Adrian sitting in a corner

Grades and Questions

Requested: Can you do a story in which the reader is a teacher in high school and is Cora’s english teacher and Derek goes to get her grades and talk with her because it’s parents day, and Cora doesn’t have parents! And he fell for her or something? 😇

A/N: Technically an AU I guess as he never needed to go to one of the conferences, so yeah that’s about the only note to give. So, let’s just say Cora grew up with Derek in this one.

Parent-teacher conferences were the most irritating part of being a teacher. I mean, the planning was sometimes tedious, the lessons themselves could range from entertaining to downright stressful and the staff room was an entertaining place to be most of the time. The conferences, however, seemed to bring the worst out in everyone.

The staff room was in shambles. Anna was flicking through her notes, panicking that she was missing Scott McCall’s notes; Adrian was sitting in the corner, drinking a cup of coffee and surveying everyone over the rim with a kind of malicious amusement on his face and Michaela was frantically trying to make sure that no one could tell her roots were showing too badly. There was a nervous tension hanging in the room, one which wasn’t helped by Jayden talking loudly about how well his class for home room had been doing in all their tests.

‘D’you reckon he’ll shut up?’ Francine asked me, surveying Jayden coolly as she dropped a couple of sugar cubes into her drink.

‘Maybe if he has to face Mr Lahey, I heard he can be a nightmare,’ I said, absently picking up my notes on the English classes.

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