Also here’s a ton of Yo-kai. I did a 30-day challenge but only posted them on Twitter. I aim to line and color all of these soon enough also. :>

In case you can’t read my handwriting, here’s all of them:

Baddinyan, Insomni, Cupistol, Komasan, Tattlecast, Negatibuzz, Duchoo, Shrook, Manjimutt, Leadoni, Dazzabel, Blandon, Cheeksqueek and Casanuva. There’s about a dozen more I have saved up too but the sketches aren’t as nice. STAY TUNED. <3


So that project I talked about working on recently – I did a guest episode for Extra Credits!! They’re a bunch of great fellows who do videos analyzing game theory, design aspects, and way more cool stuff. THIS WAS SO FUN AND I AM HONORED.