170117 Raina, Jungah and So-Young’s instagram updates + bonus Lizzy
[Raina] 8주년 이었대요🎂💜 멤버들 축하하고 응원해 주시는 분들 진심으로 고마워요
It was the 8th anniversary🎂💜 Congrats to the members. Thank you very much for your support.
[Jungah] #애프터스쿨#데뷔#8주년 아직도 기억주셔서 감사합니다. 응원해주시는마음 항상 기억하면서 활동할께요😍
#AfterSchool #debut #8thanniversary Thanks for the memories. I’ll always remember your support😍
[So-Young] 내 사진도 있네💕 예쁘게 만들어줘서 고마워요😍 내년에도 만들어 줄꺼죠?🤗 #애프터스쿨 #afterschool #박가희 #김정아 #유소영 #이주연 #베카 #데뷔 #8주년 #축하해줘서고마워 #❤
There is also my photo💕 Thanks for making me pretty😍 Will you make this again next year?🤗 #애프터스쿨 #afterschool #parkkahi #kimjungah #yoosoyoung #leejooyeon #bekah #debut #8thanniversary #thanksforthecongratulations #❤

2NE1 were my first mains so dealing with it right now is too painful. Instead, I’mma focus on all the good things that happened in 2016.

  • Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls got married!
  • JeA and Miryo are both working and releasing solos and also confirmed that Narsha being married won’t interfere with Brown Eyed Girls staying together. Also confirmed they’re working on a full group album.
  • Sohee, former Wonder Girls member, landed herself some great acting jobs this year!
  • Wonder Girls confirmed their dominance by slaying the charts with Why So Lonely which also sold amazingly well for current girl group standards.
  • Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung, Youngji (I think Nicole too? ) are still staying in touch and appearing together. Keep saying KARA is not dead but I don’t know what to make of it.
  • Taeyeon had a comeback as a solo artist
  • Jessica debuted as a solo artist
  • Tiffany debuted as a solo artist
  • Seohyun will debut as a solo artist
  • After School are… Still not disbanded, which is good news
  • CL seems to be enjoying herself in the US
  • Bom uploaded a video in which she said she was practicing her singing which means she has not given up. Will possibly find a new agency?
  • Minzy will debut as a solo artist
  • Jiyoon confirmed that 4Minute are still in touch, this could mean Hyuna too
  • Jiyoon (finally!) debuted as a solo artist
  • T-ara said that they no longer care whether Korea hates them or not and will stay together just to piss every K-netizen. Hyomin even liked a picture of a Chinese fan spitting on SBS’ logo for not letting T-ara win #QueensOnly
  • Amber and Luna are doing everything they can to keep f(x) alive and they’re doing a great job
  • SISTAR are still Queens. And now that 2NE1 are dead I guess that makes them Korea’s 2nd Greatest Girl Group? Good job! I remember I was so mad back in 2014 when 2NE1 didn’t get the “Best Female Group Award” at MAMA but SISTAR did. I couldn’t be a bigger idiot, I’m glad I “atoned for my sins” and love both groups now. They also killed homophobia with their MV for “One More Day”
  • Fei, Jia and Min are still in touch and they all support each other.
  • Min was confirmed to be in a relationship with G-Soul, she also liked a tweet of an asshole who was dissing her and said she should be “greateful that Suzy fed her ass all these years” . She and Hyomin should have a talkshow and just talk about all the shit they’ve heard as idols and laugh about it. Could get Bom to star with them too!
  • Suzy is still the supreme ruler of South Korea

This year we lost KARA, 2NE1 and 4Minute. miss A and After School are still on hiatus and they lost Jia and Jungah and Jooyeon respectively but they’re still officially together (former members seem to still be in touch with their bandmates too) .

But the Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, f(x) and SISTAR are still going strong, we should at least be grateful for that!

170112 Nana’s instagram update
유기견.유기묘를 도울수있는 좋은캠페인 ❤️맨투맨과 볼캡을 구매하시면 그 수익금100%를 유기견.유기묘 보호단체에 기부합니다. 많은 참여부탁드립니다 마음까지 따뜻한겨울보내시길 . #따뜻하개 #따뜻하냥 #땡큐스토어 #볼캡 #유기견 #유기묘 @thankyoust

One of the many reasons I love Ezra Miller.

He is the best actor Ive witessed. Ezra has played so many roles and charcters, but the thing about that is none of those charcters are alike. Yet he pulles each one off phenomanly. While other actors bring small charcter trais from themselves into every role they play, Ezra does not. He’s played insane murderous 15 year olds and then he can also play a gay af senior who is bubbly and humorious and cocky but can also be sad. Or he can play a character who is sad and angry and ruined inside. God its so hard to put into words just how amazing Ezra Miller is…