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New Kalani & Addy Video!


What’s in My Mouth Challenge (feat Maddie Ziegler)


DM Updates: Feb 2nd

1. Kalani and Addy visited Awesomeness TV today! Not sure if they are working with them or just stopping by.

2. Mackenzie and Kalani out and about. They have one more day until they have to start filming for the show again.

3. Ryleigh and Maddie in LA. Maddie got her instagram account back! But be careful, you can never be too sure that it is always her.

3. Kalani, Addy and Melissa at saturday’s competition. For those who are asking, Addy is not part of the competition team for Dance Moms! She was with the girls to shoot Kendall’s music video. 


New Kalaniaddy! - “How to Film a Kalaniaddy”