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ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is a singer, rapper, and producer under the Aftermath label. Probably most known for having multiple features on Dr. Dre’s most recent album, Compton. Aside from that, .Paak has collaborated with Schoolboy Q, Watsky, Milo, The Game, Flying Lotus, and Domo Genesis. I would recommend you check out both of his albums, Venice and Malibu, respectively.

In the Aftermath

TITLE: In the Aftermath

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1/ ?

AUTHOR: SecurityBreach


Loki gets complete amnesia, and the Avengers have to begrudgingly take him in. But to everyone’s surprise, he’s kind, sweet, soft-spoken, and basically just an absolute delight to be around.

He absolutely ADORES Thor now, he looks up to and admires him so much it’s adorable. Tony records ever second of it for blackmail at a later date.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: frostiron (m/m, non graphic) for later chapters.


Even though his attempt at conquering Earth had gone wildly wrong, Loki didn’t stop to be a problem for SHIELD. He had suffered multiple injuries when the Hulk smashed him into Tony Stark’s floor, but those were healing quickly due to his alien resilience.

Still, Loki seemed to have severe problems with his memory and didn’t have a clue to who or where he was. First everybody thought that he was faking it, because he was known as a trickster and the god of mischief. This could might as well be a strategy to avoid punishment for his crimes.

A couple of tests later, the doctors at the SHIELD-hospital confirmed that Loki had complete amnesia.

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Haikyū!! Youtubers AU #6

Hello again! I am back with part 6 of this series! This segment will focus on no one particular, but rather the entire community as a whole. This will be a headcanon post of the various YouTubers at vidcons, their time spent before vidcons and after parties! I’ll be including some other YouTubers I’ve never did merely for the fun of it!

Once again, the GIFs have nothing to do with the content but here we go. Enjoy ;)

  • Oikawa is always engulfed by his sea of fangirls, he does his best to accept gifts and presents from every one of them, abiding by their requests for selfies or photos. Once, one fan had requested for Oikawa to carry Iwaizumi bridal style; him being him, he gladly accepted. Hajime was a flustering mess and everyone watches amused. He storms off afterwards and Oikawa ends up having to chase after him.
  • Hajime doesn’t know how to handle pushy or overly clingy fans, like at all. Most of the time, his friends have to step in for him. Especially Makki and Mattsun who like vlogging their trips there, these two are known as the YouTube police at events and will do everything in their power to keep people of their fellow community safe from the slightly more obsessive fans. The only reason they do this to begin with is because people like Hajime, Yamaguchi and Kenma are too nice to say no.
  • Tendou also vlogs at events with Ushijima. The duo are always together because well, Tendou will get lost, and Ushi needs to be there to make sure he doesn’t.
  • When him, Makki, Mattsun, Kuroo and Bokuto collide, all five of them do awkward finger guns at each other and strike up a friendly conversation. When they meet, there is only one thing that can be said, puns, lame jokes and shitty pick-up lines.
  • Also, when they had to fly over to London for a fan-meet, the Matsuhana duo crashed Oiiwa’s hotel room to find the couple half naked still asleep in bed. Oikawa groans and covers his face with a pillow, while Iwa simply pulls up the duvet over his head and asks them to fuck off.
  • When the two of them finally do wake up, Tooru vlogs them getting ready. He manages to sneak his hands a few times up Hajime’s shirt when the smaller was getting ready, Iwa is too tired to react and let’s him do what he wants. He can barely open his eyes and fans think it’s adorable. Oikawa films them having breakfast and actually going to the event itself, it’s really sweet because, though it may not have been obvious in that particular video, fans pointed out that Haji is usually the one initiating for the holding of hands.
  • Tendou makes videos of him critiquing the meals supplemented at each event. Sometimes he does group critiques, with his friends Semi, Goshiki or Shirabu. They were slightly smaller YouTubers but still have a big enough fanbase to contribute to their social status. Fans really like this because it’s nice to see the way they interact.
  • Kuroo and Bokuto are also good friends with other YouTubers like Tsukishima, Lev and Hinata. They met at an event when Kuroo had asked Tsukishima for an interview but the younger kindly declined. Eventually, the duo managed to persuade him, Hinata and Lev joined shortly after.
  • Hinata is teased for his height by other YouTubers but fans absolutely adore him for how cute he is. His fans are usually taller than him but he still loves giving everyone hugs.
  • Tsukishima doesn’t usually come for these events, but he’ll make an exception when his best friend, Yamaguchi Tadashi, tags along. The only reason for this is so he can avoid as much social interaction as possible, or rather, Yama helping him actively avoid the fan interaction. He doesn’t hate his fans, he just doesn’t know the appropriate way to act around them seeing as he is a very cynical Youtuber. The same goes for after parties, he doesn’t like being surrounded by rowdy people.
  • His brother Tsukishima Akiteru is also Youtuber. He is currently dating Tanaka Saeko, another popular internet star.
  • Vlogging at after parties are the best sort of content. Why? Because not only do viewers get to see an entire community of YouTubers at once, sometimes they will get really good gossip or interaction between some of them.
  • Everyone is chanting for Iwaizumi to sing and though he refuses at first, he reluctantly does it anyway. Everyone is cheering and whooping because he is killing it with his rendition of “Someone like you” by Adele and “Secret Love Song” by the Little Mix. Most people in his little audience record it on their vlog because having a live performance was just the best possible thing one could ask for from Hajime. He reached every single note perfectly and everyone’s ears are blessed.
  • Tooru has his turn and dedicates the song to Iwaizumi. He sings “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvin Presley and everyone is just cooing at how awfully cheesy the two of them are. Iwa is there muttering quiet “Oh my god”s and everyone is amused at how embarrassed he is, nevertheless, they can’t deny how sweet it was.
  • Also, Tooru is invincible when it comes to drinking games. He hardly gets drunk and possibly has the highest alcohol tolerance among the people. Everyone challenges him to a drinking contest but they can never defeat this great evil.
  • The only person with his standards is Akaashi who also seemingly can’t get drunk.
  • On the rare occasions Tooru does get drunk, he shamelessly hits on Iwa with dirty pick-up lines in the corner of the room. Makki has caught him doing this countless of times with Iwa cornered to a wall a blushing mess at the hot dude flirting with him. Both are too disoriented and intoxicated to know that they are already dating and they Oikawa is always seen whispering something into Iwa’s ear that makes him go cherry red. Five minutes later, Kuroo is usually the one catching them making out on the couch.
  • Oiiwa are dubbed the lovebirds at parties cause they are rarely seen without one another, most of the time it’s because Oikawa is making sure no one hits on his boyfriend or that his boyfriend doesn’t end up too drunk. Hajime is usually on Tooru’s lap for who knows what reason. Bokuto and Kuroo jokes that it’s to help Tooru hide his boner.
  • Tendou, Bokuto, Kuroo, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Hinata, Lev, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Terushima, Sugawara, Akiteru, Saeko, Futakuchi, Koganegawa, Ennoshita, Yahaba, Yamamoto are all loud and rowdy drunks. The place comes a literal hell when this happens.
  • Suga, Enno, Futakuchi, Kunimi and Yahaba are the sass kings, No one can escape their sass. These four can make a diss track from the roasts they make even when their drunk. Do not mess with them is what YouTubers have learnt or you will be publicly humiliated, or forever scarred.
  • People like Kentarou, Ushijima, Daichi and Aone are quietly sitting by the side. Asahi, Kiyoko, Yachi, Yamaguchi, Yakulev, Kenma and Kageyama don’t drink alcohol, Asahi together with Yama, Yaku, Kindaichi and Kenma have their juice. Kiyoko and Yachi have their smoothies while Kags has his milk. Not to mention Iwa is mourning over the loss of an M&N he mistook for a ladybug, Lev is mocking Yaku’s height and Hinata is talking to a wall.
  • Iwa is really different when he gets drunk because he has a really soft character. He giggles over the weirdest of things and rambles on quietly about something that makes no sense. Mattsun filmed him once and he mistook his camera for a dog. He petted the thing, said “Good boy” and stumbled off to look for Oikawa. Mattsun wasn’t drunk yet but he was tipsy and cackling, Makki also saw the entire thing and wouldn’t stop guffawing.
  • Kiyoko and Yachi sitting in a quiet place talking to one another about everyone, they rest there quietly holding hands and resting heads in one another. Sometimes Kiyoko is also seen braiding Yachi’s hair.
  • They don’t record this but everyone is playing spin the bottle and just their luck, cause it lands on Saeko who Kuroo dared to kiss Akiteru, she doesn’t just kiss him, they have a full blown make out session.
  • Mattsun and Makki singing Bohemian Rhapsody, Kuroo, Bokuto and Tendou quickly joining in, Akiteru and Saeko pouring their hearts out into the lyrics, and overall everyone is screaming. Oikawa wishes he is drunk and wants to leave the party with Iwa who now mistook a pillow for a cat. Tsukishima who thought maybe he should attend a party for once regrets his life choices and really wants to leave too but his brother and his girlfriend won’t let him. Kenma tried to sneak away but Kuroo stops him and now he had to endure this utter piece of hell.
  • Suddenly “All star” starts playing over the speakers and everyone is screaming again. Never in anyone’s life have they seen such a impromptu synchronisation of a song caught on camera, courtesy of Terushima.
  • Those who wanted to leave make a dash for it and are never seen for the rest of the night. No one noticed but Kiyoko and Yachi have left a long time ago, so has Kentarou. Tsuki finally escaped from his brother with Yamaguchi and Kenma and Akaashi take this golden opportunity to make a run for it seeing as Kuroo and Bokuto are distracted.
  • Kageyama records the aftermath of their partying and everyone has either collapsed from drinking too much or went back to their hotel rooms. People like Aone, Ushijima, Daichi and Asahi are helping their friends to their rooms while the staff members clean up.
  • When everything has been settled nicely back into place, they call it a night.
  • Oiiwa may or may not have left early to continue from where they left off. Kiyoyachi decided to go out for some supper at a little cafe. Matsuhana, Bokuroo and Ennotana have conked out almost immediately when they hit the sheets. And the rest are either showering or actually living the effects of over-drinking.
  • Kiyoyachi does a lot of late night out vlogs of them exploring the city after their vid-con events. The couple have been together for a very long time and fans love them because their videos are always soft, cheerful and sweet.
  • Ushijima finds Tendou’s camera and merely records a short clip of him saying, “Don’t drink alcohol. The people you have just watched are not the most respectable role models, I’m sad to say even Tendou.”
  • When everyone is prepared to leave the next morning back to their homes, Iwa is more or less covered in very dark lovebites and hickies that he covers with scarves or long sleeved shirts and pants. His friends help shield him from invasive fans but never fail to tease him while they’re at it.
  • They know they don’t really like fans knowing about “that” side of their relationship so everyone is considerate enough to know not to film the couple after their after vid-con parties.
  • Fans wonder why all of them are closer than other YouTubers, it’s simply because almost everyone is that sub-divided community is queer.

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Sing for the Moment
Sing for the Moment

Fav. Song #29

Sing For The Moment - Eminem

We’re nothin to you - but we’re the fuckin shit in they eyes
That’s why we, seize the moment try to freeze it and own it
Squeeze it and hold it, cause we consider these minutes golden
And maybe they’ll admit it when we’re gone, just let our spiritslive on
through our lyrics that you hear in our songs and we can…