For decades, instant ramen noodles have been a culinary staple for cash-poor college students, young working professionals and even prisoners. Yet ramen noodles are a main culprit of deforestation due to the high amount of unsustainable palm oil used to make them. While several large food corporations have committed to eliminating conflict palm oil from their supply chains, two of the world’s biggest instant noodle producers, Nissin Foods Holdings and Toyo Suisan Kaisha (Maruchan), both Japanese firms, have failed to adopt responsible palm oil policies, according to SumOfUs, a non-profit consumer advocacy group.

Bad news for broke college students, even worse news for the planet


Considering Journalist Safety, Worldwide

Visiting the campaign site for the Committee to Protect Journalists is quite startling. There are maps, statistics, and there are the numbers of journalists killed recently, and as far back as 1992

We spoke with them recently the state of journalist safety worldwide, and their new digital campaign: Speak Justice

Here’s what Maria Salazar-Ferro, the Coordinator of CPJ’s Impunity Campaign, told us about violence and threats against journalists:

CPJ tracks a wide array of attacks on the press worldwide. Here are some numbers from several of our indicators.

* In 2012, 57 journalists have been killed in direct retaliation for their work worldwide. With this background in mind, the countries with the worse records in targeted murders of journalists this year are Somalia with 12 journalists murdered in retaliation for their work; Pakistan with five, and Syria with three.

* As of December 1, 2011, the countries with the highest number of jailed journalists were Iran, China, Eritrea, Burma, and Vietnam. We will be putting out new stats for 2012 next week.

* The top countries for impunity in murders of journalists—that is where journalists are routinely killed for their work and their killers go free are: Iraq, Somalia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Colombia.

And here’s Maria on what many killed journalists were covering, and who they were:

Of course each case is different, and trends vary between countries and regions. Most journalists who have been murdered covered one of five beats: corruption, politics, crime, armed conflict or human rights—all issues of vital importance to everyday life, and to democracy. They covered these stories at a very local level, which made them more vulnerable. More than 10% were freelancers, which meant they had little institutional support. But most importantly, they received very little protection from authorities—this is evident in the fact that in about 4/10 cases of murdered journalists there had been threats prior to the murder, which meant that the killing could have probably been prevented.

And on their main concern – impunity:

CPJ has found that impunity is a cycle in which journalists are killed, authorities are ineffectual, and for fear, the rest of the press corps self-censors. Speak Justice is looking to demand justice for murdered journalists from the grassroots up, and gain convictions in countries with high rates of impunity. In 2013, our advocacy will focus on the Philippines, Mexico, Russia and Pakistan.

The Speak Justice site will go live next week.

FJP: We’ve covered the violence against Mexican journalists a great deal, and those interested may want to look under our Mexico tag, and see this piece, as well as our interview with documentary filmmaker Bernard Ruiz.

Women in Kerala want men jailed for having more than two children and to have their legal rights removed

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This is a landmark movement. If the Women’s Bill passes it would rewrite history. Certain communities disregard family planning and based on flawed religious idelogies have been having more children than they can support and then expect the Government, community and religious sects to help them bring up their children. 

KOCHI: This is going to be a tough code of conduct. You can be imprisoned for impregnating your own wife. Worst, you could be branded as a `legally disqualified person’. 

This will be a reality if the Kerala Women’s Code Bill 2011, submitted to the chief minister by a 12-member committee with Justice V R Krishna Iyer in the chair, is implemented in its letter and spirit. 

In a bid to redefine Draconian, the Commission on Rights and Welfare of Women and Children feels that nothing lesser than a fine of Rs 10,000 or three months simple’ imprisonment deserves to be slapped on the expectant father of a third child. The recommendation is part of the measures intended to encourage population planning for well-being and children’s development. 

The Kerala Women’s Code Bill 2011 maintains that violation of family norms will be deemed a legal disqualification and parents will not be eligible to receive any benefits from government. It insists on that religious and political outfits should not be allowed to discourage population planning and any such effort on their part should be censured by the governor. 

The report reads, “No person or institution shall use religion, region, sect, cast, cult or other ulterior inducements for the bearing of more children”. 

The commission was constituted following a state government order issued on August 7, 2010 to prepare a code for the rights and responsibilities of children and women. Those parents who violate the norms will be regarded as ‘legally disqualified person’’. The report specifies that children will not be disentitled to any of their rights or claims. It is also suggested to provide a cash incentive of Rs 5,000 to women who marry after the age of 19 and their first child after 20. This benefit will be available for the first two children. Couples below poverty line, who marry after the age of 20 and have their first child after the mother attains the age of 21 will be given Rs 5,000. 

The report also has clauses saying medically safe contraceptives and instructive literature should be available free at the time of marriage. Under the public health code facilities for safe abortion should be made free and through hospitals, health care centres in both private and government sector. 

It has been proposed to constitute a commission for the implementation of population regulation policy consisting of ten members. Social activists, public personalities, heads of institutions with commitment to the philosophy and policy of the proposed bill can be appointed members.


Today the #mypubliclandsroadtrip visits areas where the BLM Wyoming and local partners protect and manage wild horses and burros - considered “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West” -  according to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

In Wyoming, BLM manages approximately 3,000 wild horses in 16 different herd management areas or HMAs. In northern Wyoming, the McCullough Peaks HMA, located just east of Cody, is home to a popular, highly visible and easily photographed wild horse herd that attracts local, national and international interest.  In spring 2011, the Cody Field Office implemented a field darting fertility control program for the McCullough Peaks HMA. The size of the HMA, the small herd size and the relative approachability of the horses makes field darting a viable alternative here. The success of the fertility control program is made possible by the BLM’s partnership with the non-profit wild horse advocacy group Friends of a Legacy. FOAL was formed in 2005 with a mission to protect and preserve the wild horses of the McCullough Peaks. (Read the BLM’s national news about New Research to Curb Population Growth and Improve Health of Wild Horse and Burro Herds.)

BLM Wyoming is also home to the BLM’s first wild horse ecosanctuary. The Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse Ecosanctuary near Centennial is a 4,700-acre ranch which offers a refuge for almost 300 geldings. Rich and Jana Wilson opened the ecosanctuary in 2012 as a place that safely provides a natural and healthy habitat for excess wild horses where they will be properly cared for, yet allowed to roam freely, while conserving the environment and ecology of the lands. The Wilsons also welcome visitors; tourism is a key component of the ecosanctuary concept. The Wilsons accept reservations throughout the year and visitors can come meet the horses up close and personal. 

And amazing wild horses and burros are available for adoption to approved homes in Wyoming and nationally.
Democracy Watch throws the book at Conservatives over robocalls
Chances of another Robocall Scandal in 2015 Election remains high.

Ottawa-based advocacy group Democracy Watch announced it will launch a private prosecution against the Conservative Party for its role in the 2011 robocalls scandal, which misled some Canadians to go to wrong polling stations in key ridings. The group decided to take action after government lawyers refused to press charges.

At time of writing, Democracy Watch is focusing legal efforts on one individual in at Conservative Party Headquarters who booked calls that gave voters across the country incorrect polling station locations, even after Elections Canada warned all political parties not to engage in such activities during the 2011 campaign

“The Commissioner of Canada Elections and Director of Public Prosecutions have clear evidence that the Conservatives made election robocalls that misled voters, which is a clear violation of the federal elections law, but they won’t prosecute. So Democracy Watch will, to ensure the violators are held accountable for their wrongdoing,” said Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch and visiting professor at the University of Ottawa, in a media release dated July 23.

So far, the robocalls scandal has resulted only in the conviction of Michael Sona, who was sentenced to nine months in jail in a case that Conacher said was based on relatively weak evidence. His offence was putting out a robocall aimed at preventing 6,000 voters in the Guelph region from casting their ballots, resulting in 150-200 people being successfully tricked, according to a CBC article dated Nov. 19 2014.

But many believe Sona was a relatively minor player in the scandal whose activities targeted only one riding. The judge also said he that he received help from at least one or more people.

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Daily Step #16 - Welfare, Peace & Hope

“Be honest with yourself… do you really believe that God’s plans for you are health, happiness,…

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A noo artikle has dunben rote ahn WWW.GITERDONENEWS.COM

thar’s a noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn calt

Voters In 14 States Navigating New Rules While Trying To Cast Ballots


By Aman'a Beck'r WASHINGTON, Oct 31 (Reuters) – U.S. voters n’ 14 states air navigatyun’ new laws at critics say make it hard'r fer low'r-income an’ mineritee voters, who typicallee back Demokrats, ta cas ballots n’ t'midterm electyuns. …

The Awkward Moment....

…when you realize that Advocacy Groups is just a polite way of saying “BULLYING”.

Here’s why I say this.  There’s some Cuban group in Florida who is demanding that a baseball manager lose his job over things he said.  Ozzie Guillen said that he respected Fidel Castro for surviving so many assassination attempts.  The thing is, no one is really sure what Guillen was trying to say, even admitted by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

How can you fire or in Rosenthal’s case, suspend a man for something he said, when no one really knows what it means? 

I think we’re starting to get far too sensitive in this country.  Feelings are hurt and now everyone wants someone else to suffer for their moment of anger.

There are times I support a movement or a cause, then there are times like this, where I look at what a group is doing and what they want and you just gotta admit to yourself that this is just another form of bullying.

“If I don’t get my way, I’ll make your life hell” - Welcome to 2012.

Does technology threaten society?

Does technology threaten society?

Does technology threaten society?

Jul 11, 2014

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The Future is BInary - Child-tracking wristbands, drug-delivering implants and wearable computing devices are popping up and promising to make our lives better. The question of the effects these new technologies will have on children’s development…

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children see, children do...


So be a positive influence in their lives!

We should always be working to achieve its vision of a child-safe, child-friendly society through three specific approaches to community engagement

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Make good choices, 'ladies'.

A preface, basically a very nice man came to my high school to speak about choices and social ideas to we teens.

Here are my thoughts on his discourse, and the comments that followed. Shout-out to Haley, who suffered a blow (so to speak) and took the moral high ground on the issue.


The speaker we had today was good, and made interesting points, but I got the idea that the majority of his speech was aimed towards girls. Especially where he got specific about girls looking for male acceptance in school because their fathers were absent. I concede that it is true this sort of thing happens, but why is he giving the message that girls are the ones who have to do more? Maybe there are plenty of girls who have crappy fathers/lives that distress them, but what about the boys with absent mothers or fathers?
Why didn’t he challenge the men of our school to take more responsibility as well? I conclude that he is speaking through our societal perception that women are still inferior. where girls are weaker and more likely to act out in a sexual manner. Therefore he feels the need to call us out on it–because we are more prone to look for acceptance. Because girls believe lies. and that we identify our worth by our bodies or talents–but why didn’t he say the equivalent for men and the lies they believe?

He didn’t suggest a way to make fathers of children more responsible and give their children the lives they deserve, didn’t mention that maybe men shouldn’t beat their wives, or that men in our society objectify women–didn’t mention any powerful free-minded women who have risen above this sort of adversity and become stronger for it.
His speech came from a good place and I saw the value of his points, but of course he does work for an organization that targets girls and women specifically.

So why doesn’t our next school speaker come from somewhere that deals with masculine issues? Like a speaker from a women’s home– where they meet people, and see what lies men believe– where violence against women and rape is encouraged because of what our society perpetuates. What about gay rights speakers?

comment that raised my brows–>

‘there aren’t any 'gay rights’ speakers because they simply should not get more rights than straight people. If they did it would be a 'hate crime’ against straight people. Not to mention he covered the oral sex and such which is what gay people do.’

My Reply:

I’m not going to make any assumptions here about what gay people chose to and not to do, however, I disagree that 'gay rights’ = 'hate crime’. It’s no different than 'woman’s rights’ and we even have a 'bill of rights’. And there is also the 'equal rights’ movement, Dr MLK Jr headed that. without rights advocacy groups, women still wouldn’t be able to vote. It isn’t a hate crime to stand against injustices. I can see now how urgently our school needs a gay rights speaker to come in, because 'gays’ do have a voice– Also, 'homosexual’ fyi was not in our speaker’s rhetoric–and he was making no allusion to 'gays’ whatsoever today. –Since we go to a public school–I think it is only fair that all the different groups of people have a chance to be represented.

*Haley’s Reply:

@personX, gay people don’t want 'more rights than straight people.’ Gay people want THE SAME rights as straight people.