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they literally had 3 nasty food episodes this week. its like theyve become self parody. that combined with the really obnoxious thumbnails, crew laughter, and wacky-internet-top-10 type list episodes, im worried that people are going to start seeing them as the fakest, most unoriginal youtubers on the site. gmm in thrown in peoples faces all the time, like, they can only get so big before people get tired of it and start to hate them. sorry, normally id send this kinda thing to isra...

I’m sure most of the people that would hate them for those reasons already do. People who are aware of their longevity on YouTube and how much originality they’ve put into their content up to this point will probably forgive them for their daily show running out of innovative ideas from time to time. Sure, it may make some of the older fans tired of GMM, but as long as it’s still drawing a crowd, they will probably continue to do the gross food episodes, because the majority of viewers continue to click on them, and that’s what drives their business.

I just hope they get good regular checkups on their digestive health and that they say no to episode ideas they don’t enjoy or think are too dangerous to their health or safety. And I think most people who have grown to love them through their various content over time also feel that way.

Layers in the atmosphere

Light and air make for strange mixtures sometimes, with a great variety of beautiful optical effects produced in consequence. The reddened colour of this sunset is due to the greater amount of air that the light has to pass through to reach the ground at the grazing angle of dusk, as opposed to the right angle of noontime. Particles of dust and aerosols absorb, diffract and scatter most of the higher energy green to blue wavelengths, while the lower powered red to orange hues pass through while the shorter light paths of midday scatter all wavelengths but blue.

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god i KEEP going on about this but the thob/tld parallels???

  • both contain repressed memories
  • drugs that alter/corrupt the memories of those its administered to: john ‘seeing’ the hound vs faith aka john not remembering who culverton murdered // sherlock ‘seeing’ the hound vs ‘seeing’ faith
  • baiting: sherlock getting culverton to murder him in tld vs sherlock taking henry (his mirror) to the moors to confront the hound
  • sherlock having breakdowns in both episodes after trying to conflate what hes seen and what is reality: ‘seeing’ the hound vs seeing the real faith
  • sherlock feeling belittled: john’s exasperation at sherlock’s fear in thob vs culverton aka john laughing at him in tld
  • john becoming angry at sherlock after each breakdown and an ensuing fight