The Void by Phantom City CreativeGraham Humphreys & Ghoulish Gary Pullin

18” X 24” S/N prints editions of 100. Only available as part of the indiegogo fundraiser for the new movie from the makers of Manborg and Father’s Day,  Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. Full info, concept trailer and funding options HERE.


Wave 2 of my Smashbros Outfit Swap Series requests is finally done!
-Rosalina as Megaman
-Pit as Link
-Megaman as Mario
-Wii Fit Trainer as Bowser
-Kirby as Dark Pit
These concept doodles were requested by people, and I have received so many! Over 30~ I’m not going to be able to do them all, so I’m kinda picking and choosing at my favourite ideas. So if anyone is interested in suggesting a swap, just send me an ask, and to anyone awaiting a swap please be patient and understand I’m a high school ap student with band- I’m kinda busy.
For more swaps, follow me for any updates, and for more art in general and if you missed my past swaps, just visit my deviantart: