African turban

“Back to old roots”
Last week spent in Amsterdam opened in me again interest to African Style,firstly in cloths:i was always following and appreciate how women wearing dresses,skirts,big earrings,and ❤️turbans!from my trip to South Africa many years passed by,but i still remember all colourful materials on them,not in a way you silently laughing at manner HOW POSSIBLE to take all this colours on yourself,but you curiously dreaming to have this sense of style…and all materials on you! Its completely different from f/e India where women also taking colourful sarees with many jewellery,but its completely other deep culture of style…
The day i came to Amsterdam i went to Museum Square,and there are some celebration connected to one of the african country,i had opportunity to see many woman in african turbans and find for myself one more way to make my hair! One of the most talented designer YSL-Yve Saint-Laurent has exhibition in National History and Art Museum of Holland.He was one,who’s made revolution in women style,and made his name biggest brand,by perfume,cloths,cosmetics and etc.This exhibition gave me thought of following his autobiography more deeply,and by watching documentary film i saw that already that time in Paris was created style which was highly included band which is something near to african turban,which was looking extremely classic with his was dates around 1970 and not only in Paris,but in many areas even before 20 century.Today I’m wearing turban myself mixing it with black classic jacket or long skirt as casual street style.Masterpieces become back to track,Attributes which was on the top hundred years ago will come back soon maybe transformed a bit,therefore not simply all vintage is valuable,everyone running for moms skirt from young ages,or im wearing my grannys blouse in bohemic style! Im in love with things which are never become stamp in style or becoming old-fashioned,details make ur style,Cheers!

OOTD: Independent Soul

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” - Charlotte Brontë

Hello Spiiirits! I hope you had a marvelous 4th of July/4th of July Weekend. Though I’m not big on the America-centric holiday, I know I did. Nothing like a little celebration with friends &/or family to kick off the month right? Speaking of kicking off the month can you believe we have…

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