“i’d just like to thank you for the opportunity,” the settler says, as carina promptly sends him off to be a walking target a supply line guy.

she watches him go from the fresh-built balcony at tenpines, the drizzle swallowing him up at speed. wonder how they get the brahmin to follow them, she thinks, and like so many questions, doesn’t ask aloud.


Wassup Ya’ll 

I’m Majesty to give a little backstory I was raised in the streets of Memphis,TN after the hurricane Katrina hit NOLA. Me,my mom,and sister moved there because of the damage. Shit, I wasn’t mad cause a nigga barely had shit there anyway. Even though, I was nine,at the time, I was fully aware of what was going on. We moved in with my mom’s godmom in Memphis. In Memphis, we still had it hard but it wasn’t like it was in NOLA. At the age of 14, my mother passed away due to breast cancer. So, we ended up moving to Atlanta to stay with Naiyah’s dad, which is my sister. Her dad was cool but he wasn’t my dad so most times we bumped heads,all the times. I started my own hustle of mowning lawns and cleaning people floors for a quick buck. Of course, I knew about street money but I knew my mom was not gonna have it,especially if she was alive. 

Now to get my story, you have to follow and read to know whatsuppa.
'Versace: American Crime Story' To Star Edgar Ramirez and Darren Criss
‘Versace: American Crime Story’ to star Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss

Ryan Murphy has found his leading men for the Versace edition of American Crime Story: Edgar Ramirez (Joy) and Darren Criss (Glee) have been cast as Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan, respectively.

The talented designer behind the same-named fashion house, Versace was shot by killer Cunanan outside the steps of his Miami home. Cunanan later died by suicide before police could figure out a motive for Versace’s death.

The Versace story is expected to air after season 2’s Katrina: American Crime Story, which is scheduled to premiere in 2018.

Two days after Hurricane Katrina hit, 20-year-old Jabbar Gibson and his friends were desperate to escape their dilapidated housing project in New Orleans. Now’s the time to mention that Gibson was a small-time drug dealer and thief, who had stolen vehicles before. So what’s one more, especially when the alternative is a violent drowning death? He found a school bus, figured out how to drive the thing, and off he went to pick up as many friends and family as the bus could fit. Roughly 60 people climbed aboard, way beyond capacity, but since it’s not hard to choose between cramped legs and cramped inside a coffin, nobody complained.

Then, the cops came. Seeing a guy with a record driving a stolen bus, they ordered everyone off and were likely about to commence with the cuffin’ when Gibson countered with his secret weapon: his momma. Bernice Gibson told the cops that her son’s “theft” was the only way to save dozens of lives. Unless they had a better idea. They didn’t.

Off Gibson drove, hoping to make it to the Houston Astrodome and periodically stopping to squeeze in more people. After 13 hours, Gibson and his human Tetris puzzle arrived at the Astrodome. His was the first bus to arrive, beating police and emergency workers – actual trained responders. Everyone rejoiced!

Oh, wait, no. Everyone told them no.

7 Heroes Of History’s Darkest Nightmares Who Deserve Movies

ABCs of Me

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A - Age: 24

B - Biggest fear: Being alone for the rest of my life.

C - Current time: 9 PM

D - Drink you last had: Water. Super exciting, I know.

E - Every day starts with: A mad-dash scramble to get dressed and out the door quickly.

F - Favorite song: Jessie’s Girl, covered by Mary Lambert, currently. But it changes all the time.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I believe so. I think they are imprints of people who have died, the left over residue of their existence. That said, I have had conversations with the dead in my dreams (Great Grandmas, both of them on my mom’s side, and I had a weird dream involving the dead of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.)

H - Hometown: I consider it Tallahassee, Florida.

I - In love with: Currently Chris Rörland. On a more serious note, I think I may be incapable of falling in love with people I actually know. Bad experiences. Don’t date a sociopath/narcissist.

J - Jealous of: People who accomplish things quickly. I feel like I have to work five times harder than everyone else. People who are super creative and create art so easily. I feel like I have to struggle at it.

K - Killed someone: No, but I have almost killed two different people. One was my brother.

L - Last time you cried: I had a melt down over my education, the direction of my life, how lonely I am.

M - Middle name: Michelle. The name I prefer to go by these days.

N - Number of siblings: 1, a little brother. Who’s not so little - he’s almost 6 foot.

P - Person you last called/texted: My best friend, Kierian and my parents.

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “How old are you?” And “What’s your major?”

R - Reasons to smile: Music, my cat, video games, my friends.

S - Song last sang: I believe it was, in fact, Jessie’s Girl.

T - Time you woke up: 9:45 AM.

U - Underwear color: Navy blue. They’re styled like men’s whitey tighties but designed for women. SUPER comfy.

V - Vacation destination: Sweden, Germany, Japan, and Egypt are big ones. I also want to see the Redwood Forest, the Grand Canyon, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Worst habit: Biting my nails, procrastinating, giving up easily, are all tied.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Teeth x rays for the dentist, my feet, lungs/chest, neck, and my general face area when I broke my nose.

Y - Your favorite food: The best thing I have ever eaten was squid & squid ink spaghetti in Venice, Italy.

Z - Zodiac sign: Libra Sun / Virgo Rising / Scorpio Moon.

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International response to Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia

A long (and not complete) list of countries that offered help to the USA after Hurricane Katrina. It includes practical aid, medical aid, money, donations, oil, food, etc. Basically everything needed after such a disaster. Especially Mexico offered and helped a lot. Organisations like the NATO, OPEC and most of all the UN and its branches offered aids as well.

The USA also explicitely ASKED the EU for help and got it. They refused a lot of the offers or didn’t response at all though. 

 Apparently only 5% of the help were used for the victims of it.

An article in the April 29, 2007 Washington Post claimed that of the $854 million offered by foreign countries, whom the article dubs “allies,” to the US Government, only $40 million of the funds had been spent “for disaster victims or reconstruction” as of the date of publication (less than 5%).

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans handyman and blues singer-songwriter Gabe Recolte (Keb’ Mo’) was bereft. Left homeless and heartbroken, he had been forced to evacuate and relocate before he could tell club owner Hattie (Holness) how much he cares for her. Gabe poured his deepest feelings into a letter but how will it reach her now, in a city where so many addresses no longer exist? It’s an unusual challenge for The Postables, dealing with a still struggling, post-storm New Orleans.


Katrina Crane in 2x12: Paradise Lost


Dimitri dreams of farming mewmen corn on his own farm land by the mile. He like’s to plant vegetables and herbs in his garden for his family from whatever he can find in the forest. He’s also the family cook and enjoys making even the most disgusting of ingredients taste good. Unfortunately, due to his less then buff exterior, Dimitri is the (second) most bullied member of his family, with most of his siblings labeling him as annoying and weak. Him and Anastasia are the only ones that are still semi-friendly with Katrina after she became a knight for the royal family.    

anonymous asked:

1-20 lol

This will also cover the asks I received from @nooryes127​, @lilacboii​ and another anon

1) how would you describe your relationship with your mom/dad
My mother and I weren’t very close when I was growing up because I always felt she was too strict and I never had much freedom as a child. But after we had a bit of a falling out after Hurricane Katrina, our relationship strengthened and now we work for the same company. 

I never had a relationship with my father.

2) when was the last time you cried and why
Sept. 1999 at my great aunt’s funeral

3) whats your favorite/least favorite quality about yourself; why
Favorite: my patience and willingness to be understanding
Least favorite: my lack of self confidence

4) do you smile at strangers
I try to

5) how often do people (not family members) tell you they love you
I have a few friends that make it a point to not let me forget it

6) how is your life different now from two years ago
No longer in the military, new job, gotten closer to a lot more people in the RT Community

7) would you ever cheat on someone
Unfortunately I have before, but I’d never do it again

8) are you a jealous person
No, if a person would rather be with someone else than me, then obviously I’m not the right one

9) whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you
I’ve never had any pickup lines used on me that I can remember

10) do you believe in ghosts
No I don’t

11) what are your ambitions
Travel more, keep trying to make as many people happy as I can, and hopefully make a happy life with someone

12) 3 deal breakers in a relationship
lying, cheating, and if they don’t like movies

13) what is one thing you’ll never do again
Let myself be used

14) whats your most bizarre pet peeve
I don’t like when people don’t close containers

15) what is your favorite memory
Just about every new year’s eve celebration with my family

16) whats your zodiac sign

17) what ‘small things’ things terrify you
nothing really

18) do you like your laugh
Sure it’s not that bad

19) have you ever stalked someone/been stalked
Never stalked anyone, been stalked once. An ex from Cali threatened to kill me because I moved on from him to someone else

20) do you feel loved
I do. Took some time for me to accept it, but I do.

Celebrity Crush Tag

idk. I was bored and just wanted to appreciate these absolute beautiful women here. They are all angels, my heart cant even. I technically could marry them all, age difference isnt that big. But they will never get to know me and live across the globe. And also ¾ of them is straight bleh.

First one is Ellen Page. I crushed so hard on her in her video game roles more than her movies lol. Crush intensified after her coming out!

Emily Bett Rickards. Her eyes are so gorgeous. Fell in love with her before her role became so awesome in Arrow. Also does anyone realise how JACKED she is? Please sit on my face Felic- i mean Emily.

Melissa Benoist a fit blonde Woman in a skintight superhero suit. And now we all know that i have a thing for fit blonde girls. Supergirl please save me i have fallen for you <3

After seeing Katrina Law naked in Spartacus and sharing a Kiss with a girl as Nyssa Al Ghul, I just had to include her here. My heart beats faster everytime she appears in Arrow, her im-going-to-kill-you look is too sexy.

i tag: @hvoid @showmeyourunicornhoney @jkookook @sevenhexagons @nyas-anime-world @klochanmakeyoutotoiletpaper

tag me in your posts so i can see your sins. 


Hurricane Katrina hit landfall on August 29th, 2005. It was the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Katrina caused severe destruction along the Gulf coast from central Florida to Texas with the largest number of casualties occurring in New Orleans, Louisiana. 10 years on, much has improved but there are still parts of Louisiana in the process of recovery.

We watched tourists assemble, marveling at a city they thought had been reborn. But, I thought, I knew better. They would never know the tuba players that paraded down the cobblestone streets, the street artists who painted your picture, the small children whose tap shoes slapped bricks as they danced for spare change—all gone. An aura of secrecy clouded the air: Only those who had lived here before the hurricane knew that this was just a replica, no city could be rebuilt so quickly. And there was something so vulgar about flaunting a repaired community when our inhabitants could not access the treatment they needed: Mental illness was on the rise and many residents are still suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. What seemed intact had now begun to crack, and it looked almost impossible to repair.

A new report released by the Urban League sheds light on state of New Orleans 10 years after Katrina. The report finds that while New Orleans has been able to regain its footing socioeconomically, the city has in many realms largely preserved or widened the disparities between white and black life among its residents. From income to voting power to incarceration, the city’s celebrated “rebirth” has left the yawning gap between its white and black residents mostly untouched.

Me: “Goku’s only reason for encountering the Red Ribbon Army was hunting for his grandfather’s Dragon Ball.”

Person: “Nuh uh he was looking for them to revive Upa’s dad.”

Me: “No, his initial encounters with Silver, White, and Blue were in searching for his grandpa’s Dragon Ball. Upa’s father was killed later by Tao, who was hired to retrieve Dragon Balls after Goku interfered with their search. Goku destroyed the RR Army and went looking for the rest after that.”


See, at this point, you come off as deranged and unable to understand my point, and this is where that conversation ends.

This fandom is sick in the head, I swear.

A Year To Prove You Wrong CH1

A Year To Prove You Wrong

Chapter 1

Caroline stood outside the tall ten story glass building that held her new employment at The Salvatore Agency. It was a family run public relations company for the last fifty years, one of the top firms in the country, their base was in Los Angeles, and she had landed a job at their New Orleans office. They had opened it after hurricane Katrina to help bring business back to the wrecked city. Ten years later and it was booming, one of the most successful branches next to their New York office.

This would be her first job out of college. Every year they would take on one college graduate to one of their executive assistant positions and luckily enough she was picked this year. You had a year in the job to prove yourself, and you would either be taken on permanently or your employment would be terminated effective immediately. She was working for the boss’ son, Stefan Salvatore. She hadn’t met him yet but she was looking forward to working with him and learning all she could from him. One day she hoped she would have her own PR company.

Caroline took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders, plastered a friendly smile on her face, and walked through the doors to her future full of confidence.

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