INTJs: Fabulous at giving advice. Will listen to you intently until they understand the situation fully and proceed to tell you exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. Their first priority is that the problem is solved resulting in your long-term happiness.

Also INTJs: Get easily frustrated with people who refuse to help themselves or look at their circumstance objectively. Cannot help people who are too emotionally fragile to recognize their own flaws. Believe strongly in self-improvement and so are infuriated by people who say “I can’t change the way I am, I just have to suffer with my characteristics, e.g. Too emotional, not cool, ignorant, etc.”


I got the books for my Renaissance Art History exam and this happened.
I did Leliana first, inspired by an angel on a fresco, and then I thought “oh let’s just make them all”

*lies down on bed and dies*

I think I wanted to prove some kind of point to myself by drawing these but sadly I can’t remember what the point was

(open them to see tha pretty details)

DA:I companions as Disney characters


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Bonus: Corypheus

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Would you mind adding the romancable advisors to the "finding inky sleep deprived in their bed"?

Part 1

Josephine: The Inquisitor had actually almost fallen asleep, only for Josephine’s soft hand to stir them awake properly. She doesn’t even give them a second to apologize before she lets out a soft laugh, Josie was no saint or angel- she didn’t blush as much at these things even if it was the person of her affections. The adviser was never one to jump to assumptions, she liked to be calculated and not take risks unless she knew luck was on her side; and she felt like this was one of the risks she could take- even if she’d never be able to get over the comforting feeling of the Inquisitor speaking in hushed whispers as Josie laid down in the bed. ‘’I will not stay up all night talking to you about politics’’ She jests, the leader letting out a tired laugh as the two somehow end up huddling together. She waits actually, until the Inquisitor falls asleep properly and she takes in every single feature of their face. She takes her victories where she can, even if the future seemed bleak in general; she had this. This moment of peace and quiet, looking at the person she’d give up her entire life for.

Cullen: His entire body seems to freeze as he looks at the inquisitor in the pretty much pitch-black room, honestly he could feel his body tense by the second. Now, Cullen Rutherford was no innocent little boy-scout, but he was still a man of rather traditional standards, seeing the woman he found himself getting scarily attached to in his bed? Yeah that’s a huge minus in the book of the maker according to the chantry, yet he didn’t have the heart to even consider asking her to leave. He drops off his armor, rolling his shoulders as he does so and sits down on the bed- or whatever excuse of an bed it actually was. She looks at him with tired eyes and his heart does a backflip in his chest. She offers to leave, but he doesn’t even allow her to finish the sentence. ‘’It’s fine. If it helps you sleep I don’t mind it.’’ He knew it’d help him sleep as well, and god if it does. Cullen for the first time in a good few years, has no nightmares. No screaming in his head or waking up breathing heavily with sweat on his forehead, for once it’s calm.


I just love the War Table ❤

Inquisitor : Guys, it’s getting late, let’s order some pizza
Josephine : Oh, lovely, I know a duke who knows a bann who knows an arl on whose party they served this gorgeous pizza. Let me write to them and ask for details
Cullen : I’ll send our soldiers to collect the best pizza in Hinterlands and if they don’t give us double cheese WE PUNCH THEM!
Leliana : First we RUIN the pizzeria owner, then we get our pizza for free.
Inquisitor : … nevermind

Part 1 | Part 2

This list will focus on some general information regarding college. The first part of this list is for freshmen or new students, but the rest applies to any college student!

  1. It’s okay if you don’t know anyone there. It’s okay if you’re sticking to a community college or local university while some of your high school classmates are partying it up at a state university. HEY. It’s okay.
  2. It’s okay to be excruciatingly nervous on the first day of orientation and you literally don’t know anyone around you because…they are just as nervous as you are and you are in this together.
  3. Listen for important information during orientation! Where was that meeting going to be again? Be attentive and you might even make a friend by helping someone out who wasn’t listening or missed an announcement.
  4. Find out about the clubs on campus and sign up for more information! Maybe it doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, but this is the time to try new things! You never know what club or hobby you might end up loving.
  5. Do you have a planner? Get yourself organized by knowing when you’ll be in class, how much time you have between classes, and what you can do with that time.
  6. Get a sturdy backpack that can withstand the rain (I’m still using my Swissgear backpack from middle school — you don’t need a Kanken to be cute and prepared) and always bring an umbrella, your school ID, paper/notebook, pen, pencil, some water, a couple of snacks, and chapstick.
  7. Make sure you leave yourself a breakfast and/or lunch break when signing up for classes. You will thank yourself.
  8. Take your basics and approach them with as genuine interest as you can muster. You might discover that what you hated in high school, you come to love in college.
  9. So you knowingly or unknowingly signed up for a notoriously difficult professor and everyone is giving you looks of pity. First of all, what are their reasons for writing this professor off? Have they had this professor before? What were their experiences? Rumors spread like wildfire and the information you’re receiving about a professor might be skewed. Other times, people want the easy way out and immediately reject professors who are even slightly challenging. Take this from someone who was in this exact situation: An easy class is not always a good class. A hard class is not always a bad class.
  10. Get to know your professors! This is a vital piece of information: You will be amazed at how far building relationships with professors can take you, especially the ones you get along with. They can get you into classes, they can get you into highly competitive internships, I swear, they can land you the job that might even lead to working alongside them in the future. If you take nothing else from this, take this one lesson.
  11. “How can I get to know my professors?” Begin by participating in class (even if your face burns up as you talk out loud). Talk to them after class! Email them and visit them during their office hours! Let them know you care about their class and, really, it all goes from there.
  12. Professors have office hours for a reason, which is for you to visit them. Most professors want to help you out! But they cannot help you if you do not let them know. Office hours are the perfect opportunity to talk to your professor, Expert of Class They are Literally Teaching, who can bestow much knowledge and clarification about a topic or idea you do not understand.
  13. Student discounts @ restaurants and stores exist. Try your career center and the Internet to find out where they have these offers.
  14. Always lock your bike and/or car. Not sure if you locked it? Go check or sweat-inducing regrets might ensue. I swear, SOMEONE STOLE MY DOORMAT LAST SEMESTER. MY DOORMAT. Always lock your car.
  15. Apply for work-study! Some jobs only involve sitting at a desk with occasional human interaction. You can use this time to study AND get paid! Spectacular!
  16. A note about advisors: Sometimes, you get an advisor who is awesome, helps you push your limits, and gives you a bunch of useful tips about your classes. Other times, you get an advisor who discourage you from taking on something challenging because their personal views and feelings get in the way. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to choose your classes/professors and be well-informed. If something seems off, ask someone else about it. Your advisor isn’t omniscient and you must rely on more than one opinion about a class, a professor, a major, etc.
  17. Syllabus PRO TIP: Colleges and universities sometimes have an accessible database of syllabi from previous semesters! This means that you can look through old syllabi and see the grading scale for a class, previous professors who offered that course, and what amount of reading a class will require. Of course these are previous syllabi and may not perfectly reflect what a class is like now. But you can get a really good idea of what to expect. (The syllabi archive is available online for my university. Ask your advisor if this is available in any form at your school!)