We made a new video for “All The Time” when we were home for our Toronto show. Hope you dig it.


“This is song about the death of a relationship. On one hand, you mourn its loss. On the other, you celebrate all that was good about it while acknowledging all of its flaws. It’s about acceptance and revelation. It’s just a song that’s trying to make sense of something that was complex. That’s a tough job for any song to do, but this succeeds in its simplicity.” –Afie

Watch the new video for “Lost In The Light”.


A film by LeBlanc + Cudmore

Written and Directed by Scott Cudmore

Executive Producer Michael LeBlanc

Produced by Erika Lobko 

Photographed by Michael Leblanc

Edited by Scott Cudmore & Michael Leblanc

Styled by Sarah Doucet

Special FX by Dennis Mason

Hair and Makeup by Andrea Berg-Ellingson

Hair and Makeup assistance by Dani Jean

Art assistant: Jolie Dobson

Camera assistant: Robert Sharpe

Gaffer/Grip: Kelly Jeffrey, Kyle Sanderson, Ryan Hernadawz

Back-up singers: Lisa Gray, Chantal Bennett, Sarah-Sue Vallée, Raffa Weyman, Taylor Johnston

Production Company: Leblanc + Cudmore



Bahamas - Lost In The Light


Bahamas perform “Stronger Than That” at 102.1 The Edge’s Sugar Beach studio in Toronto. November 4th, 2014.