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170203// So, first time EVER having a digital bujo and !!!! LET ME TELL YOU, at first it was a bit awkward but I got the hand of it pretty quickly c: I got some ideas from @jellybujo bc their digital bujo are goaaals! 

Digital bujo = Good Notes4 (great investment and easy to use)
I use a rubber stylus, nothing fancy at all c:

UPDATE: I ordered the Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 and will arrive approximately this thursday!


170225// Here are some digital notes and my bujo spread for last week as requested by @longhairshortie !! 
The stylus I’m currently using is an Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 c: and has been working wonders with me so far :) Also for the iPad is an iPad mini 3 c: might upgrade sometime around this year tho woohoo!

hallo! so i’ve been using my ipad for school for about a year now, and i have accumulated lots and lots of hacks and tricks to make the most out of it instead of having it as an additional distraction!!

on parents’ trust

parent’s trust are super important when it comes to getting a new device, which is why you should have a one-month bootcamp for both you and your parents.

  • make sure you have no game apps on there, and show them that you don’t
  • every time ur going to use it for homework or for studies, tell them. and if ur going to use it for youtube and all that jazz, inform them too.
  • be on ur best behavior and make sure you don’t slack and cave into ur desires. 
    • ur parents are bound to check on you so this is important!
    • this will also train ur self-discipline

on using it for entertainment

i highly recommend not using it for games and social media. but if you do…

  • turn off notifications!! don’t allow them to show on ur lockscreen too
    • when ur not constantly reminded, ur waaay less likely to check on it.
    • i turned off notifs for tumblr and instagram and i found out i didn’t check on them that much!!
  • ask urself: “do i already have this on my phone? do i rly need another medium to use it?”
  • a lot of my friends do this!! delete ALL ur entertainment apps about a 2 weeks to 1 month before exams!! 

on storage

i personally bought the 128 gb one, but even after using it for a year and downloading all content all my 8+ subject teachers send me, i only used up 19gb.

  • spring clean ur ipad every term!!
    • you most probably don’t need all those pics, especially all the ones you already have on ur phone
    • and do you rly need 7 notetaking apps? 
    • actually, you know what? do you rly need half the apps you downloaded? do you even use them?
  • only download what you need!
    • i have a classmate who syncs all her photos from her phone to her ipad.
    • friendly reminder that ur device is supposed to be for work and for work ONLY
  • sync ur work!
    • third party apps like dropbox should honestly be used to store all ur documents, like powerpoints, pdfs, and notes from the previous semester.
      • they don’t take up as much space on ur device and then you get to delete ur files from ur device but you can still access them!!

on accessories

  • a good expensive cover is recommended
    • sure, it’s expensive and you might see a similar one for like half the price, but quality is important
    • friendly reminder: ur gonna be whipping it out in school and at home and you don’t want one that spoils easily / doesn’t protect ur device!!
  • is a stylus necessary?
    • i don’t recommend buying this until ur familiar w ur ipad and how u use it best
    • but if you do find out that you prefer to handwrite ur notes on an app, a stylus is honestly ur savior.
    • do ur research!! my adonit jot pro was recommended tons of times and it was q expensive but it’s worth it. 
      • my friend bought a knock-off version and wasted $30 and went to buy the real thing in the end sooo :/

on class sharing

some classes in my school do these and like it helps a lot so i highly rec!!

  • having a class homework list document
    • google docs is a great app!
    • but just where y’all note down ongoing homework for each subject and their duedates
  • sharing a class subject notes document
    • google docs is also amazing
    • make sure to turn on the ‘can edit’ or else it’ll have no use lmao
    • but it’s where everyone compiles their notes. so if someone has additional notes from a different class they went to [maybe tuition or a make-up lesson] y’all can use it too
    • or if ur unable to make it one day, or was just super sleepy on one particular lesson, it’s great to reference!
    • make sure to give each subject a document each!!

on apps

i have some app recommendations are y’all ready. this are just some apps that nobody talks about but are crazy cool. if y’all want a full list, please request!!

[ ‘a’ for appstore and ‘p’ for google playstore]

  • newsloop [free] [ a ] [ p ]
    • all news from all news platform in one place. categorized.
  • onenote [free] [ a ] [ p ]
  • notability [paid] [ a ]
    • the price fluctuates like crazy, so i highly recommend waiting for it to cool down rn
      • the lowest i’ve seen it go was S$1+ and it’s now S$6+ sooo
  • scannable [free] [ a ]
    • this is crazy cool, it scans ur irl paper w just ur device like wtf how
    • you can adjust the frame so the results are always v accurate!!

+ my take on the new ipad pro

my friend bought it this year to replace her new ipad and let’s just talk about how it is unconventional on so many levels. sure, it’s gr8 but maybe not for school yaknow

  • it’s heavy. like v heavy.
  • it also takes up waaay too much space on ur already small desk
  • my friend complains about this a lot: everything you do can be seen by everybody. even if ur in the front of the class and the person is at the back.
  • tbh the extra size doesn’t change anything.

i’m not against it, like it’s totally cool. but i’m talking about lugging this to school every day. i’m still v pro-apple tho so no hate lmao. just maybe not for school. definitely not for school.

+ my other tips

these are just some tips i thought of, maybe i’ll do a part 2 one day?? i hope this helped you!!


I’ve got a bunch of requests on how I use Notability for my notes, so I thought I’d do up a quick tutorial. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s seriously useful.

You’ll need:

  • A stylus (I use an Adonit Jot Pro)
  • A tablet (I use an iPad)
  • A phone (preferably one with the same iTunes/Google Play Store account, I use an iPhone)
  • A laptop/desktop (I use a MacBook Pro)
  • Notability app on all those devices + set up with Cloud sharing

Right. Let’s begin. (Note: All screenshots were taken on my iPad; the interface changes slightly on your computer, but not by much)

This is your homescren. It’s what you’ll see when you open up the app. As you can see, I have a bunch of notes. On the left, you can see my different subjects. Each arrow represents a divider, and each coloured bit is a subject. This way I can separate my lecture notes from my self-taken notes.

Let’s take a nosy into one of my dividers, shall we?

This is what’s in my Chemistry lecture notes divider. These are all PDFs of my school’s notes.

This is a page from my Chemical Energetics notes. If you look at the top bar, you’ll see 6 icons in the center. 

The T is the button for you to type in text (you can put in text boxes wherever you want on screen, change the font, the size, and the colour). 

The pencil button is for you to write/draw. You can change the size of the pen, and the colour by pressing the button again. 

The highlighter button is for you to highlight text. You can change the size of the highlighter, and the colour by pressing the button again. 

The eraser button is for erasing. Note that it erases everything that you did without lifting up your finger. (So if you wrote ‘hello’ without lifting your stylus/finger up, it would erase the whole word, not just a certain portion). 

The scissors button is for you to select portions you’ve created. Say you’ve drawn a diagram in the wrong spot. Use the scissors button to encircle the diagram, then just drag it off to somewhere else. You can also change the style (size, colour) of the diagram if you so please, or copy it somewhere else. 

The pointer button is for you to scroll through the note without affecting anything.

There’s also a microphone button for you to record whatever’s going on. I use this to record lectures. The cool thing is that it tracks what page you’re on when you’re recording. So if you’re on page xx, whatever you’ve written will be faded until the recording reaches that bit. Then it’ll darken to show you what corresponds to the audio. You can also delete recordings, and play them at different speeds if you’d like.

On to making your own notes. This is a sample of what I’ve typed up. You have the option to make bulleted lists and numbered lists.

You could also write your own notes.

Using the pencil button and long pressing on a certain area, this will pop up. You can also adjust the blue box to increase or decrease your writing space. The highlighted blue portion on the right side serves the purpose of moving to the right or to the next line once you’ve hit it. The grey box is your palm rest.

You can insert different things if you’d like, so you can have everything in one note.

You can change your paper as well. So if you’re drawing a mock-up, you might want to use blank paper instead of gridded.

And that’s it! That’s how I use Notability. It’s supported on phones and computers too, so you literally have all your notes at your fingertips. 

I cannot recommend this app highly enough. It’s amazing, and I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without it.


what’s in my pencil case

i try to take the bare minimum to uni, and this is what i carry in my tiny soft herlitz pencil case:

1. adonit jot pro stylus to keep my ipad company

2. edding 89 office liner for my bullet journal

3. cheapo black ballpoint pen bc you always need one of those

4. stabilo pointvisco roller pen for my everyday writing needs

5. random mechanical pencil i’ve picked up somewhere

6. tiny faber castell ruler

7. lavender pilot frixion highlighter for my bullet journal

8. pastel bluish stabilo highlighter for highlighting 

2/14 days of revision: favorite supplies for note taking i use black for the bulk of my notes & i love using sharpie pens. since i went through so many of the regular black sharpie lens, i bought the stainless steel one because it’s refillable and feels so much better and weightier. i have other colors from sharpie, but prefer my mini stabilos because more of them fit inside my pencil pouch. and then i have my adonit jot pro for taking notes on my ipad.

Submitted by Thelma

External image

I like to keep it all organised, as well as having everything I need in my bag.

nazgullow replied to your photoset:DA:I doodles from the past week All drawn with…

Wow, the details are amazing! Do you use a sort a tablet pen when you draw on tablets?

Thank you!

The Note 3 comes with its own patented stylus, using Wacom’s pressure sensitivity tech which works well with apps that accommodate it such as Sketchbook Pro:

Sure, it’s only 1024 levels of pressure, but it gets the work done. Plus it’s nice to be able to work on preliminary sketches while on the move, to be touched up or finished once I’m back at my PC.

In comparison, I also use a pressure sensitive Adonit Jot Pro stylus with my iPad when using Procreate 2, but it still feels clunky to me. Nothing beats integrated pressure sensitivity, IMO <3


I reached 500 followers quite a while ago and I thought, it was about time to give something back. So, I was thinking, that I would like to give you something, that I love and enjoy and that has to do with writing and tumblr. At least, that would be the ideal.

After a bit of thought, I found the perfect thing.

This is a Asus/Google Nexus 7 2012 edition. It’s not new, sorry, folks. It has been serving me for 6 months as a very trusty companion for my tumblr-ing. It still has it’s box and paperwork and will come with two styli. One is a simple rubber tipped one and the other is the Adonit Jot Pro. Possibly the most accurate stylus you will find for a purely capacitive touchscreen.

The tablet has been unlocked, rooted and is currently running the newest version of the Paranoid Android custom Rom (a specialised version of Android). It has some nifty features (look up ‘Peek’ and 'Hover’ if you are interested), that I absolutely LOVE and wouldn’t want to miss.

If you win and would like the tablet to come to you with Stock Android (the way you would get it, if you bought it in the store), that can be done. Not everyone feels comfortable messing with Custom Roms.

So, what do you have to do to win?

You have to be already following me! This might sound mean, but I am NOT doing this giveaway to get new followers. Everyone following AFTER the moment this post goes online, is sadly not eligible to win. This is for the people, who are following me, even though I can be spotty and ooc and just all around scatterbrained.

Everyone get’s two tickets: one for LIKING the post and one for REBLOGGING the post. Multiple reblogs won’t count as additional tickets. I will go by what the notes on the post show me.

You have to be willing to give me your shipping address! If you are under the age of 18, for the love of everything good, PLEASE ask your parents. I can’t check, but … just humour me, okay? Nobody wants to get into trouble. I will NOT ship to PO boxes! I’ve had bad experiences with it, so it needs to be your home address.

You will HAVE to have your ask open, so I can contact you!

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything more. One like, one reblog. And you might get a tablet. Cool, huh?

This giveaway is international. I don’t care, if you live in Narnia, as long as you can receive packages, you can enter. 

The giveaway will end on June 9th. Why? Because it’s my birthday and on my birthday I can do whatever the hell I want. Including ending a giveaway. Besides, It would be cool for YOU to get a gift on MY birthday, right?

The winner will be drawn randomly by a number generator.

Okay, lovelies. Good luck!