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Little rant coming on about the Ash vs. Evil Dead advertising, because that post I reblogged was really gross and it’s getting sad now.

I really enjoyed season one, and I think season two looks even better. And the show certainly is not perfect, but it’s wonderful I get to see my favorite movie as a TV series and I’m looking forward to where it’ll go. But lordy do they not know how to advertise. When they aren’t hilariously out of touch and trying to create memes (“We’ve replaced this deadite with a christmas tree emoji! Eh? EHHH???”), it’s like the worst kind of dudebro culture and way overly sexual. Like sexist at times, and that really makes me feel uncomfortable as a female fan.

And like, it might be different if this was based on a slasher series like, say, Friday the 13th. Still creepy, but it’d make more sense. But Evil Dead is sort of strange as a horror classic from that era in that there’s really not a lot of sexual content. There’s the “moment” with the trees in the first one, but you don’t really see a lot of overt sex scenes or topless women (that aren’t decomposing, that is). At no point is the promiscuous woman set to die and the virgin safe.

And certainly there’s sexual content in AVED, but it’s still not….the whole focus, you know? But the advertising is constantly double entendres and giving dating tips (???) and (apparently) giving out condoms (???????) and championing all the women Ash sleeps with. At one point they photoshopped Ash watching women play volleyball just to like….say it was the summer? I’m kinda baffled.

And to be honest, guys, none of it is even clever. If it was actually funny I might give it a pass, but it’s just awful. Try-hard at best. Overall, 0/10.


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