Reign has been an amazing show with vivid, complicated characters. It’s use of history mixed with just enough of a modern touch to keep it interesting, sets it apart from any other historical drama on TV. The fans are loyal and very emotionally connected to this fantastically unique show. Somehow, it always felt off being on a network that clearly wasn’t the right fit for it. I believe Netflix is a place where it could thrive and even gain new audience. It may be cancelled, but it still has a lot of steam left in it.

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adelaidekane: Well guys it’s been a hell of a four years. I’m deeply saddened by the shows cancellation but I’m excited to move forward into the future with all the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve grown up on the Reign set. The cast and crew have become my family and I cannot thank the network enough for entrusting me with this glorious, silly wonderful show for four full seasons! I’ve given this show my all and I hope I’ve done it justice. Thank you for watching and supporting me for all these years. And don’t forget! SEASON 4 IS AIRING NEXT FEBRUARY SO DONT MISS OUT!!! All my love, A. ❤️ #reign #season4 #😭


The costumes [of Reign] are beautiful and amazing and fitting is always very exciting, but one of my pet peeves with the costumes are heavy earrings.  Wearing a really heavy pair of earrings all day… it hurts your ears.  The clip-on earrings? That’s killer. They give me headaches – and some of the crowns give me headaches.  I think my biggest pet peeve though, the thing that’s most likely to frustrate me is stepping on the skirts, whether it’s other people stepping on my skirts or me stepping on my skirts.


→ “I am asking you, as Frenchmen, to make the right choice today. Catherine is still your queen, France is still your country, your home, as it has been mine since I was a child, this is our country!”