Afghan national army


Coalition Special Operations Forces members defend their position from insurgent small arms fire during a day-long fire fight in Nuristan province, Afghanistan, April 12, 2012. Afghan National Army Commandos and coalition SOF, the first to visit that area in more than two years, defeated insurgent forces overrunning a village. 

Photographer John D McHugh documented the Afghan National Army as they prepare for the departure of foreign forces. He asks, “If the Afghan National Army is poorly trained, poorly armed, and poorly led, how can their chances to defeat the Taliban on their own be assessed as anything other than poor?”

See more of his photos in his feature, “Observe the Sons of Afghan Marching Towards the War.”

Caption: HELMAND, AFGHANISTAN - NOVEMBER 2012: Afghan National Army soldiers are seen at the Regional Training Centre in Helmand, 10 Nov 2012. (Photo by John D McHugh/Reportage by Getty Images)