn’t know where you had gone.

“I’m sorry…” You whisper, your arms wrapping around him in a hug, “I didn’t think… that wasn’t fair… I…” “Shhhh” He whispers, wrapping his arms around you in a tight embrace, his fingers stroking lovingly in your hair, “I know… I get it. It’s ok doll,” He pulls back, his fingers sliding to your cheek as he kisses you tenderly.

“How about we try going back to sleep? Think you’ve tired yourself out enough?” He smiles, as he moves to stand. You nod allowing him to pull you to your feet beside him. His arm curling protectively around your shoulders as you two walk out of the gym heading back to his room.

“Rogers! Barnes!!” Tony bellows down the hallway as he storms into the kitchen, finding you, Wanda, and Steve sitting around the table as Bucky makes eggs on the stove. Tony appears in the doorway his face red with irritation as he rounds on Steve.

“What the hell happened to my punching bag?” He thunders, looking incriminatingly at Steve beside you as you and Bucky both tense up. “What are you on about Tony?” Steve asks, quizzically raising his eyebrows at Stark.

“I’m talking about you damn super soldiers and your god damn super strength destroying my gym.” He hollers pointing his hand at Bucky as well. Bucky bites his lip, his body tense under Tony’s wrath.

Wanda’s head snaps hurriedly to Bucky, her eyebrow raising curiously as her eyes dart to you. “Oh for peete’s sake, Tony! What are you talking about?” Steve raises his voice, becoming annoyed with Tony’s temper tantrum.

“I’m talking about the hole that is now ripped in the beam and the 300 pound punching bag that is now slain across the floor!” Tony yells back, Steve’s brow furrows in confusion, as you straighten up, taking a deep breath.

“Tony, calm down, it was…” You start but Bucky quickly interrupts you, “It was me. Sorry Tony, I was going to go about fixing it today, just wanted to grab a bite of breakfast first.” Wanda watches Bucky searchingly, perplexed by his confession, a similar expression mirrored on your own face as you watch Bucky claim responsibility for your mess.

Tony rounds on him, advancing threateningly into the kitchen, still seething, “You better pal, I want it put back to perfect condition by the end of today.” He growls, whipping around as he storms from the kitchen, causing Bucky to laugh dryly as you mouth a silent thank you to him.

He smiles quietly and winks at you as you turn back to the newspaper. Wanda quietly rises from the table, moving into the kitchen to bustle about in the fridge as Bucky flips his eggs. She moves to stand beside him in front of the counter leaning back to look at him full in the face.

“Why are you lying Barnes?” She whispers quietly, looking perplexedly at him as his eyes flick up to hers, the shadow of panic dancing behind them. “Shove off Wanda.” Bucky rolls his eyes, dismissing the witch as she looks at him closer.

“There’s something you’re not telling her…” She says quietly, her eyes flashing towards you at the table as Bucky tenses, reaching for a plate, his hand faulting in midair. “Will you knock it off Wanda?” He growls, trying to disrupt her in her crusade to unravel his mind.

“Y/N’s hands are looking very bruised this morning,” she observes in her heavy Russian accent, “How exactly did that bag get broken…?” She pesters, Bucky sets his plate down, gripping her by her bicep roughly as he pulls her back into the kitchen, speaking in a low growl.

“That’s enough Wanda. I said to knock it off.” Wanda looks him in the eye, her brow cocking upwards as she questions his command.  “You’re keeping secrets Barnes, and you should know better than anyone that secrets have a way of getting out…”

Bucky’s eyes flash up to Y/N as she chuckles at something that Steve said, his stomach feeling uneasy at Wanda’s warning as she shakes her head, moving back towards the table to settle in her seat once more.

She was right, secrets did have a way of getting out and how would she react if she finds out what he’s done. Will she understand… What if she doesn’t? His eyes watch her as her gaze flicks from Steve, falling onto him as he stands silently in the kitchen.

She smiles widely at him, blowing him a small kiss, a soft smile pulling on his own cheeks in response. I’ll tell her soon. He thinks as he watches her in her comfort. She has enough going on… I’ll tell her soon…

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Imagine having been dating Loki for a while now.

One day, after a gruelling mission, he comes home carrying a baby and proceeded to inform you that “due to unforeseen mechanical and magical circumstances, Thor has been reduced to this infant form and we will have to take care of him till the magical aftershock abate”.


“Yes, darling? We.” And he dumps the baby into your arms before hurrying away while cursing in some unknown language.

Baby-Thor only giggles at both of you.

You were an earthquake, and you split open the ground beneath me. And just when I’d clawed my way out of the rubble, bruised and battered and healing, your aftershocks knocked me off my feet.

Legs and hands shaking in a bathroom stall, closing my eyes against the onslaught, I didn’t expect you to still have such force, after so long.

Have you ever loved someone like that? Someone elemental?