Yes, yes, yes to France’s Gender-Free Christmas catalogue & campaign “where there are no toys for girls or boys - just toys.”

“TBWA launched a different kind of holiday effort for Système U’s U Supermarket, celebrating the the fourth-largest food retail group in France’s dedication to a “Gender Free Christmas.”

It’s a refreshing effort that makes for a nice addition to the brand’s ongoing “added social value” message, if not entirely unprecedented. As Adweek points out, the campaign comes on the heels of Target’s decision to stop classifying toys in its store by gender. There was also the recent  Moschino Barbie ad featuring an enthusiastic young boy. If removing gender stereotyping from advertising toys to children is becoming a trend, we’re all for it.” [x]

Do you always write in the same spot, or can you write anywhere?

I always write in exactly the same place, which is sitting in my bed, with two pillows behind me. I’ve written 50 television scripts and two books on this one place on my bed! I think the lack of the formality of a desk makes me feel really comfortable, and I’m a creature of habit.

via Adweek


I really ran out of money. At one point I lost my shit in my car–just had a little meltdown. The window wouldn’t roll down. So, I just starting hitting it, and it broke. Now, cut to me with the plastic in the window. The duct tape. It couldn’t be more trash. I told my buddy, Josh, “Hey, I think I got to go back to Vancouver and at least work to come [back to L.A.].” And his mom gave me like 75 bucks to fix the window. She’s like, “I’m not letting you drive 24 hours with that fucking plastic bag.” I drove home. And then one of the first readings I had back in Vancouver was Snakes on a Plane.