Advice To Live By


Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother ♥ 04.08.1900 - 30.03.2002

Wouldn’t it be terrible if you’d spent all your life doing everything you were supposed to do, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t eat things, took lots of exercise, all the things you didn’t want to do, and suddenly one day you were run over by a big red bus, and as the wheels were crunching into you you’d say ‘Oh my god, I could have got so drunk last night!’ That’s the way you should live your life, as if tomorrow you’ll be run over by a big red bus.

SPF 30 always. Stop tanning. Your pale skin is just right. Read books in the shade and everywhere else. Keep that precious brain healthy and active. Keep that side of yourself that needs to listen to ‘perhaps lame’ music. Remember the good feelings. And all the feelings for that matter. You are lovely, smart and charming. Your older self realizes this more. Know it now. -   Ashley Brooke Toussant-Bigler

i just remembered BB are gonna be giving love advice on this live stream ._. 

Meandered along the first leg of the Teton crest trail today with @straussn.
Phillips pass ➡️ top of the tram. Finished right as thunderstorms came in, sat and had beers and waffles while big red was on lightning hold, and met some people with plenty of advice on how to live your life to the fullest. On the right track! Adventure Monday strikes again. #gottacaseofthemondays

Reibert Week - Day 3 Modern AU Quarterback!Reiner and Scientist!Bertholdt They could have been so cute and cheerful. They could have had a so beautiful life with roommate!Annie. Reiner as the outgoing bara friend, joke and all. The kind of guy everyone want in his team, reliable and funny. Bertholdt as the good student, ping-pong player and all. Taking note for Reiner because he always skip for training. Kind and smart, introvert but always give good advice. They could have been so good. They could have lived somewhere else. On the other side.

borshargaan asked:

That's completely un-Islamic. You should be happy with the body and species that Allah gave you. He made fish that way for a reason, and He made you your way for another reason. Respect that and get over yourself ok?

If we’re speaking of un-Islamic actions, giving ‘advice’ when it’s not your place is un-Islamic, typing with this roman letters is un-Islamic, lower your gaze, who are YOU to give ME advice on how I should live my life? What is it? Do you just want me to have the thoughts of being a jellyfish and not act them out? sounds so familiar. 

wow-pandastic-baby replied to your post “i just remembered BB are gonna be giving love advice on this live…”


idk why but i feel like we’ll be hearing the kinda advice we’d recieve from that weird uncle who got divorced 20 years ago OTL iDK WHY lolol

wow-pandastic-baby replied to your post “i just remembered BB are gonna be giving love advice on this live…”

*dae doesn’t even enter the building because he went to the wrong one*

lmfao *BB end up calling him on his phone during live stream like he’s working abroad* “guys I’m sorry I couldn’t make it but I’m with you in spirit”

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  • don’t sign up for morning classes. allow yourself time to wake up, go get breakfast, and not be in a rush.
  • don’t take classes that end later than 5 or 6 so you have enough down time and study time in the evening, without having to overlap with dinner.
  • go to seminars on interesting topics that don’t necessarily relate to your major.
  • don’t take back-to-back classes. allow yourself to grab a snack or rest. you might also have to cross campus and not give yourself enough time otherwise.
  • check out before enrolling in a class.
  • take every extra credit opportunity.


  • pour your own drink.
  • don’t mix liquors.
  • drink as much water as you do alcohol.
  • don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • if you’re hungover, drink water, and eat bananas and saltines
  • stay active.


  • nobody else has friends the first couple weeks either. you’re not alone.
  • leave your dorm door open when you’re in there and don’t mind distractions.
  • go to as many events as possible.
  • decorate your dorm with your roommate as an easy bonding experience.


  • make dorm rules with your roommate to set some basic boundaries in the first couple weeks of school.
  • empty your trash regularly.
  • keep a surplus of a quick snack, like cereal or granola bars, for when you’re running late or not hungry enough for the cafeteria.
  • bed bath & beyond, as well as daiso (or find a store), have good and relatively cheap dorm supplies. 
  • save receipts for everything you purchase. figure out how much you spend per week on the bare necessities, and set a weekly budget slightly above that.
  • plan on spending an extra $100 on things you forgot for your dorm.
  • here’s a list of what you should pack.


  • check your student email very regularly. your class might get cancelled, or a free event might be held.
  • take advantage of free services.
  • don’t take your paid services for granted, either. do your homework and don’t sleep in class.
  • explore your school’s website for interesting or useful information.
Ways to become motivated again

-clean your room/reorganize your room
-discover new music that reenergizes you
-write down a list of your goals
-write down small goals that you can accomplish today
-write down simple every day things you can do each day to bring you closer to achieving your bigger goals
-whenever you see quotes that spark something inside of you, write them down so that in the future, when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can read through them to reawaken that spark
-close your eyes and picture yourself achieving all of your goals, living your dream life, feeling as happy as you always wished you would feel, and then open your eyes and start working towards it

child, don't fear the unknown-

and suddenly it will happen,
when you don’t even realize it-
you’ll be the person you've 
always wanted to become.
you will have the life you've 
always wanted to live
and the friends to help guide
you along the way.
you will have the lover who
promises you the world
(and for once actually gives it).
it might be weeks or even
years from now,
but i promise you, child,
some day it will happen.
you will be swept off your feet
and carried to the best chapter
of your life
before you even have the 
chance to catch your breath.

When you fall asleep tonight, I want you to think of at least one thing that has been good today. It might be difficult and you might think that there’s nothing but, however bad a day has been, there’s always one thing, even if it’s a tiny thing, that has been good, and sometimes it can be helpful to remind yourself of that as you fall asleep.