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how do you think each of the next-gen kids would act in the morning rush of the first day back to school? (what would they eat for breakfast, who would make them late, who would leave packing their trunk to last minute etc.?)

Aw man I love this question! When I used to write fanfic a lot more, one of my fave things to picture was the first day back at school with a montage of them all getting ready (for some reason the montage was set to Greenday’s “Holiday”)
James, Al and Lily would be the WORST as a family unit on the first day back, because during the summer holidays, Al sleeps til noon and Lily hardly showers so there’s never any problem with fighting for the bathroom, because they all do their own thing throughout the day. But come September 1st, they need to be up and ready at the same time so they clash and all three of them get more irritated with each other. Rose and Hugo have it down to a T, though, because they’re both morning people so having spent all Summer together they’ve worked out a natural morning routine so they just carry on as normal on September 1st.

  • Ted: He USED to like staying at the Potters’ the night before, because it made his three siblings excited to watch him pack (they all lay on his bed with wide-eyed curiosity, even when he was just folding jumpers), and because Harry and Ginny were always very accommodating – Andromeda can’t always muster the strength to travel so far into London, so H&G were just like, “He can stay with us! It’s no problem!” However, once Ted left and the trio started at school, Teddy made his excuses to just meet them at the station instead, because honest to god it’s so stressful being in the same house as the Potter siblings on September 1st. Ted packs his stuff a few days before so that there’s only last-minute things (like a toothbrush) left to pack on the day; he’s really quite organised. He’s always gone into Diagon Alley with his Potter family, who’d meet the Delacour family – as Vic was around the same age as Ted, the two families shopped together for school supplies. So yeah, Ted wakes up at about 9am on September 1st, throws last-minute clean socks or lunch into his rucksack and is downstairs ready by 10am sharp. He normally eats poached eggs and toast with Harry and Ginny whilst he waits for his siblings to get out of bed (even though James, Al and Lily don’t go to Hogwarts yet, they love going to the station with Ted). Some years Ted’s family leaves about ten minutes early to go to Shell Cottage to pick up Vic, and sometimes vice versa, so Bill and Fleur would come to the Potters’ to pick them up and then they’d all go to Kings Cross together.
  • Victoire: Vic packs her trunk about two days before she leaves; she writes out lists all summer – To-Do lists, book lists, packing lists – just so she’s super prepared on the day. She tries writing some for Molly, too, who’s so forgetful, but Molly loses them. The night before, Vic has a really nice bath with loads of bubbles for about an hour or two; she ties her hair up in a braid and goes to sleep early. Louis always comes in and sleeps in Dom’s empty bed (Dominique goes to Beauxbatons, which means she leaves England about a week or two early), and the two siblings just talk about what they’re gonna do tomorrow morning before they get on the train to school. Vic tries to wake up super early at 7am but she ends up waking up at about 8, and she does her hair and make-up whilst Lou’s still in bed and then the two go down to breakfast together. What they eat varies year on year, but they always eat the exact same thing that the other does. Vic and Louis actually have a lot of fun organising the luggage – neither of them usually find organising exciting, but on September 1st they do, and Vic uses one of her lists and Lou runs around collecting things – “Owl?” “CHECK!” “Broomsticks???” “One sec .. CHECK!”. Bill and Fleur just stand there and take it all in. Despite Lou waking up at the last minute, they always leave on time, surprisingly. At Kings Cross and on the platform, Vic meets a lot of her friends and Lou does his, but both siblings always sit in a compartment together with both sets of friends + Teddy
  • Dominique: The first day of summer and Dom’s packed and ready. Her only problem is how many books she wants to take – she can’t fit them all in her suitcase, so she’s constantly changing her mind over summer and repacking her suitcase each week. As Dom has to leave a fortnight early to go to France and get settled in, sometimes Vic and Lou go with her to the end of England but most of the time the siblings just have a farewell party for all three of them about two nights before Dom leaves, where they watch films and eat popcorn and lounge around tangled up in each other. The night before she leaves, Dominique either gets a quick shower so she doesn’t have to wash her hair in the morning, or she waits until the morning, in which case her hair’s wet on the journey and dries naturally. She tends to wear old clothes during the travel – she has quite nice fashion, but the day she leaves she just wears a Beauxbatons tracksuit or something for comfort’s sake. She doesn’t really eat breakfast at Shell Cottage; her mum normally packs a croissant and a mug of pumpkin juice for her to take on the journey for when she does get hungry. On the first actual day of school, she and her roommates get ready together to varying degrees of success (one of the girls always hates it and one is way too enthusiastic, which no one appreciates). They’ve normally pulled a prank on the boys across the grounds the night before, so they have a very smug breakfast together whilst they watch the boys glumly walk in with the effects of the prank visible for the world to see.
  • Louis: If you asked him, he couldn’t tell you. Sleep? Breakfast? If Victoire wasn’t so fond of list-making, he wouldn’t pack until ten minutes before they had to leave, but thankfully she and their parents make him pack with his sister. Louis gets bored halfway through and just sits on Dom’s bed and talks to his sister whilst she finishes packing their trunks (they always pack in the girls’ room bc it’s bigger). Louis doesn’t really do early nights but he does the night before they leave, because then he can talk to his sis, but if Vic falls asleep at 11pm and he’s still wide awake he’d just play a handheld video game or something under his covers. He doesn’t wake up until the last possible minute; usually Bill’s called them down for breakfast about three times before Louis rolls out of bed and stumbles down the stairs.
  • James: James makes EVERYONE late. Every year, without fail, on the last day of August, Harry and Ginny sit the kids down and they draw up a rota for the next morning – and every year, without fail, James cocks it up. Lily normally comes into his room at about 9am to wake him up, then he spends the next 45 minutes in the bathroom getting ready, gelling his hair and whatnot. It makes Al and Lily so mad, because they need to get ready, too. Then James will spend another 45 minutes packing (because of course he left it to the last minute) – at least, that’s what his family thinks he’s doing. At 10.30am, when they REALLY HAVE TO GO NOW, JAMES, one of them will go into his room to usher him out … to find him lying awake and ready on his bed polishing his broomstick. “I was waiting for you to all be ready!” he claims, which is obviously a lie, considering how many times the rest of the family had said they were ready and waiting, and he saunters downstairs to take the toast Harry had made him for the journey (since everyone assumed he was running late so couldn’t eat breakfast) and gets into the car without another word. Honestly, it’s the most frustrating thing ever, especially for Lily, who can be quite short-tempered even though James is her best friend. If he’s feeling extra up-for-it, he’ll even throw in a casual remark on the car ride, like, “Oh, I’m so relaxed after that nice nap I had this morning … why do you look so agitated, Lily?”
  • Albus: In the early days, he’d get up at 9 like his siblings, bang on the bathroom door for a half hour with Lily, then have a rushed 5 minute shower and drag his suitcase downstairs before eating a tense breakfast as everyone waits for James (Al always packs about two weeks before he has to go back to school). However, obviously this has a few complications, so from third year onwards (and no one knows how the hell he does it) Al is downstairs eating his porridge at 9.04am sharp, listening to the raging sounds of Lily trying to get into the bathroom. Does he get his shower in the early hours of the morning? Does he pack his last minute necessities before or after breakfast? No one knows. For whatever miraculous reason, Al somehow found a way to beat James at his own game, and by the time Al’s old enough to have grown a sense of humour (about 15 onwards), he takes great pleasure in relaxing in the back seat with whatever new pet he has, waiting for his siblings to join him. Harry and Ginny think that he wakes up at some ungodly hour in the morning to get a shower, because he’s always in a deep snooze by the time James is finally ready, but that’s just because Al can be very lazy sometimes and likes sleep
  • Lily: 8.00am – alarm goes off. 8.27am – rolls out of bed and packs trunk for the first time all summer. 9am – wakes up BFF/bro James out of the goodness of her heart. 9.15am – sorely regrets this decision. 9.30am – decides to find a new family because this one is the WORST. 9.40am – really needs the bathroom now jesus James get the hell out. 9.46am – gets a shower and hates having brothers. 10.05am – goes downstairs to eat a bagel (her favourite back to school food). 10.20am – helps Ginny pack her luggage into the car whilst Harry chases James down the stairs. 10.24am – complains about having to sit next to Al’s pet snake (so gross). 10.32am – car starts. 10.34am – car returns to house; Lily forgot her new cauldron. 10.42am – car returns to house a second time; Lily forgot her uniform (but James forgot his Quidditch jumper too so really she can’t be blamed for this). 10.54am – Harry gives furtive glances around in the car park of Kings Cross before Apparating the family straight onto the platform, so they don’t waste valuable time going up and down escalators. 11am – SHE’S GOING BACK TO HOGWARTS AND SHE’S REALLY EXCITED
  • Rose: Like Victoire and Louis, she and Hugo pack their trunks together way before it’s necessary. Unlike Victoire and Louis, they do it for the sheer fun they get from organising things. Rose packs about two weeks before she leaves for school; because she does it with Hugo, her parents think it fine to pop in every now and again to “hang out”, which means Rose has to repack her trunk that night to add in the secret bottle of Firewhiskey she keeps in her wardrobe for parties, along with a few amazingly short dresses. Rose then spends the next two weeks with Hugo; all summer the two have been living together but kind of doing their own thing, like Hugo would stay at Lily’s or Rose would stay at Al’s, but even when they’re both at the Potters’ simultaneously they don’t really hang out. Now, though, they do – if Rose is sketching, Hugo will sit in her room and read a book, or they’ll take hikes together with their mother. Rosie doesn’t really know why in those two weeks she prefers to hang out with Hugo more than other friends; maybe it’s because at the beginning of the summer her friendships are all, “omg we’re not gonna see each other for two months”, whereas now it’s more, “well we’re gonna see each other in a fortnight so I can afford to hang out with my brother”. Rose has to wash her hair the night before September 1st, because it’s so unruly that if she doesn’t treat it properly it’ll just go frizzy. So she straightens it the night before once she’s dried it, and then by morning it’s a nice wavy, instead of the usual curly mess. She’s a morning person, but since she’s ready to leave for Hogwarts a few weeks before it’s actually needed, she has a lie in, and wakes up at about 9.30am to have breakfast (two bowls of cereal) before the family leaves at 10am
  • Hugo: The same as Rose, except his personal record is five bowls of cereal. He would’ve got more in had there been less strict time constraints. Hugo likes to be clean at all times, so he has a shower at 9am, when his sis is still in bed, and spends the next 15 minutes or so drying his hair and putting on aftershave, before going down to breakfast with Rose. It’s his life’s ambition to invent a spell that will Transfigure the packed trunks into an object small enough (and light enough) to fit in everyone’s pockets, before being Untransfigured, contents and all, at the station. Sadly, he’s not got there yet, so he just watches his parents have fun trying to magic them into the car. The Weasleys always get to Platform 9 ¾ before everyone else, so Rose and Hugo read the station newspaper together on the platform while they wait for the Potters to arrive. Thankfully, Hugo gets tipped off every year from a sly telephone call from Lily (”forgot my toothbrush lol; also James has made everyone late again so we’ll be there with 2 mins to spare”), so he has the good sense to pack his and his sister’s trunks onto the train so that all they have to do is jump on when their cousins arrive
  • Molly: Molly loves going back to school more than anything. She loves Quidditch; she loves studying; she loves looking after the younger students. She doesn’t, however, love the fact that even though she’s Head Girl, Quidditch Captain and a perfect student, she’s so forgetful that one time she forgot when the first day of school even was. Because of that, everyone teams up together to help her – Victoire writes out dozens of her amazing lists; Luce leaves creative reminders all over the house of stuff Molly needs to take to school; Percy and Audrey do spontaneous (and sorta fun) drills where they pretend it’s the first day of school to see how Molly reacts. She packs her suitcase in the first week of the holidays, with freshly washed uniforms and the like, and then keeps updating it according to a rota Rose created (e.g. in Week 5, when the book lists arrive, Molly packs new textbooks, etc). Then she has a relaxed summer, hanging out with her friends, parents and sister, up until the last week of the holidays, when everyone (and I do mean everyone – James loves this part because it’s a chance to patronise a Prefect) checks her trunk to make sure she’s not forgotten anything. With anyone else, this would be annoying, but Molly has turned it into a running joke so she’s okay with her forgetfulness being everyone else’s entertainment. The night before school, she and Lucy always watch a cheesy teen movie, even when Moll’s graduated and it’s just Lucy left at Hogwarts. They have fun, and then they go and do their own thing. Molly likes to get an early night, and then the morning of the day back, she wakes up early (about 6am) to have a fly around the garden, which relaxes her and clears her head, before taking a shower and having breakfast. She likes to eat soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers with her parents, before watching the TV for a bit with her sister. Then she’s ready to go! Because she’s so forgetful, she has to get everything organised super early, which means on the day back she’s ready and relaxed
  • Lucy: Lucy loves the first day back, too, and she makes her family late sometimes, even though she’s so much more organised than her sister! She packs the evening before, using her sister’s trunk for reference, and then has the rest of the night off. After watching a film with Molly, she watches TV with her parents for a bit, before it gets really late and she’s forced to go to bed. In her later years at Hogwarts, when she’s BFFs with Lily, the two girls talk on the phone that night until they both fall asleep, because they’re too excited to feel tired right away. On September 1st, Lucy has a bath in the morning until her parents call her down to breakfast, then she dresses and goes downstairs to eat cereal on the couch with her sister, watching TV. She loses track of time, so when Percy and Audrey say it’s time to go, there’s always something Luce still needs to do, like put on eyeliner or pack her handbag for the train journey, which makes everyone 15 mins late. Not horrendously late, just enough for them all to joke about how Molly’s now the golden child. On the Hogwarts Express, Lucy either sits with her Slytherin friends or Lily and Hugo (usually all combined) and when there’s a lull in conversation she’ll paint for a bit
  • Fred: Like Louis, he has no idea. He just rolls out of bed and hopes for the best. He throws stuff into his trunk all summer, and by September 1st just assumes everything’s still in there, and if it’s not, well, his parents can always owl it to him. He’s quite laid-back with things like this. He doesn’t really have a routine and he doesn’t find it particularly special to go back to school; the one thing he does make sure of, though, is that he’s packed the Prank Handbook he and Roxanne update each summer. On September 1st, he drags himself out of bed at literally the last minute, walks downstairs as he pulls his jumper on, and honest to god side-along Apparates to the station with a carton of milk, spoon, bowl and cereal in his hands, and eats breakfast right there on the platform as he waits for James and co. to arrive. Because he’s so popular thinks to his and his sister’s pranks, it’s become a recurring “meme” in Hogwarts; students come up to him on Platform 9 ¾ to see what cereal he’s eating this year
  • Roxanne: She and Fred do almost the exact same thing as each other each year that George and Angelina take bets on, say, who’s coming down the stairs first, and they’re always wrong because Fred and Roxanne even walk the same. The night before going back to school, one of the twins sleeps in the other’s room (it varies year on year), so that they both wake up at the same time. Roxanne normally goes to the bathroom first so that she can straighten her hair whilst Fred’s washing his face. Roxanne’s not really a breakfast person, so she eats out of Fred’s bowl on the platform if she’s hungry. Also, she packs her trunk at the last minute (which says a lot, since she even wakes up at the last minute), causing Fred to get his milk out of the fridge reaaaaally slowly so that George and Angelina don’t find out that Roxanne’s still not ready. It can be quite comical; one year, Fred treated his parents to an entire firework show in the kitchen because Roxanne had left her broomstick at Lorcan’s and needed to get there and back in, like, half an hour
  • Lorcan: He always packs his trunk the day he gets new books and stuff from Diagon Alley; when he was younger, he’d storm about the house and complain about having to do it, but when he’s older and friends with Lysander, he doesn’t find it too bad. He’s not allowed out the house until it’s done, which is why as a preteen he finds this irritating, because he usually makes plans with the Weasley twins or Louis and so has to cancel unless he packs in time. It’s only due to the fact that Rolf knows his son won’t ever pack unless he makes him do it early. On the day he goes back to school, he eats a fried breakfast with his father (later his mother, once he’s matured and accepted her beliefs), and then does “last minute” things which take, like, an hour, so Lysander’s impatiently waiting for him every year, even when they’re “bros” as well as brothers. Even though Lorc eats a massive breakfast, he’s starving on the train, so Luna packs him about three lunches for the journey
  • Lysander: He’s so organised it’s sometimes sickening, says Lorcan. Lysander packs his trunk the same day his twin does, but he likes to check he’s packed everything about ten times before they go back to school (Lorcan calls it his “nervous twitch”). The guys could be watching a movie at Shell Cottage with their friends a fortnight before they go back to Hogwarts, but Ly will still panic hat he’s forgotten to pack his Prefect badge and pls pls pls Lorcan can we run back to check??? The answer is always a resounding “no”, and James has a habit of suggesting he curse Ly’s Prefect badge to his forehead so that he definitely won’t forget it. Once, when Lysander’s older and has a better sense of humour, and he’s on holiday with his friends in Spain, he “panics” again and does the routine, and his friends are so stunned with disbelief that he’d do this on holiday that it takes them a while to realise he’s joking. On September 1st, he’s up at the crack of dawn (doesn’t wanna be late) and gets showered and dressed before having breakfast with his family. He eats everything in the English breakfast but the fried mushrooms, because they freak him out. Then he just chills in Lorcan’s room whilst his bro finishes getting ready, until he gets bored and goes downstairs to wait for Lorc there. Lysander’s not as hungry as his brother on the train, so he just eats one of Lorcan’s lunches if he feels peckish, or some of the banned (read: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes) food he confiscated during Prefect duty
  • Scorpius: Scorpius hates to pack so much. He never grows out of it; when he’s 30 and needs to pack for an Auror conference he jokingly moans and groans until Lucy forces him into doing it. He tends to pack for Hogwarts the night before; he has the whole summer having fun, putting packing his trunk off, but sooner or later it creeps up on him and he realises he does actually have to pack. He doesn’t mind it too much most years because Astoria will come and sit on his bed whilst he does it, and the two talk about what his plans are for this academic year, and what his best friends want to do after graduating and which girl Scor has his eye on now (two Weasleys and one Potter have made the list). When Scorpius has accepted his dad’s past and forgiven him for it (about 4th year onwards), he plays some Quidditch in the garden until nightfall – Draco throws balls around and Scor hits them with his Beaters bat. The next morning, he has breakfast in bed in his pyjamas with Astoria (oatmeal with jam, orange juice, crumpets) before having a quick bath and getting dressed. He wears his uniform all day; he doesn’t get changed on the train, and he does get quite excited about going back to Hogwarts. Some years, whenever Draco has to leave for work early in the morning, Teddy will stop by and go with the Malfoys to the station. It’s just so Scorpius has someone else with him and Astoria on the platform; Teddy has a real knack for noticing when his friends are missing a family member. Like, even though Scor doesn’t agree with what the Malfoys have done, his dad has pulled through so the two eventually get along, and so whenever Draco has to work and can’t be there, Scorpius misses him, which is why Teddy will go to Kings Cross with Scorpius and Astoria instead