All the cartoons I’ve seen

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Adventure Time

Gravity Falls

Steven Universe

We bare bears

Bee and Puppycat

Bob’s Burgers

Rick And Morty

Bojack Horseman

The Amazing World Of Gumball

Over The Garden Wall

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

Miraculous Ladybug

Regular Show

And I need to see:

Phineas and Ferb

Bravest Warriors

Milo Murphy’s Law

ayy it’s a Finn Mertens Fic Rec List !

( bc i’ve been scavenging ao3 all night long for gen fics just to like. eat em all up man. i mentioned making one on twitter so here we go

*note: all the names of users here are ao3/ handles. i haven’t checked out every single fic in the finn tag yet, nor have i stepped into really, so feel free to add on if i missed anything! )

  • The Care and Feeding of Humans by Paradoxal Reality (multichapter;incomplete) - I haven’t read this one myself yet, but it’s been recommended to me a lot. Follows the story of Joshua and Margaret raising Finn. (Gen|Relationships: The Dog Family)
  • Reverseworld Time with Finn and Jake by Steeldragondown (multichapter;complete) - Finn and Jake accidentally end up in an alternate reality, and now have to work with their new friends (and old enemies?) to get back home. (Gen|Relationships: Finn & Jake & Simon & Gunther, mainly)
  • Something New by LordofLies (oneshot) - Set after Hot Diggity Doom/The Comet. Gunther seeks Finn for help with existential crises and identity issues. (Gen|Relationships: Finn&Gunther)
  • I am Finn Mertens by Megapidgeots (oneshot) - Finn keeps a journal after meeting his real father. (Gen|R:None)
  • Her Hero by Megapidgeots (oneshot) - “ Princess Bubblegum has awakened to a Candy Kingdom in it’s usual state of freaking right out, and finds that the source of the trouble is tiny, adorable, and not at all unexpected. “ . (Gen|R: Finn&PB&Jake)
  • He Wasn’t Worth It by Keleficent (oneshot) - Jermaine helps Finn sort out some feelings after meeting his real father. (Gen|R: Finn&Jermaine, Finn&Joshua)
  • Moonnight Hours by InkedIntoIcognito (oneshot) - Finn still dreams about the comet. (Gen|R: None)
  • Nuits Blanches by TheSoulOfAStrawberry (oneshot) - Set after I Am A Sword. Finn tackles insomnia and anxiety, among other things. (Gen|R: Finn&Jake, warnings for suicidal thoughts)
  • A Smile On His Face by Radipp (oneshot) - Set after Ghost Fly. Finn rushes Jake to the hospital and reflects on what it means to be a real hero. (Gen|R: Finn&Jake&BMO, warnings for near death experiences and hospitalization)
  • A Gaping Pit by SandriaC (oneshot) - Set after Escape the Citadel. Goes into Finn’s (rather depressing) introspection. (Gen|R: Finn&Jake)

[ And some non-Gen or non-Finn-centered fics where Finn was good so I’ll include anyway- ]