Being a lifelong New Yorker (I grew up in Northern California and live in Los Angeles), when Entertainment Weekly called and begged me to be on the cover of their magazine (the show I’m on, Parks and Rec, was going to be on the cover, and thus I would ride its coattails) and that the shoot would be anywhere but Manhattan, I, of course, said no (yes).
To even consider leaving my fair city (I’ve never lived here) makes me literally vomit (not literally, actually not at all). So the decision was easy: I’d triumphantly stay in New York (I’m working on a movie here, and due to a giant storm, all flights were cancelled) while my fellow castmates mug it up in EW (I’m a subscriber). Victory (devastation)!!!
Mine (yours),
Nick Offerman (Adam Scott)
—  Adam Scott, on why he wasn’t on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with the rest of the Parks & Rec cast

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Have you ever been in love with the idea of someone? Say there’s someone in your life, and you know you can’t be in love with them, you don’t really know them… Maybe you know that you’re not really right for them… You *know* that whatever it is your feeling is really just an attraction towards an image of that person you’ve create in your mind?
—  The Vicious Kind (Adam Scott)