flowersinmylatte asked:

I do my hair in twist out (natural mixed race/afro hair) method which is two stands with oils. But I know back in the 50s, my nan told me rags were useful. Heat is faster but heat can cause the shine to vanish from your hair and too much heat isn't too. Maybe try rollers or ribbon tying your bangs up over night with a light moose and taking them out in the morning? :) x

(This might be hopeful to someone else too so I hope it is ok that I publish this ^^)

Thanks for your tips dear Cheyanne! : > I think I could give the rags another chance at least when curling the rest of my hair: I have seen great results by that method online and it is very hair friendly indeed. *o* I have tried rags a few times but my technique must be bad since the form of my curls turned out a bit weird and kind of zigzag both times. : < The results were not too sweet or cute haha but the curls lasted quite well. ^__^ Maybe I`ll retry it… Rollers could acually work too now when my hair is medium long. *o* I forgot about them since sometime ago my hair was still too short and slippery so the rolls were about to fall all the time. :’D Thank you! : )

tinarsaur asked:

Ooo how about Fenrir?

Full Name: Fenrir DeShawn Clarke-Schwarz
Gender and Sexuality: Male, bisexual
Pronouns: He/him
Ethnicity/Species: Mixed race (Afro-Caribbean/White European)
Birthplace and Birthdate: Leeds, UK, December 21st 2006
Guilty Pleasures: Trolling assholes on the internet
Phobias: Being alone
What They Would Be Famous For: Helping to save the world
What They Would Get Arrested For: Protesting for werewolf rights
OC You Ship Them With: Ehhh no one really? But maybe Ale or Erica.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Lucinda
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Fantasy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: “They were a boy/girl all along!!!!1!”
Talents and/or Powers: Protective & healing magic
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s utterly brilliant
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s a smarmy git
How They Change: Less of a dick. Less impulsive. More rebellious.
Why You Love Them: He’s such a little shit omg