Adelynne Hawke


I was going through old shots looking for something else when I stumbled upon this sequence. It’s like:

Hawke: Hey, come on. The whole city is on fire and the Qunari are wrecking shit. Can’t you help out for a second?

Stroud: Nah. Very serious Warden business. I really can’t be assed to do anything.

Hawke: …

Hawke: I hope someday you die a horrible death in some nightmarish realm of the Fade and I’m there to see it.

Copper Marigold

I was searching about for things to do for Aveline week. I decided to write a quick little companion piece to the picture I drew of Aveline on her wedding day. It ended up a bit longer and dialogue heavy than I intended, but here it is:

“You look beautiful.”

Aveline was a vision of creamy white and gold, even fidgeting as she was in front of the full length mirror. Adel grabbed one of her friend’s hands to stop her from picking at the long sleeves of her dress. That was enough to finally get Aveline’s attention.

“I don’t know Hawke. This isn’t exactly something I would usually wear.”

“Well, it is a wedding, Aveline. Your wedding.” Adel hovered around Aveline and smoothed the wrinkles that the guard captain had put into the dress with her fretful picking. “It’s not like you and Donnic are about to bust some Lowtown thugs. I don’t think your usual would do.”

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