Admitted Student of the Week

     If there is one thing we can say about Admitted Student of the Week, Sophie Rabin Widman, it’s that she will be one of the members of the Class of 2018 who will have the most frequent flyer miles! Sophie is from Felton, California, where she attends San Lorenzo Valley High School. Sophie heard about Ripon from a family friend whose cousin’s son is attending Ripon (quite the connection!). This fall, Sophie will be making the 2,230 mile move from Cali to Sconnie (aka Wisconsin for those of you who have yet to learn Wisconsin terminology) to attend Ripon College.

     In school Sophie is the VP of Key Club and is very active in theatre, Queer-Straight Alliance, and choir. Outside of the classroom, Sophie is still involved in theatre and music (she serves as a teacher’s assistant at a Celtic Music Camp for eight to twelve year olds during the summer). As for college life, “[I’m excited for] experiencing life away from home, learning and mastering my favorite subjects, starting a new chapter of my life in a brand new place that I will soon call home!” said Sophie. We’re also guessing she’s excited to be in some Ripon College theatre/music productions because her dream is to act on a big broadway stage! Before all these new adventures Sophie is looking forward to Celtic Music Camp, her 18th birthday, and hanging with her friends as much as possible before making some new friends at Ripon!

    Speaking of friends, Sophie is hunting for an RC roommate. “[I’m looking for] someone with a great sense of humor, someone willing to study with me, creative, neat, but likes to change things up sometimes!” It’s also important to know a few things about Sophie. She loves Chinese Food (check out China One in Ripon) and cake, “Honestly. I crave just slices of cake from Safeway sometimes…the frosting is what it’s all about.” Her favorite movies are The Fall and Finding Nemo and her favorite series of books is The Giver series and she enjoys The Fault In Our Stars as well. Outside of theatre Sophie is a talented musician. She has played the piano for ten years and the accordion for four years! Most importantly though, Sophie has a terrifying fear… of muffins and doesn’t enjoy being poked in the belly button. So basically she and the Pillsbury Doughboy would never really be associated together.

     If you’d like to get to know Sophie, reach out to her on the Class of 2018 page! Just don’t send her any muffins!

      One of the most fun things about the “Admitted Student of the Week” contest is learning about all the exciting and different activities our future incoming students are involved in. This week’s winner, Deshawn Thomas, starts off our 2016 contests on the right foot as he has a wide variety of interests and goals!

     Deshawn is a senior at West Allis Central High School. He lives in Milwaukee with his mom Kenya, his twin brother Trayshawn, and his younger sister Kayionna. At school he is involved in German Honor Society, a volunteer program called Interact, shot put, and Spoken Word Urban Poetry. These activities are some of Deshawn’s biggest accomplishments. “I am a published poet and I have been learning German longer than anyone I know,” said Deshawn. Along with his interests in poetry and German, Deshawn is interested in studying International Business in college. He was searching for private schools around Wisconsin when he found Ripon College. “It just seemed like the perfect school for me,” said Deshawn. “I wanted to be far from home, but not too far.” Deshawn is excited to meet new people and hopes to find a roommate who will mirror his good traits and go against his bad ones. 

     Speaking of roommate qualities here are some important things to know about Deshawn. First and foremost, he describes himself as the easiest person to get along with and from what we know about him we’d have to agree. Along with being a German speaking poet, he is also a future Marine Corps Reservist and his dream job is to be a Pastry Chef! “I want to own a restaurant, but I don’t want to sit behind a desk,” said Deshawn. Now we’re sure you can guess, but his hobbies do include cooking along with working out and reading. If you’re looking for someone to watch scary movies with, Deshawn is your guy! His favorite movie series is Nightmare on Elm Street. Now, if you’re not into the horror movie genre no worries, Deshawn also enjoys watching super hero and sci-fi television shows like The Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and Doctor Who. Deshawn is comfortable listening to any type of music, but his favorite is Country music. Deshawn does hope to travel someday, too! His dream destination is Stuttgart, Germany. If you have any other questions about Deshawn’s likes and dislikes, add him as a friend on Facebook or talk to him on our Class of 2020 page! 

     Congratulations, Deshawn, on being our contest winner and we’re so excited that you’re interested in attending Ripon College this fall. You’re a young man of many talents and can’t wait to see how you use them!

     This week’s Admitted Student of the Week, Justin Filter, really defines what it means to be a liberal arts student. Justin, a senior from Joseph A. Craig High School, has a diverse range of interests and hobbies. He is interested in studying Spanish, Military Science, and Athletic Training with the ambitions of becoming an officer in the military and then being a trainer for a sports team. In school he is involved in football (he went to the playoffs), baseball, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.  Also did we mention he is his school’s valedictorian? Outside of school he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing board games or video games, being outdoors, and tending to his fish tank. Luckily for him, we do allow up to ten gallon tanks on campus!

     Being from a larger high school, Justin is looking forward to being at a smaller college. “The size of the college is the number one reason I like Ripon,” said Justin. “It is half the size of my high school and I have wanted that small town feeling. I liked the fact that the faculty truly seemed to care about their students. I am also excited about the chance to play football for another four years.” He is also excited for academic independence and being able to study what he wants. Before diving into his studies though he plans to have fun this summer. “I plan to work a lot, but also enjoy my last summer before college with my buddies, which includes all night video gaming, and hopefully some kayaking on the lake. I also plan on going to a few concerts at my local fair.” 

    Now, here are some of the real important facts you need to know about Justin. First, be warned, “I sing constantly, even though I am fully aware that I am no good at it,” says Justin. While we’re not sure what he sings, we know he likes Toby Keith and Florida Georgia Line (along with other Country music). He loves the Harry Potter Series and his favorite movie is Forrest Gump. If you want to plan out a cool spring or fall break trip with him, suggest Hawaii as it’s his dream vacation. For a roommate, “I am looking for someone who is organized and prefers studying and watching TV over partying,” says Justin, “I want someone who I can become good friends with but isn’t clingy. Also, I want someone who is willing to share their food with me, I’m a scavenger sometimes!” If you’re sharing your food, try to share gyros or a piece of steak because those are Justin’s favorites. Lastly, Justin wants to let you know, “I’m incredibly competitive and I like sleeping in and staying up late. I love the outdoors as well. I consider myself to be a jock and a nerd, but tend to be more nerdy.” Whether he’s a jock or a nerd, we know that Justin Filter is a fantastic young man and is going to be a wonderful addition to the Class of 2019 and Ripon College.

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week, Justin! If you’d like to get to know Justin, join us online at the Class of 2019 Facebook page. Our next contest will start next Monday so be ready!