UPDATED LINKS 7th December 2015. (Disabled random & corrected tags)

Finally, the African Fashion Week Volume I is here, with the first 11 items recoloured, you can download them individually (click on each below) or together at the end. Counting all the swatches (5-12 different ones per item), it’s 96 different pieces of clothing (28 Mb of Ankara wax prints, batiks, mudcloth, kuba textiles, dashiki, and contemporary African fashion…).

 FIRST of all, if you want all of it, you will need to have Spa Day and Perfect Patio installed as well as Hellfrozeover’s turban mesh converted from TS3 to TS4 for males/females (get it here, download the one enabled for ladies) (Big THANK YOU to Hellfrozeover/ice-creamforbreakfast for allowing me to recolour it)

TOU: Have fun, toy around with it (recolour, convert, modify) but credit me and link back to this post, and please respect Hellfrozeover’s TOU. Please DON’T claim as your own or upload; if in doubt, ASK ME.

To download ALL of it together, DOWNLOAD IT HERE (Simfileshare) or HERE (Dropbox).

Item list, more info and credits for the custom content in pics as well as thank yous under the cut.

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Zuvaa is an online store selling African-inspired clothing to customers globally. It was founded two years ago by New York-based entrepreneur Kelechi Anyadiegwu. 

“My vision for Zuvaa is to be more than an African fashion marketplace,” says Anyadiegwu. “I want Zuvaa to be synonymous with African inspired prints. So that whenever someone is looking to buy something African Inspired they think of Zuvaa."