Hey. I’m gonna break down how to draw a Black/African/Dark Skinned person’s lips.

Hello! In celebration of a new year, I’m gonna show all of you a tip how to draw lips for Black/African/Dark Skinned people. 

If you’re drawing a black/dark skinned person, the top lip is a slight step above or below their actual skin tone while the bottom lip can range from a faded pink to brown. 

Black/African men’s and women’s lip lean towards “nude/palm of the hand” makeup color. Some cases it’s pink but everyone’s lip color varies from pink to brown. In my experience of going outside my house, the darker the person, the pinker the bottom lip is while the lighter brown skin lips will be closer to their actual skin tone.

Another note is that the pink /brown tone on the bottom of the lip is near the slit of the mouth, not the complete lip like lipstick makeup. Try adding different tones to a lip and blending both top and bottom lips together because everyone’s different! A very good detail to remember. 

TL;DR: USE A REFERENCE. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH DOESN’T BITE! Thank you for your time! Go out and draw them awesome dark skinned characters and people!

African Deities

For all the African witchies here.

Abassi - Creator and Lord of the Sky (Nigerian)

Abuk - Goddess of women and gardens (Sudan)

Achimi - Buffalo Goddess (Algeria)

Adro - God of Destruction (Uganda)

Adroa - God of Creation (Uganda)

Ahia-Njoku - Goddess of Agriculture and Farming (Nigeria)

Aje-Shaluga - God of Riches (Nigeria)

Ajok - Rain God (Sudan)

Akongo - Creator God (Congo)

Ala - Fertility Goddess of the Earth (Nigeria)

Alouroua - Creator God (Ghana)

Amma - Creator of the Universe and Sky (Mali)

Anansi - Trickster God (West Africa)

Andriamahilala - Goddess of the Moon (Madagascar)

Asa - God of Protection (Kenya)

Atai - Creator Goddess (Nigeria)

Babalu-Aye - God of Healing (Nigeria)

Banga - God of Water (Congo and Central Africa)

Bomazi - God of Ancestors (Congo)

Buk - Goddess of Rivers and Streams (Sudan)

Buku - God of the Skies (West Africa)

Bumba - God of Creation (Congo)

Cagn - God of Transformation (Kalahari)

Candit - River Goddess (Sudan)

Chedi-Bumba - God of Birds (Congo)

Chiuta - Rain God (Malawi)

Chonganda - God of Vegetation (Congo)

Chuku - God of Creation (Nigeria)

Dada - God of Abundance (Nigeria)

Deng - Creator God (Sudan)

Ditaolane - Hero God (Lesotho)

Domfe - God of the Wind (Kurumba)

Dongo - God of Thunder (Songhai)

Dziva - Creator Goddess (Zimbabwe)

Ebore - Sky God (Nigeria)

Edinkira - Goddess of the Trees (Africa)

Egungun-Oya - Goddess of Divination (Nigeria)

Evus - God of Mayem (Gabon)

Elegua - God of Mischief (Nigeria)

Elusu - Goddess of Water (Africa)

Engai - God of the Skies (Kenya)

Enekpe - Goddess of Fate (Africa)

Eseasar - Goddess of the Earth (Nigeria)

Eshu - Trickster God (Nigeria)

Fa - God of Fate (Nigeria)

Faro - God of Creation (Mali)

Gamab - God of Death (Namibia)

Gaunab - God of Evil (South Africa)

Ghekre - God of Judgement (Ivory Coast)

Gu - Blacksmith God (Benin)

Heitsi-Eibib - God of Nature (South Africa)

Haiuri - God of the Underworld (South Africa)

Hare - Trickster God (Nigeria)

Huveane - God of Creation (Lesotho)

Hyel - Supreme God (Nigeria)

Imana - Creator God (Rwanda)

Itherther - Buffalo God (Algeria)

Jakuta - God of Lightening (Nigeria)

Jok - Rain God (Uganda)

Juok - Creator God (Sudan)

Kaang - God of Creation (Botswana)

Kabundungulu - Heroic God (Angola)

Kaka-Guie - Death God (Ivory Coast)

Kalumba - God of Creation (Congo)

Kanu - God of Creation (Guinea)

Katonda - Creator God (Uganda)

Khonvoum - Creator God (East Africa)

Khuzwane - God of Populating (South Africa)

Kwoth - God of the Mysterious (Sudan)

Le-Eyo - God of Death (East Africa)

Legba - God of Mayhem (Benin)

Leza - Rain God (South Africa)

Libanza - God of Creation (Congo)

Maori - God of Creation (Zimbabwe)

Massim-Biambe - God of Reincarnation (Congo)

Mawu-Lisa - Unisex Double Gods of Creation (Benin)

Mbaba-Mwanna-Waresa - Goddess of Beer (South Africa)

Mbere - God of Creation (Congo)

Mbokomu - Goddess of Ancestry (Congo)

Mboya - Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility (Congo)

Mebeghe - God of Creation (Gabon)

Minga-Bengale - God of the Hunt (Africa)

Minona - Goddess of Prophecy and Divination (Benin)

Modimo - God of Creation (South Africa)

Morimi - Goddess of Fire (Nigerians)

Muluku - Creator God (Zambesi)

Mulungu - God of Creation (Tanzania)

Musso-Koroni - Goddess of Discord (Mali)

Mwambwa - Goddess of Lust and Desire (Namibia)

Mwari - Unisex Creator Gods (Zimbabwe)

Nasilele - Goddess of Creation (Zambesi)

Nzame - God of Creation (Congo)

Njambi - God of Creation (Namibia)

Ndriananahary - God of Creation (Madagascar and Nigeria)

Ngai - Creator God (Kenya)

Ngewo-Wa - God of Creation (Sierra Leone)

Nyalitch - Supreme God (Sudan)

Nimba - Fertility Goddess (Guinea)

Ninepone - Fertility Goddess (Gabon)

Nommo - Unisex Gods of All (Mali)

None - God of Populating (Gabon)

Nyaliep - Goddess of the River (Sudan)

Nyambe - God of Creation (Zambesi)

Nyame - Supreme God (Ghana)

Nyaminyami - God of Streams and Rivers (Zambesi)

Nyankopon - Supreme God (Ghana)

Nyiko - Hero God (Cameroon)

Nyokonan - God of Spiders (Cameroon)

Nyonye-Ngana - God of Ants (Congo)

Obassi-Osaw - God of Creation (Nigeria)

Obatala - God of Purity (Nigeria)

Ochosi - God of the Hunt (Nigeria)

Odomankomo - Creator God (Ghana)

Odudua - Goddess of the Earth (Nigeria)

Ogo - God of Mischief (Mali)

Ogun - God of Weaponry (Nigeria)

Oko - God of Farming and Agriculture (Nigeria)

Olorun - Supreme God (Nigeria)

Olokun - God of the Seas (Nigeria)

Onile - Goddess of Blacksmithing (Nigeria)

Orunmila - God of Wisdom (Nigeria)

Osanyin - God of Vegetation (Nigeria)

Oshe - God of Storms (Nigeria)

Oshun - Goddess of Love (Nigeria)

Oya - Goddess of Destruction (Nigeria)

Qamata - God of Creation (South Africa)

Rugaba - Creator God (Uganda)

Ruhanga - God of Creation (Uganda)

Ruwa - God of Creation (Kilimanjaro)

Sagbata - God of the Earth (Benin)

Sakarabru - God of Justice (Guinea)

Shadipinyi - Drunken God (Namibia)

Shakpana - God of Disease (Namibia)

She - God of Thunder (Nigeria)

Soko - Supreme God (Nigeria)

Somtup - God of Masculinity (Guinea)

Sopona - God of Disease (Nigeria)

Sudika-Mbambi - God of Thunder (Angola)

Thixo - Sun God (South Africa)

Tilo - Creator God (Zambia and Malawi)

Tore - God of the Hunt (Zaire)

Tsetse-Bumba - Goddess of Lightning (Congo)

Uhlanga - Swamp Goddess (South Africa)

Umvelinqangi - Creator God (South Africa)

Unkulunkulu - Creator God (South Africa)

Waaqa - Supreme God (Ethiopia)

Woyengi - Goddess of Population (Nigeria)

Wulbari - Ruling God (West Africa)

Wuni - Creator God (Ghana)

Yansan - Goddess of the Wind (Nigeria)

Yasigi - Goddess of the Festival (Mali)

Yeban - God of the Underworld (Mali)

Yurugu - God of Chaos (Mali)

Zanahary - Unisex Creator Goddess (Madagascar)

This made white people so mad in the comments

I think they forget how they even got in the places they are in now . Like Europe , America , etc
All inhabited by melanated beings until they invaded it and took the land . There’s a reason no one wants you In their country exploiting everything you can get your hands on . Why because you feel like you can , because you are white .

Are there any Africans here that speak an African Language?
What African language(s) do you speak?
(I appreciate if you reblog so Africans can see this)
and people who want to learn/know more about about your language can find you/ask you questions, and you can find who else speaks your language.