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How one 26-year-old turned $500 into $2 million online

Zuvaa is an online store selling African-inspired clothing to customers globally. It was founded two years ago by New York-based entrepreneur Kelechi Anyadiegwu. 

“My vision for Zuvaa is to be more than an African fashion marketplace,” says Anyadiegwu. “I want Zuvaa to be synonymous with African inspired prints. So that whenever someone is looking to buy something African Inspired they think of Zuvaa." 


Negritude Republic is an idea that developed in distinct ways in different countries due, in part, to language, culture, and the political climate.

I wanted to create a brand that in some way would kind of embrace those diversity and celebration of shared black heritage and then work them into apparel for everyone to wear, in a similar way that brands I look up to have done. -BlackDice

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