600 pages of math in 50 days. Day 30! 

As you can see on my math tracker ↑, I’ve come pretty far. 

I have: 200 pages, 7 online tests, 3 assignments and 1 examination left to do, and 20 days to go.  

AND TOMORROW: ADMISSION(!!), so freaking nervous. and really excited. 

Maybe some day my wanderlust will bring me to you. I’ll be walking the streets of your hometown city lost among the crowds. And somehow our eyes would meet. And everyone around us would vanish. And our hearts would collide. And we would fall in love. Again. I lost you in a thousand miles. I found you in a thousand faces.
—  w.s | I don’t even know how i came up with this.

19th of July, 2017 | 9:55 AM

I have precisely one week left until my med school admission exam, and I’m super tired and anxious because I’ve been preparing for this for two years sharp and I can’t imagine myself failing and having a career that doesn’t involve being a doctor.  

| Also, fellow studyblrs, what do you use to make your photos look so good? I’ve been trying to take shots like yours for years now and the photo on the right is the best result so far :( |  

Teen Hero Turns The Tables On College Admissions And Rejects Her Rejection Letter

For graduating high school students, a single letter can determine their future. Seeing how much power a college rejection letter holds, Siobhan O’Dell decided to write one of her own.

After Duke University denied her admission, the 17-year-old took to her Tumblr to respond. Instead of complaining about the school and criticizing its decision, Siobhan kept it simple. She rejected her rejection letter.

Admission to Stanford (TIP#6 WHAT MATTERS TO YOU AND WHY?)

This is one of the supplement essays in which you are required to write about what matters to you, and why it matters to you. Don’t talk about materialistic stuff like ‘money’ , or ‘grades’ , or 'work’ . Talk about something that truly, deeply matters to you as an individual person. It can be anything that you feel is most important to you, and this must come from your heart. 'Family’,'happiness’,'self love’ and 'satisfaction’ are good examples of what you can write about. A good way to write this essay is by first stating what matters to you, and share an experience or event or any hardship that you faced in your life that made you realize its importance. You can impress with this essay if and only if you are passionate about the topic that you chose.