My 400th 90210 inspired post.
I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 400th post than to make this gif set.
Here’s hoping for a fifth season of 90210! I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to see another season of these beautiful faces?

EXPOSED: Drugs ruined the pop star.

I wonder how many times you’ve heard that line in the news, huh? Anyways, before I begin this post, let me just say something. 

I have a perfectly great life with loving people in it and if you would ever meet me or Alana, we are actually very nice people who aren’t judgemental. Just because I run an exposing blog about a celebrity that may or may not like, does not mean I’m some poor loser that doesn’t have friends. I don’t even know how running a blog translates to having no life. Maybe YOU don’t have a life, but trust me, I have one and a great one at that. I don’t hate nor like Selena. I don’t care for her. She’s just another random product made by a big company. Maybe when you guys take college classes or get to college, you’ll take a class on it and learn how everything functions. I don’t wish to see someone’s downfall. I’m not happy to see someone struggling. That’s just plain evil (and yes Selena does wish to see someone’s downfall and has actually caused one before so if you wanna call her evil, be my guest. It makes sense anyways). I’m a writer and she’s my topic. I don’t care if it’s not morally correct to expose someone in your book, because no one cares what you think. This blog is entertaining and truthful. No one cares about what you have to say because facts are facts and in the end, the only thing that matters is that I know the truth and what’s really going on. Don’t forget to send Alana and I hate on; it makes our day :*

Alright lets begin. Here’s a summary of this post: Selena’s upcoming downfall will become public but you’ll know it before it does. Instead of taking time out of your day to send me hate, send some prayers to your fave okay. 

One of my earlier posts on this blog was this one where basically it shows how Selena’s face progressed throughout the years. Ironically, the post that came after that one was the possible plastic surgery she’s gotten. The only reason I’m mentioning a possible plastic surgery is because you’ll see later how her face continues to change and this time it isn’t because of surgeries. 

I’m no plastic surgeon, but it’s obvious she got work done to her face I mean

and if you realize, her face is started to get more bloated than it was in 2012 and that’s most likely due to cocaine….. 

Quick science fact: Coke can cause “intense depression, edginess and a craving for more of the drug. People who use it often don’t eat or sleep properly. They can experience greatly increased heart rate, muscle spasms and convulsions. The drug can make people feel paranoid, angry, hostile and anxious—even when they aren’t high.”

I’m not with Selena 24/7 but running an exposing blog enables you to know a person without actually knowing them. Selena has a bad temper and she gets angry quick and judging from previous actions, I would label her as a very anxious and paranoid person. I mean if you aren’t anxious about something happening and if you weren’t paranoid, would you fly halfway across the world–drunk, to boost up your career by a spotting and stay making sure girls stay away from your EX-boyfriend? A healthy and stable minded person sure wouldn’t. But we should have figured out by now that Selena is neither. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Selena fired Mandy, her mother. 

Bad mistake Selly boo. The only reason Selena is even talked about right now is thanks to Justin who met Selena when Mandy arranged a meeting with Scooter. You take away the mastermind and you’re left with nothing. It’s Mandy who pushed Selena down our throats for the past couple of years so if she doesn’t have a manager that annoying, how is she gonna get places? Her career is slowly dying now. Since day 1 she’s only been talked about whenever she was hanging out with someone. Rarely has her work ever been mentioned. 

Oh well, that means she’ll fade faster! 

So Selena fired Mandy and that has something to do with the fact that Mandy kicked Selena out of her house the two weeks before she went to rehab. That’s a good move on Mandy’s behalf because Selena needs the help. 

If you aren’t aware, Selena did indeed go to rehab for drug addiction–specifically alcohol and cocaine. Her team, Mandy, tried to play it off as emotional issues only but hey, that’s the excuse Demi’s publicist used when it was revealed that Demi went to rehab.

But unlike Demi, Selena got into hardcore drugs because of all the partying she’s done. Getting into drugs because of partying is completely different than getting into drugs because of disorders like depression. But then again, that’s just my two cents! It’s not like a run an exposing blog and have knowledge of media and hollywood or anything of that sort!

Oh my god this post is a mess and it keeps shifting from topic to topic. Sorry! 

Okay so are we clear on why Selena went to rehab? Okay good. Selena was supposed to be in rehab for longer to fully recover but the second she was out of rehab, she went straight to promote and didn’t even talk to her fans lol. After she was out of rehab, she relapsed right away which is obviously predictable. Two weeks ain’t gonna cure addiction. 

So Mandy and Selena are having a fallout and you should have guessed after Selena moved out even after preaching about how much “I love my famiilyzzz and I love living with my family even though I’m 21 lolzzzz I’m so funneh and unique buy my album plsss!!

Lol we could fit all her 200 fans in there. I joke I joke. It seems like a nice place. Obviously not safe since two people already broke in but that’s her problem. 

Lawd where were we?

Oh yes. So her and Mandy are having a fallout and if you remember in one of my earlier posts, which is also my first post with my source, we discussed how Selena is always very disrespectful towards Mandy. Read it here

It’s true. Selena has been doing coke every single day and she’s been drinking like crazy. 

Remember my post where I called her an alcoholic, and then she ended up being in rehab for alcohol as one of the problems? Yeah read it here

It was reported that she was having one of her druggie episodes backstage the day of this

but they let her go up on stage either way. She admitted that she did drugs during that speech and covered it up by saying she was pressured into it when really she’s just a party addict. We should have all noticed it in 2012. Yeah yeah who would have thought sweet little Selena Gomez is an alcoholic and snorts coke daily?

Also, at the KCAs

that was reported. Many people who watched her acceptance speech claimed that she was a little off her game and true, she was. 

I mean she looks like she’s struggling to stay awake but I guess the overdone makeup helped hide it a little bit. 

Her fans like to make up excuses and one very popular excuse is “She’s tired.” ACCORDING TO YOU MORONS SHE’S BEEN TIRED SINCE 2010. Selena hasn’t been working for MONTHS and she’s even canceled a tour so if she’s really “tired” why doesn’t she sleep? Oh did you guys not know, one of the effects of coke is disturbed sleep patterns. So yeah maybe she’s tired but it’s mainly because she’s an addict. Get over it and send some prayers and stop acting like this world is full of rainbows and little girls making cookies and giving them out for free. 

We’ll get to the coke effects in a second. 


She was wasted out of her mind here and you can kinda tell by the way she’s walking and how her eyes are closed and how she’s leaning on that lady. 

Sigh, just get help sis. 

She’s an addict and I’m not writing this with a smile on my face. I feel bad even after all the horrible things she’s done but she’s still a human being and I don’t believe that anyone should suffer, but that’s the hard truth. She’s an addict and some may say that this his her karma. 

Lets learn a little bit about coke shall we?

The first bullet says “loss of appetite”. Selenators make it seem like Selena eats like a cow and that she’s so original because she eats I know stupid right, but the truth of the matter is I don’t think she’s lost so much weight since 2012 because she eats healthy or excersizes. For one, she doesn’t eat healthy or drink healthy if you know what I mean. She doesn’t even work out unless you wanna call that jumping on tour for a couple of nights working out. 

Keep in mind that this analyzation is based on what we know. We know that she does coke regularly so we are now seeing the effects and the logic in this. 

A couple of weeks ago on, a discussion about Selena’s weight randomly popped up and everyone started chipping in with their two cents. We basically came to a conclusion that Selena has lost a ton of weight due to coke. 

Ask any Selena fan, Selena is like a vacuum when it comes to eating. And her fans are like “Lolzzz Selena eats like crazy but still has a perfect bod your fave can nevah!!!” If only they realized. 

I don’t know how long Selena has been using coke but I can tell you that these past couple of months, it’s becoming a bigger problem more and more everyday. Take a look at her physique

It’s a really nice thin bod she has, but it’s sad how it was achieved.

You can also gain weight randomly when you’re not on it and you’re trying to stop so you eat everything in sight and this is a recent 

Wanna see an example of how skinny coke can make you?

And yes both admitted to their coke addictions and Demi even said that she couldn’t go 30 minutes without snorting coke. 

Facial appearance, Lindsay changed a lot and you could see the coke effect take place in her face. However, Demi’s face didn’t change at all and I assume it’s because she has that unique face and bone structure which luckily for her, she can hide anything. Not many people can do that.

Coke effect in Selena’s face is kinda scary and sad. Wanna see something depressing? 

She was so pretty. She actually looked like 2011elena in the first photo for a second since she was gorgeous in 2011. That was definitely her peak. 

Many can argue that it’s makeup but just look at the facial features and your argument will become invalid. 

The recent event shows the coke effect even more and it’s quite sad

Even with a filter, you can’t hide the coke effect. 

And if you notice, one or her eyes are always closing nowadays. Side effect I sense?

A big head on a very skinny body is a common look for coke users. Selena has always had a large head but nowadays, it just seems larger. 

Let me introduce you to a show I used to watch when it used to air: 90210.

Now if I remember clearly, a character on that show was named Adrianna Tate Duncan. She was a coke addict so her character was made to look high all the time to reflect an actual coke addict. Take a look at Adrianna

Red eyes. Crazed face.

Look at Selena

Her eyes are extremely red and puffy as well and last I checked, I don’t think a coke addict like Selena told her makeup artist to make her look like one. 

External image

Most friends are suspicious based on your behavior so coke addicts tend to lie a lot and manipulate people. Sound like someone we know?

And if any of you watched the show, it should enlighten you a little bit on how Hollywood functions. I’m actually thinking about making a post showing you about the devils of Hollywood and using that show to help you guys analyze things clearer. Adriana is the pop star in the show and it shows the PR relationships she goes through, the management backlash she gets because there’s a skinnier artist with the same label that gets the better song (hint: HWR with Demi and Selena), and of course how she calls the paparazzi on herself. Also, when the drug story line was going on, you could see how a person acts when they’re on drugs and from everything I told you about Selena, I’m sure there are some similarities. Overall, it’s a really nice show and I recommend it. 

After rehab (sober) vs. After rehab (relapse) 

Anyone who comes out of rehab and automatically goes back to the partying lifestyle, is still an addict. 

And there she is, I can already tell she’s wasted and hitting on some random–qualities that Selena tends to pull when she’s wasted. 

And around that same time, she was finally caught holding a cigarette

I wonder if her fans finally understood the fact that yes, Selena does smoke and has smoked everything and anything since she was like 14.


Remember when this happened


and her fans said stuff like

Djarum cigs are actually worse than regular cigarettes, “babe”.

Then this happened

and more excuses were made.

Silly silly Selenators. 

Just like that cigarette timeline, that’s what will happen with Selena’s cocaine problem. Little by little, more hints will add up to show us that she’s an addict. 

Isn’t that an ashtray behind her. 

Slick, Selena. Funny how the media really couldn’t give a fuck though. 

Drugs ruin you and that’s that. Whether it’s alcohol or cocaine or cigarettes, they all harm you in the long run. They harm your skin, your body functions and etc. 

Summary of this post: Selena does drugs, the hardcore drugs. She fired Mandy because Mandy wanted her in rehab–where she belongs. She’s now on her own living the partying lifestyle and slowly, we’re catching up and then the media will realize and it’s bye bye Selena. This isn’t like Demi’s problems because Demi getting into drugs was a different situation than how Selena got into them and Demi didn’t fade because her career wasn’t built up on a relationship.

So yeah that’s how my two cents on how the coke effect has ruined her face, her life, and her in general. At 21, she shouldn’t look like she’s in her late thirties. 

Well hopefully she gets better. (There’s a recent blind about her so check it out here.)


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