Adolf Born


The long-lost and mostly forgotten 1966 animated version of Tolkein’s The Hobbit. Directed by Gene Deitch, and featuring artwork by Czech artist Adolf Born, this story behind this film is almost unbelievable. Read more here.

Deitch has also posted a fantastic article about Czech illustrator, sculptor, and animation director Jiří Trnka. Trnka was originally supposed to do artwork for Deitch’s Hobbit when it still intended as a feature-length, but the designs he did do never made it into the shortened version.


This is the craziest adaptation of “The Hobbit” that I ’ve ever seen…

by Adolf Born


“THE HOBBIT” (1966) - written and directed by Gene Deitch, designed by Adolf Born

Read the story of how this crazy adaptation came to exist in Gene Deitch’s own words.

Big thanks to Raymond Bonilla for making me hip to this far out film!


If you haven’t seen the original 1966 animated adaptation of The Hobbit, you should take the twelve minutes to watch it now. I won’t comment on it because I don’t want to color your reaction.