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Full Name: Adrian Lockhart (Ade is okay - never Addie.)
Gender: Nah.
Sexuality: Anyone and everyone.
Pronouns: They/them
Ethnicity/Species: White/Ghoul
Physical: Tall (6'1") and lanky, deceptively strong. White hair, black eyes.
Birthplace and Birthdate: October 12th 2058, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.
Family: Joseph Lockhart, father, deceased 2077; Mariana Lockhart, mother, deceased 2058.
Pre-War Occupation: Acrobat with a traveling circus - specifically on the swinging trapeze and acro dance.
Guilty Pleasures: Adrian doesn’t feel guilt over anything they like. They used to argue that life is short and they should find pleasure where they can, but that argument sort of ran out of steam after the first century and a half or so. Still, they’re a total hedonist.
Phobias: Abandonment, being trapped somewhere alone forever, going feral
What They Would Be Famous For: Showing off their acrobatic skills, of course - they’re very flexible, after all.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Getting into a bar fight - maybe with the jealous partner of whomever they were flirting with that night, maybe with some bigot they pissed off a little too much, it doesn’t really matter. They won’t start the fight, but who are they to turn down a little fun?
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: High fantasy. They love adventure, action, passionate romances and epic quests.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Dislikes depressing stories or ones that are too serious. They believe strongly that fiction is supposed to be a fun, happy escape from the dullness of real life, and shouldn’t make you feel worse.
Talents and/or Powers: Extremely agile, great at sneaking. Decent with pistols, but lethal with knives. Very charismatic, seductive and persuasive.

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  • April:“Mark Boerio — how do I even begin to describe him?”
  • April:“Mark Boerio is a flawless problematic fave.”
  • Auburn:“He has fought in a couple of wars, I believe?”
  • Adrian:“He has decent suits now. Thanks to me.”
  • April:“I hear he’s Adrian Foux’ bodyguard now.”
  • Leah:“One time, he met Fay on a street.”
  • Fay:“And he told me he was my brother.”
  • Freya:“One time, he got me fired. That was awesome.”

I kind of love how much focus the show has given to Marichat in comparison to Ladrien. I mean, the show has only given us one moment of Lady Bug and Adrien together and it was precious as hell. 

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Because of their attraction for one another, it would be equally rewarding and mutual. But also: too easy

Meanwhile, with Marichat, they get to interact without any feelings in the way. And sure, its pain for us shippers, but having them interact with the sides of each other that they haven’t quite fallen for yet is super rewarding in the long run.

Chat gets to talk with this cute yet awkward girl he knows from class, but she feels comfortable -friendly even- around him so she doesn’t have to be as awkward. All the while, Marinette gets to hang out with her friend Chat Noir, but he isn’t fawning over her and flirting every few seconds. They actually get to relax around one another.

At the end of the day, they both get to know a bit more of their alternate egos without the added stress their crushes can give them sometimes. Adrien sees past Marinette’s awkwardness while she learns to appreciate her friend a bit more. And I would just like to believe that they fall for each other this way, coming full circle, proving that they both care for one another on the deepest level. 

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This look? I personally want to believe that Lady Bug is starting to grow fond of Chat Noir, realizing he’s more than just a flirty jokester. I mean, thats what the episode was about, her appreciation for Chat Noir, right? They’re not just two superheroes, they’re a team and they’re friends. And maybe, just maybe, they’re starting to fall through Marichat.

Highlights of La Marionnettiste (according to a non-french speaking person)

Handmade Ladybug, Chat Noir and villian dolls (by Marinette herself omg)

Marinette’s adorable look when she sees Adrian

Alya’s strength plus being an amazing wing girl 

Manon’s amazing akuma form (too bad she was akuminized though) 

Unaware Adrian 

Honestly the faces Marinette makes when she sees Adrian are so cute

But she’s still too shy and hides (which was also so cute)

Cute confused Adrian

Alya’s (lady wifi) tantrum

Marinette and chat talking 

Ladybug’s face when chat almost saw Adrian’s photo

Ladybug could win a limbo contest

“What me?! a puppet?!” (i think)

Her reflexes omg

Puppet Chat

Ladybug’s face

Hackmouth crying cuz he almost has the miraculous 


AND THEN THE WHOLE BATTLE IT WAS AMAZING! LIKE I COULDN’T GET ALL OF IT BUT OMG. The best part was the end when she defeated everyone single-handedly 

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and the ending card