“Léa is a part of me. I know her like I know no one else, and she knows me like no one else knows me. She’s not a daily life friend, we’re not confidantes. But if I close my eyes, I can picture her naked, I fully know her, her weaknesses, her strength, I know her grace, I know that there’s something unique between her and me, it’s really strange.” - Adèle Exarchopoulos, Marie Claire (December, 2015)


(Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Word Count: 1992

Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU (dude not any more))

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst at the beginning but I tried to keep it fluffy

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Song of the Series: Make You Feel My Love by Adele

A/N- Hello, I’m attempting to superglue your hearts back together. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought! Also, ‘song of the series is a new thing, I’m experimenting. Also, can we appreciate that I’ve written 17 pages of this series??? I think I deserve a high five.

Masterlist | Ask Box Restraint | Stupidity | Infatuation | Fantasy

“I love you so much.” Daveed whispered, his breath against your temple as he spoke. You couldn’t keep from a giggle as he pressed a kiss there, you could feel him smiling as his lips touched your skin.

“I love you too.” You leaned back into his chest, pulling the blanket further up on your shoulders. “It’s cold.” You complained.

“I guess I’ll just have to hold you closer.” He said. You left your spot cuddled into his side to settle in his lap. He wrapped his arms around your stomach and you instantly felt warmer in his embrace. You closed your eyes and in that moment you felt more in love than you ever had in your entire life.

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“ I love Adele. She’s so fresh and young, which really helped me because sometimes it was really hard as the conditions were very difficult. My approach to working is more intellectual and hers is more instinctive - which i suppose is only natural since she’s still very young. I would try to reassure her at times and tell her that in the end everything would work out. We shot for six months and for seven days a week in the end - but we made it! ”

- Léa Seydoux / Yen Magazine

slaydele’s 2015 follow forever

helloooooo, it’s me. first off, merry christmas/happy holidays to all of you lot! i did a follow forever last year and it was pretty fun, so i thought i’d do the same this time around the sun. 

to the adeleverse, we made it!!! even though we’re oceans apart, see what I did there? haaa, i get this feeling that we’ve all sort of grown up and changed so much together over the past few years, and i think that’s the coolest thing ever. i’m so thankful for all of you and adele, and i wouldn’t trade all the memories i’ve made with you or our current state of slayedom for anything in the world.

to the non-adele peeps i follow, thank you for reminding me there’s always something life-altering to be watched, something mind-blowing to be listened to, for your edits and gifs, your humor, your commentary, and generally amazing blogs. you make my dash fire every time i come on here, and that’s really awesome.

anyway, sorry for being kinda long-winded and sappy, but 2015 was definitely one for the record books, and a year i’ll remember forever. now, let 2016 be even better! (if i forgot you i’m sorry, it doesn’t mean i’ll forget you)

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