January Phandom Birthdays

[According to the birthday calendar as of now even though I know this is unforgivably late. Happy belated birthday, everyone! (and if anyone wants to take this over since I am incapable of doing anything consistently, please come talk to me)]

4- @sataara

5- @hangwiththegaang // @lotusqueenandiplus

6- @uwaaaah (hashtag-art)

8- @the-adventuring-pirate-vulpix

9- @hotmuffincrumbs

11- @zoeydreamer19

17- @modernclair

18- @ghostmallows

20- @artblogparadox

21- @danny-bae-phantom

23- @rhythmantics

25- @ghost-chicky

26- @askronnymanning // @tembrook

28- @amessofectoplasm

31- @eivuiee // @astrophantomplanet

It was karaoke night at the bar tonight. The only song from Phantom of the Opera they had was All I Ask of You, which is hella slow and sappy, but I’ll take it. None of the girls who actually knew PotC would be the Christine to my Raoul, but I eventually got my guy friend to do it. He was a horrible Christine, but he tried, so he’s a cool Christine in my book. Midway through, our TA swept in and took over because, although she didn’t want to sing originally, I guess she couldn’t let him continue. We may have slowed people down or weirded people out for a few minutes, but it’s my favorite musical, so I had fun. It’s just grapefruit.