Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog


If anybody knows more quotes like this, I’d like you to add them to this post; I want a collection.


Adventures in trying to revisit Bendy’s actual canon mischievous maliciousness, plus one obligtory doodle of him running.  Thanks for hanging out at the stream, guys!  It was tons of fun watching one of my favorite old cartoons with you, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. :D

(On that note, I leave you with this mental image: Bendy with Coconuts’ voice.)

Is that even the “real” Shadow?

Remember that one time in sonic heros when you find out you were playing as a clone of Shadow the whole time.

Do you ever wonder whatever happened to him later on. :3

Also yes, this is a direct rip off of that two Buzz Lightyear joke in toy story 2.

“Not really.”

“Again, not really.”

“Seriously though, it hasn’t.”

“We were talking with each other during the beginning of this game.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”

“Not so much the case, madam.”

“For the last time, NO.”



“NOOOOOOO-okay that one actually is justified.”