Meanwhile, tobacco companies are now making cigarettes to be more addictive so you never quit.

Trying to quit smoking can feel a lot like trying to go up a slippery slide on four fur paws. Cigarettes are that addicting. In fact, it only takes 10 seconds for nicotine to reach your brain, which then causes cells to release dopamine. (1)Dopamine helps control your brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Over time, your brain cells are changed to expect the regular bursts of extra dopamine that result from smoking. (1) So when you try to quit, or even when you go a few hours without a cigarette, these brain changes cause strong cravings for more nicotine.

It’s like riding on a roller coaster only to realize that it’s over before you know it. But you don’t want it to end; you want to go again. That’s how addiction starts. Nicotine is tricking your brain into believing you feel good. Then, just like that, the feeling is gone and you need another. And once you’re on the life-long ride of addiction, it’s hard to jump off.

You were addictive. My own personal cocaine. So when you left I turned to alcohol. But I don’t even need that anymore because I’m done being addicted to you.
—  Getting over you