Hitler died in April of 1945, Donald Trump was born in June of 1946.

All of Donald Trump’s policies are exact matches for Hitler’s, just exchange Jews for Muslims.

Hitler wanted to make Germany ‘great’ again. Donald Trump wants to make America ‘great’ again.

Both want to really heavily on industry to accomplish their goals.

One of Donald Trump’s campaign posters shows the SS landing on an African beach.

Both have an iconic piece of hair.


Adolf Hitler’s last known public appearance, 20 March 1945.

Adolf Hitler ventured out of his Berlin bunker into the Chancellery garden to award 19 members of the Hitler Youth with Iron Crosses for their heroism in the defense of Germany. The extraordinary event was captured on film and remains one of the most enduring images chronicling the collapse of Hitler’s thousand-year Reich, as the tottering, senile-looking Führer is seen congratulating little boys staring at him with worshipful admiration. They were then sent back out into the streets to continue the hopeless fight.

Also appears:

-Reichsjugendführer Artur Axmann. 
-Hitler’s Adjutant Otto Günsche.
-Hitlerjunge Alfred Czech, awarded with the Iron Cross for rescuing 12 wounded German soldiers under russian fire with his father’s farm-cart at the age of 12 years old. He made two trips to recue the 12 wounded soldiers.  
-Hitlerjunge Wilhelm ‘Willi’ Hübne, he was a messenger attached to the Fuhrer-Grenadier-Division and was awarded with the Iron Cross for his bravery in the reconquest german city of Lauban on March 9 at the age of 16 years old.   

Si bien, a base de un cierto entrenamiento mental, es posible infiltrar en el cerebro de un hombre de tipo corriente, conocimientos superiores a los de su medio; pero todo esto no es más que ciencia muerta y, por tanto, estéril. Este hombre resultará una enciclopedia viviente, mas, será un perfecto inútil en todas las situaciones difíciles y momentos decisivos de la vida.
—  Adolfo Hitler, Mi lucha
Much Like the Forgotten Genocide of the Herero and Namaqua People, Black Victims of the Jewish Holocaust are Also Forgotten - Atlanta Blackstar
When one thinks of the victims of Nazi Germany, images of Jews, Roma, the disabled, political dissidents, European prisoners of war and others come to mind. Black people usually do not come to mind, but they did exist, as their story is mostly forgotten. January 27 marks the commemoration of the Jewish Holocaust, the day …

Mein Kampf is a best-seller in Germany once again — but this version is different

The last time Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was available for purchase in Germany, it was a best-seller — albeit only because of the author’s efforts to make it a mandatory fixture in German homes. On Friday, the book was republished as the two-volume tome for the first time in 70 years — but with a very different purpose.

Okay, I’ve been seeing a lot of things like this lately:

But there’s one key difference between Bernie Sanders and Adolf Hitler:


Honestly, who would be an awful enough human being to do that today?

Oh, right, this fucker.

So before you compare Bernie Sanders to Adolf Hitler, remember why he was ACTUALLY a monster (you know, because Hitler was a mass murderer orchestrating the genocide of a major religion for no other reason then the fact that he doesn’t understand them and they believed in something other than him) and then remember what Donald Trump promises (you know, the mass removal of a major religion from this country for no other reason then the fact that he doesn’t understand them and they believe in something other than him).

Also, the note here of “blames the economy on the rich,” for Hitler is more accurately written as, “blamed the economy on the rich Jews.”