it sucks how much straight women don’t want to consider lesbians and bi women as fellow women. while straight girls laugh at straight men who say “no homo” and refuse to be affectionate with each other, they adopt similar attitudes; if a girl they know is discovered to be gay or bi, she often loses those opportunities to be affectionate or “one of the girls”. little things, like changing in the locker room (“we’re all girls, we’ve seen it all”) become like warzones where any accidental glance from a gay or bi girl is interpreted as a predatory advance. when gay and bi girls come out, straight women do not trust us. they assume we are just like men and will use similar tactics to try and hit on or ensnare girls in relationships. the mutual respect we once had dissolves as our every movement is scrutinized because, oh my god, what if that lesbian is actually interested in me? crushes in particular are difficult. if you don’t admit to your friend that you might be interested in her, she thinks you’ve betrayed her and secretly been objectifying her against her will. if you do admit it, you’re considered a nasty pervert who doesn’t know how to just be friends with someone. most of the time, it’s hard to decipher for oneself if there is attraction there; for a lot of gay and bi women, we realize that we are attracted to women because those feelings we had for our friends, important women in our life, etc. are actually more than friendship. now we’re demanded to parse out our attractions like its black and white: either we just want to be friends, and we can be trusted, although she may be disappointed a gay girl isn’t interested in her, or we are hopelessly in love and lust, and must be avoided. it’s not always clear cut! it’s not always possible to tell whether feelings for friends are just friendship or more, and most of us have nothing to guide us in our analysis of those feelings!

stop placing these expectations on your gay and bi friends. please, treat us like people, like your other female friends, not predators looking to exploit friendships with innocent straight girls for our gain. we need friends, just like anyone else, and it can be genuinely traumatizing dealing with straight girls who dehumanize us like this. we’re not your fucking enemies, so stop treating us like it.

So many straight guys are so horrified by the remotest possibility of someone they’re not attracted to being attracted to them.

Like given the smallest suspicion of a one-way crush they’ll be truly awful to women they consider unattractive or men who like men, even if the person in question doesn’t even come close to flirting with them.

But then they turn around and fucking harass women who don’t return their attraction - with zero self-awareness. It’s truly mind-boggling to see the same guy say some cruel shit to repel the ‘advances’ of a gay man or a fat girl who barely glanced in his direction and like thirty seconds later be pushing his luck with some girl who’s already said three times she’s not interested.

That’s fucked up.

I had a dream I discovered I wasn’t a lesbian but was actually a “new sexuality” undiscovered before and people praised me for my new discovery.

I still don’t know what the newly discovered sexuality was and I never will…

Y'all… I feel like I just gay leveled up to the MAXIMUM seeing this image… Like… There is no more gay than the gay I am at this moment in my life. Advanced level gay… Next level gay… ALL of the gay.

A lot of leftists at the end of the day are completely fine with bourgeois states or even reactionary far right neotraditionalism as long as it isn’t American. But this only makes senses if you ignore the “longwaves” of imperialism. It doesn’t matter that you supported Sadam Hussein against American imperialism because he was also installed as a far right anticommunist leader by the United States.

Imperialism is maintained whether you support him or not (and Marxist Leninist organizations DID support him). Socialism is not furthered by providing “critical” support for far right political movements such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. United States military action should always be opposed but vulgar anti imperialism not only dismisses the imperialism of these leaders continued position as a leader but ends up de facto supporting other imperialist states or the past imperialist actions of the United States.

It doesn’t even attempt to oppose imperialism as a world system but instead seeks to, much like the United States during the cold war, support anticommunist and other right wing leaders, which these movements objectively are considering United States imperialism overturned many of the advances feminism, gay rights and religious pluralism had provided to minority groups in those countries which encouraged right wing traditionalist religious movements to dominate politics. Often, the United States gave those groups guns and training. Turkey and Russia have rightwing political leaders in control of their domestic and international politics. Until recently, Putin and Trump were publicly fond of each others leadership and rightwing politics.

But we should provide “critical” support for them because they oppose American International interests now? How do you think they came to power? Do you not think bourgeois states don’t have oppositional interests? What was World War I but a fight amongst the bourgeoisie over national economic desires to dominate the African colonies? The bourgeoisie are only united in their wants to perpetuate capitalism but who gets to benefit is a site of conflict. You lose when you take sides in bourgeois conflicts. Reject them entirely. There are situations where many of the factions present are bad for different reasons.

Anti-imperialism is often not anti-imperialist but merely just anti-American which is not sufficient enough. America is not the only capitalist economy that attempts to repress communist movements. Anticommunism is a global phenomenon.