“This is song about the death of a relationship. On one hand, you mourn its loss. On the other, you celebrate all that was good about it while acknowledging all of its flaws. It’s about acceptance and revelation. It’s just a song that’s trying to make sense of something that was complex. That’s a tough job for any song to do, but this succeeds in its simplicity.” –Afie

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A film by LeBlanc + Cudmore

Written and Directed by Scott Cudmore

Executive Producer Michael LeBlanc

Produced by Erika Lobko 

Photographed by Michael Leblanc

Edited by Scott Cudmore & Michael Leblanc

Styled by Sarah Doucet

Special FX by Dennis Mason

Hair and Makeup by Andrea Berg-Ellingson

Hair and Makeup assistance by Dani Jean

Art assistant: Jolie Dobson

Camera assistant: Robert Sharpe

Gaffer/Grip: Kelly Jeffrey, Kyle Sanderson, Ryan Hernadawz

Back-up singers: Lisa Gray, Chantal Bennett, Sarah-Sue Vallée, Raffa Weyman, Taylor Johnston

Production Company: Leblanc + Cudmore



Bahamas - Lost In The Light

artist | bahamas
track name | lost in the light


and i held my own, still i rattled your bones, i said some awful things and i take them back.  if we were to try again, just remember when, before we were lovers i swear we were friends.

slowing it down a bit with this gorgeous song from bahamas, the solo project of toronto based guitarist afie jurvanen.  his past musical collaborations have included feist and his influence on her music is undeniable after listening to this song.  the melody in this song is so sweet and is accomplished with little more than a guitar, light percussion, the occasional piano riff, phenomenal back up vocals and afie’s stunning voice that was seemingly born for indie-folk perfection.  my favorite part of this song is it’s purity; there’s so much beauty sometimes in simplicity.  if you’re a fan of m.ward, andrew bird, jack johnson or the like, then definitely give this one a listen.



We here at Mountain Stage don’t want to assume that you haven’t heard Bahamas yet. But if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to take 4 minutes out of your day to check this out. Trust us on this one.