1. Sketching, I used normal SAI brush, bit lighter.. but at the middle of sketching I suddenly took the pen and was too lazy to fix it. (Ignore the hands.. OTL)

2. Linearting, used lavenderish colour. After linearting I always start the face.

3. Base colour, since it’s pretty light picture, there’s nothing special.

4. Shading and raping Multiply and Marker

5. Must be tiring to stare at the same picture all the time? I forgot to meantion that my SAI refuses to save in .sai and PS CS6 doesn’t have the right lumionsity, so you wont see much difference. If it did, there would be some lighter and bluer parts in the skirt etc.

6. The little mask and water is there too now, and last fixing.

7. Like I said, no lumi tool in PS, so the water should be lighter in the real one. Anyways punted some random lines-.. Coloured the mask.

8. Airbrush rape, and we’re done. (With the lumiosity)

Final touch, lumiosity gangbang. ^ Up there as you saw.


She’s crying because her author can’t draw couplestuff or RP.

Jkjk, she knows she’s weak and worries about since Andre is weak too– and feels responsibility to take care of him as his mom.

Haji always draws so much our OTP stuff I feel guilty ‘cause I can’t and I can’t even RP properply, I’m sorry Haji. /lazycry