Getting People’s Attention

The Enclave ad, like many other Council ads, capitalizes on the second characteristic of sticky ideas: Unexpectedness.

The ad is unexpected because it violates our schema for car commercials.

The commercials reminds us that accidents are inherently unexpected — we ought to buckle up, just in case.

Passionate Issues: Shelter Pet Adoption!

This week our blog assignment is to talk about which “issue” in society we are most passionate about.  Besides the obvious ones I support (Human Equality [in all social aspects] and keeping the arts in schools), I strongly support shelter pet adoption.


When families choose to adopt pets, many go to a breeder or a pet store.  While those are options, there are plenty of homeless animals in shelters that need someone to love and care for them.  Somehow a stigma emerged that shelter pets are somehow “broken,” that they are in the shelter because they are not well-behaved, nobody else wants them, and that there is just something wrong with them that makes them un-adoptable.  However, as you can see in the video, this is rarely the case.  Animals end up in shelters for a variety of reasons: marriage, divorce, allergies, moving, death, having children, lack of funds, run-ins with the law, house fire/flood, etc.  None of these circumstances are the fault of the pet.  When getting a pet from anywhere besides a shelter or previous owners, it increases the demand for the breeders and the puppy mills (where many pet stores are proven to have their puppies come from) to produce more and more animals when there are already so many. Since there is an overflow at many shelters, pets that unfortunately haven’t been adopted for a long period of time are forced to be put to sleep.

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Both of the dogs my family have owned, Rory and Tux (seen above), were adopted from North Shore Animal League.  They have both been the best dogs we could ask for. While Rory passed away when I was in second grade, Tuxie is now 13 years old and still going strong.  North Shore had rescued Tux from another animal shelter that was going to euthanize him for being there too long.  To think that this loving, silly best friend of mine could not have entered my life at all is something too chilling to think about. Your future best friend is waiting for you in an animal shelter right now, and adopting him will change your life as much as it changes his.

The next part of this blog post is discussing what we plan on doing in the future to address this issue.  I am proud to say that I am already doing what I currently can to help this cause.  My Facebook friends and Twitter followers know that I often retweet posts and post videos/statuses relating to the topic.  Obviously being on social media doesn’t always quite solve our world’s issues, so I also do what I can by encouraging those who tell me they want to get a pet to consider shelter adoption. In the future, I also plan on spending my free time as a volunteer at a local animal shelter.  And, as a Public Relations/Advertising major, I am looking into working at related non-profits when I am out of school, helping them spread their cause and shelter animals’ love to the population.

dorseyryan When Josey turned 1, at 1st I didn’t know what to get the little 1year old champ. So I gave it some thought and and instead of toys or clothes that he’ll grow out of or forget, I decided to plant an 🍊range 🌴ree that will last a lifetime, and grow as he grows.
Now every year we’ll be able to take a moment and take a picture every birthday to #makeamoment that will last forever. It’s important to plant the foundation of thoughtfulness with your little ones to make sure you instill the same things in them as they develop.
The #AdCouncil has partnered w/ The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) to encourage you that it only takes a moment to make a moment.
So create yours w/ your little ones and post it w/ the hashtag #makeamoment and go to for more info 🤗✌🏼️❤️